Divorces asked
Earl Boso, 816 Grandview St., East Liverpool, v. Gloria Boso, state Route 45, Lisbon.
Clara Russell, 20415 W. Terrace Drive, Wellsville, v. Sherman Russell, of same.
Sara Ruble, 30838 state Route 172, East Rochester, v. Jeremy Ruble, Austintown.
Stephanie Crago, 1025 Edgewood St., East Liverpool, v. Allen Crago, 577 Pittinger Road, New Cumberland, W.Va.
Michelle Rawson, 1221 Parkview Drive, Wellsville, v. Joseph Rawson, 427 18th St., Wellsville.
Ronald Bolton, 1816 Chester Ave., Wellsville, v. Dianne Bolton, 13151 Whitehaven Lane, Fort Myers, Fla.
William Prodonovich, 845 Grandview, East Liverpool, v. Susan Prodonovich, 403 Browning St., Charles, Mo.
Sherry Esenwein, Enon Valley, Pa., v. Jonathan Esenwein, 44383 Columbiana-Waterford Road, Columbiana.
Cassie Kaltenbach, 47988 Pancake Clarkson Road, Youngstown, v. Scott Kaltenbach, 39293 Elk Ave., Lisbon.
Divorces granted
Edna Dillinger v. Mickey Dillinger.
Anne Fraser v. Hugh Fraser.
Bryan Hileman v. Venise Hileman.
Dissolutions asked
Jason Sommers, 500 Maple St., Washingtonville, and Becky Sommers, 263 Ridge St., Leetonia.
Dissolutions granted
Kathy Butler and Dennis Butler.
Kristina Kernaich and Walter Kernaich.
Paul Turney and Sandra Turney.
New complaints
Jerry Hoschar v. Blackhawk Automotive, money.
Joseph's Service v. Samuel Thompson, money.
Household Realty v. Linda McCamon, money.
John Souders v. Nathanial Marker, personal injury.
Ohio Receivables v. Clifton Jakubison, money.
First National Bank v. Bernard Jenkins, judgment for plaintiff.
Refrigeration Sales Corp. v. Richard Dunn, judgment for plaintiff.
Daimler Chrysler v. Kelly Ryan, judgment for plaintiff.
Marriage licenses
Benjamen J. Washington, 27, of 159 Hager St., Hubbard, and Charity L. Minotti, 29, of same.
Westynn J. Portman, 18, of 368 Glendola Ave. N.W., Warren, and Heather A. Arnio, 18, of 6225 state Rt. 534, West Farmington.
Claude Monday, 54, of 885 Judson, Masury, and Jerri D. Prescott, 50, of same.
James T. Valesky Jr., 51, of 625 Mahoning Ave., Warren, and Jan M. Korecki, 45, of 139 Elm Road N.E., Warren.
Jerry G. Arthur, 68, of 518 E. Prospect St., Girard, and Brenda L. Huffman, 47, of 6072 Carter St., Hubbard.
Travis L. Jones, 34, of 810 Sandpiper Trail, Warren, and Lana M. Wilburn, 31, of same.
Marvin W. Hochstetler, 22, of 16775 Bundysburg Road, Middlefield, and Ruthie B. Detweiler, 19, of 8197 Parkman-Mespo Road, Middlefield.
Robert L. Mullet, 21, of 15831-A Adams Road, Middlefield, and Rosanna L. Miller, 19, of 8680 Bundysburg Road, Middlefield.
Brent E. Whetstone, 25, of 424 Kenilworth Ave. N.E., Warren, and Heather L. Fenstermaker, 30, of same.
Clint R. Leone, 23, of 8215 Erie St., Masury, and Andrea M. Flynn, 22, of same.
Ryan C. Gillespie, 21, of 3142 Lodwick Dr., Warren, and Sarah A. Sanchez, 20, of 3511 Housel Craft Road, Bristolville.
John W. Schiraldi, 25, of 24 S. Main St., Hubbard, and Danielle N. Penwell, 24, of same.
Donnell R. Weekley, 22, of 726 Hall Ave., Warren, and Natasa Weekley, 27, of 734 Oak S.W., Warren.
Keith J. H. O'Rourke, 36, of 6806 Lincoln Ave., Hubbard, and Cheryl A. Myers, 41, of same.
William R. Duncan, 22, of 1907 Sweetbriar S.W., Warren, and Charnita R. Scott, 20, of 23 W. Auburndale Ave., Youngstown.
Frank A. Galati, 37, of 195 Aspen Dr., Warren, and Lisa M. Kell, 35, of 872 North Road S.E., Warren.
Jerald R. Adams, 48, of 5538 Mahoning Ave., Austintown, and Jenelle R. Cutter, 41, of 40 Emma St., Girard.
Bruno A. Capogreco, 44, of 246 Richards Dr., Youngstown, and Julie A. Crish, 41, of same.
Eric D. Kantner, 35, of 1815 Scottsdale Ave., Columbus, and Jessica E. Monroe, 27, of 1647 Keefer Road, Girard.
Scott P. Champlin, 23, of 4217 state Route 305, Southington, and Tabitha L. McLain, 21, of same.
Roland L. Day, 49, of 2311 Overland Ave. N.E., Warren, and Susan M. Higgins, 42, of 1220 North Road N.E., Warren.
Frederick E. Brunetti, 68, of 232 Lawrence N.E., Warren, and Joy A. Teslovich, 61, of 5528 Mennonite Road, Mantua.
Kevin J. Toot, 26, of 5050 S.O.M. Center Road, Willoughby, and Leah M. Doughton, 24, of 8113 Longview Dr., Warren.
