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Explore cyberspace and your inner spiritual space through these Web sites.
www.goodnewsline.com/megachurch/: This is one-stop shopping for megachurch sermons, though the contents are dated. The site gathers audio and sometimes video of sermons from some of the country's largest churches. The main page lists the more than 50 participants and the latest sermons available. Click on a specific church for details on each congregation, a list of available sermons and contact information. Churches' own sites are likely to have more recent sermons, but you can't beat this convenience.
www.talkorigins.org: This long-running site argues against creationism and other literal interpretations of Scripture. The scientific resources are exhaustive and easily searchable, and cover topics such as Earth's age, flood geology and catastrophes. The FAQs -- a good starting place for new readers -- provide brief answers and relevant links to complex questions. The site stresses mainstream science and doesn't post any articles supporting creationism, though there is a lengthy list of anti-evolution links. Feedback from the past decade is available, much of it questioning and challenging the site's content.
www.thelionscall.com: This site is for both young and adult fans of "The Chronicles of Narnia." You can "chat" with Tumnus, browse artists' renditions of the characters and discuss the minutiae, philosophy and Christian themes of C.S. Lewis' series. Folks have posted their own Narnia-related essays, poems and fiction. There's even a list of more than 500 clues that you're addicted to Narnia. Examples: "Your wedding is Narnia-inspired." "You are learning to play the Narnian lullaby on the recorder."
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