State Issue 2 is bad for business, bad for Ohio

State Issue 2 is bad for business, bad for Ohio
I write to highlight the dangers of state Issue 2 so that voters will be aware of what is at stake when they go to the polls on Nov. 7. Issue 2 is a poorly-written and ill-conceived measure that does not belong in Ohio's Constitution, where it couldn't be changed without another statewide vote.
As a business owner and employer, I am very uncomfortable with the record-keeping components of Issue 2 that require me to provide detailed and confidential information about my employees to virtually anyone who asks. I can't imagine handing over personal information such as the salary records and home addressees of my employees to strangers.
The National Federation of Independent Business is right in opposing Issue 2 because it not only threatens the basic expectation of privacy that my employees and I share, but it also places an unnecessary and time-consuming burden on Ohio's small businesses. Instead of increasing productivity and investing in new employees, Issue 2 would mean that our time and resources would be tied up in efforts to comply with this massive, new record-keeping requirement.
Issue 2 is bad for employers, bad for employees and bad for Ohio. I hope that as November 7th draws closer, more Ohioans will see that this proposal does more harm than good and vote NO on Issue 2.
City Machine Technologies, Inc.