New complaints
American General Financial Services Inc. v. David D. Ovesny et al, foreclosure.
Richard Canning v. NAO Lordstown Assembly et al, workers' compensation.
Roger A. Devine v. Dietrich Industries Inc. et al, workers' compensation.
GRP Loan LLC v. Anthony Dicenso III et al, foreclosure.
Countrywide Home Loans Inc. v. Donald A. Maffitt Jr. et al, foreclosure.
JP Morgan Chase Bank NA v. Teresa L. Geer et al, foreclosure.
Blue View Corp. v. Cynthia L. Newell et al, foreclosure.
R.W. Sidley Inc. v. Raymond W. Marchese et al, foreclosure.
Midland Funding LLC v. Gregg Buckner, other civil.
MBNA American Bank NA v. Cheri R. Husnick, other civil.
Palisades Collections LLC v. Ida M. Everhart, other civil.
Capital One Bank v. Anthony R. Gaugler, other civil.
Bank of America NA (USA) v. Russell A. Schmidt, other civil.
Samuel B. Floor v. Advanced Truss Inc. et al, other torts.
Warren Concrete & amp; Supply v. Valentino Valerio, cognovit.
American General Financial Services Inc. v. King D. Davidson et al, foreclosure.
James B. Nutter and Co. v. Kenyon C. Farr et al, foreclosure.
JP Morgan Chase Bank as trustee v. James E. Ryan et al, foreclosure.
PHH Mortgage Corp. v. David A. Harries et al, foreclosure.
Deutsche Bank National Trust v. Marilin Chestnut et al, foreclosure.
Home Servicing LLC v. Daryl E. Smith et al, foreclosure.
East Ohio Gas Co. v. City of Niles Light Dept., other civil.
Countrywide Home Loans Inc. v. George A. Habegger et al, foreclosure.
William Stavana et al v. Nathan Nellis, other civil.
Kimberly Hoelzel v. Western Reserve Care System et al, workers' compensation.
Erin Capital Management LLC v. Shirley C. Peterson, other civil.
Capital One Bank v. Timothy Arbogast Sr., other civil.
Key Bank USA NA v. Anthony Cuyler, other civil.
Larry J. McWreath v. Abbey R. Ross, other civil.
Marianne L. Mohr et al v. Carl J. Davis et al, other torts.
Cortland Savings and Banking co. v. Verlie A. Butcher et al, foreclosure.
Humility of Mary Health Partners v. James Kondolios, M.D., other civil.
ABN AMRO Mortgage Group Inc. v. Joseph E. Defalco et al, foreclosure.
Washington Mutual Bank v. Charles D. King et al, foreclosure.
WM Specialty Mtg. LLC v. Jeffrey W. Walp et al, foreclosure.
JP Morgan Chase Bank NA v. Christine Jones et al, foreclosure.
First Resolution Investment Corp. v. Jackie L. Clark, other civil.
Richard J. Noble v. Lisa Nicolaou, other torts.
Asenath I. Kagle v. Admin. BWC et al, workers' compensation.
Lisa A. Hewitt v. Trumbull Memorial Hospital et al, workers' compensation.
JP Morgan Chase Bank as trustee v. Timothy M. Bradley, foreclosure.
Rebecca A. Petiya v. Robert A. Evans, other torts.
Countrywide Home Loans Inc. v. Heather D. Turner et al, foreclosure.
Delmas McCauley Jr. v. Joseph P. Spelich, other torts.
Cortland Savings and Banking v. Karl H. Stuble et al, cognovit.
Bayview Loan Servicing LLC v. Wendy M. Volk et al, foreclosure.
Beneficial Ohio Inc. v. John T. Eckenrode Jr. et al, foreclosure.
Rickie J. Worosz et al v. Todd Hurd, other civil.
Paul Kirgin v. Carole L. Smith et al, other torts.
US Bank NA v. William G. Young et al, foreclosure.
Data Processing Sciences Corp. v. James Catania, other civil.
Bank of New York as trustee v. Heather McMillin et al, foreclosure.
Deutsche Bank National Trust v. James Stiles et al, foreclosure.
Deutsche Bank National Trust v. Kimberly Blasko et al, foreclosure.
Industrial Crane and Hoist v. Warren Steel Holdings LLC et al, other civil.
Palisades Collections LLC v. George W. Devoe, other civil.
Great Lakes Plastic Inc. v. Raymond Simon Arts LLC, other civil.
HSBC Bank Nevada NA v. Jacqueline Cochrun, other civil.
Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Larry Levels et al, foreclosure.
Countrywide Home Loans Inc. v. Melanie S. Freeman-Cooper et al, foreclosure.
JP Morgan Chase Bank N v. James Spain et al, foreclosure.
HSBC Bank USA as trustee in trust for Citigroup v. Chaun Briley et al, foreclosure.
Sandra Van Huffel et al v. Schneider National Carriers Inc. et al, other torts.
ABN AMRO Mortgage Group Inc. v. Tammie McLain et al, foreclosure.
Cindy Swaggard v. Natural Resources Admin. et al, workers' compensation.
Denise Lindsey v. Dale P. Lindsey, other torts.
Scott Kelly v. Wolford's Refuse & amp; Recycling Inc. et al, workers' compensation.
Carla Stephenson v. Rodney Solida et al, other torts.
Seven Seventeen Credit Union Inc. v. Bruce A. Furlong et al, foreclosure.
Amber L. Ryan et al v. Auto Owners Insurance et al, other torts.
Cornelia Koontz v. D & amp;L Energy Inc. et al, other torts.
Christopher Stratakis v. CSX Railroad et al, other civil.

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