Scouts take a stand against piracy

Scouts take a standagainst piracy
LOS ANGELES -- Boy Scouts can earn badges for carving wood, raising rabbits and firing shotguns.
But in Los Angeles, scouts will now be able to earn their stripes by proselytizing about the evils of copyright piracy.
Officials with the Los Angeles Boy Scouts and Motion Picture Association of America on Friday unveiled the "Respect Copyrights Activity Patch" -- emblazoned with a large circle "C" copyright sign along with a film reel and musical notes.
All 52,000 scouts in Los Angeles County can earn the patch by participating in curriculum produced by the MPAA.
The scouts must participate in several activities, including creating video public-service announcements and visiting a video-sharing Web site to identify which materials are copyrighted.
But will the patch be a badge of honor or of un-coolness?
Richie Farbman, 13, a scout, is eager to warn others about the dangers of illegal downloading but he knows his perspective is not shared by many classmates.
Dan Glickman, chair of the MPAA, said partnering with the Boy Scouts makes sense because much of the pirating is being done by teenagers.
My Chemical Romance live on AOL
NEW YORK -- AOL Music LIVE will broadcast a special live concert on Halloween night by My Chemical Romance.
The fan club show from the House of Blues in Los Angeles, sponsored by KROQ FM, will be broadcast exclusively, for free, on AOL Music LIVE ( beginning at 1 a.m. Fans will be able to watch the show live on AOL, and also will be able to see the concert on demand after the show ends.
My Chemical Romance are riding the success of their No. 1 single "Welcome to the Black Parade" and the critical acclaim for their new album, "The Black Parade."
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