A magical costume

A magical costume
Dressed up for the occasion, Cody Barber, 1, above, watches the Boo-Ha-Ha Halloween parade. The parade took place in Tulsa, Okla.
U.S. general expectsmore N. Korea nuke tests
SEOUL, South Korea -- The top U.S. general in South Korea said today that more nuclear tests by North Korea could be expected as the communist nation continues work on its atomic weapons program. However, he didn't cite any specific intelligence that another test was imminent. "I can only surmise that since they tested one, we would see at some time in the future yet another test of a nuclear device," U.S. Army Gen. B.B. Bell told a news conference, adding that missiles and other weapons also could be tested. "I think we can expect future tests and part of their program to develop these kinds of very provocative weapons," he said. Bell was firm that the U.S. and South Korean allied forces could deter aggression from the North and defeat any possible attack.
Republicans hopefulas election nears
WASHINGTON -- Republicans said Sunday a major voter turnout effort would help them stay in power after the Nov. 7 elections, while Democrats claimed momentum as they seek to tap into voter unhappiness over Iraq. Both sides agreed that the war in Iraq was a leading, if not central, issue in the contests to decide control of the House and Senate. "This election is becoming more and more a referendum on George Bush, his failed policies both overseas and at home with a rubber stamp Congress," said Sen. Charles Schumer of New York, head of the Senate Democratic campaign committee. His Republican counterpart, Sen. Elizabeth Dole of North Carolina, said Iraq and the broader fight against terrorism were important issues, but "President Bush's name is not on the ballot." Democrats, she said, were trying "to make it a national referendum." Schumer and Dole were among the politicians and party leaders who sparred on the Sunday talk shows just nine days before the elections.
Brazilian leader re-elected
SAO PAULO, Brazil -- President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva won a second term in a landslide victory Sunday with Brazilians rewarding their first working class leader after he helped ease grinding poverty while improving the economy of Latin America's largest country. With 94 percent of the votes counted, Silva had 61 percent support compared with 39 percent for the center-right Geraldo Alckmin, Sao Paulo state's former governor. Election officials said Alckmin would be unable to pull ahead even if he won all of the remaining votes. Silva's win came after Alckmin made a surprisingly strong showing in a first round of voting on Oct. 1. The vote went to a second round after Silva failed to get 50 percent plus one vote required for an outright win.
Al-Qaida-linked facilitydestroyed in attack
KHAR, Pakistan -- Pakistani troops backed by helicopters firing missiles destroyed an al-Qaida-linked training facility in a northwestern tribal area near the Afghan border today, killing "many" militants, officials said. The pre-dawn attack targeted a religious school compound holding 70-80 militants in a village near the town of Khar, the main town in the Bajur tribal district, said army spokesman Maj. Gen. Shaukat Sultan. Sultan said the facility was destroyed but it was not immediately clear how many people had been killed.
Serbian voters OKclaim over Kosovo
BELGRADE, Serbia -- Serbian voters have approved a new constitution reasserting Serbia's claim over the breakaway Kosovo province, independent observers and Serbia's prime minister said Sunday. The Belgrade-based Center for Free Elections and Democracy said their sample count after polls closed in the two-day vote indicated that 96 percent of those who participated in the referendum supported the draft charter. At least 50 percent of the country's 6.6 million voters had to participate for the results to be valid and the group estimated turnout at 53.3 percent. The final result is expected today. Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica congratulated the country on its new constitution.
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