Annie insisted she gave birth to Emma, even though their DNA didn't match. As the judge wanted to have Annie investigated, Annie panicked when Emma went missing. Krystal told Tad that Adam is the father of her unborn child, but the DNA test David ordered confirmed that Tad is the baby's father. J.R. offered Josh a job at Chandler out of guilt, which an unaware Josh accepted. After J.R. dismissed David's claim about Babe and Josh, David challenged Josh to tell J.R. the truth, but Josh wouldn't hurt Babe by doing so. Colby was out to get back at Sydney, who had given Sean the wrong impression about her. Jonathan and Amanda agreed to be friends only.
Simon tried without success to persuade Carly to go to Australia with him to get away from the loan shark's thugs. When Carly refused to go along with his plan to steal and fence the crown jewels of Leonia, Simon trashed the apartment, making Carly believe they have no other option but theft. Despite Paul hiring a PI to keep tabs on Craig at the fund-raising gala, Craig suddenly disappeared. Hal's loved ones mourned his passing after Margo told them he had been shot and killed breaking up a robbery. Adam arrived in Oakdale after learning the sad news. Lily told Jade she needs to behave properly to be a part of the family.
Taylor changed her plea to innocent after Shane told the court that Darla's death was accidental. Bridget shocked Felicia and Dante with news that Dante is her baby's father. While promising to be there for the child, Dante told Bridget that he loves Felicia. Stephanie and Jackie's escalating argument turned physical, prompting Jackie to tell Nick that Stephanie hit her. A furious Nick threatened to kill Stephanie if she hurts his mother again. However, during another vicious argument, Stephanie pushed Jackie, who fell over the banister and landed hard on the marble floor.
E.J. is the mastermind behind the gloved hand. John and Bo's suspicions about E.J. and Patrick increased, as Bo had a revelation that could bring more trouble for E.J., who gave Patrick money to pay off Hope's doctor. Hope is carrying Bo's baby. Carrie and Austin were married and left Salem for their new home in Switzerland. Thanks to E.J., Steve and Kayla were trapped in an air vent at the hospital and exposed to a biotoxin, and the antidote didn't appear to be working. After Carrie's disclosure, Lexie was fired for medical malpractice, but Abe vowed to stand by her. Stephanie fell apart when Frankie revealed that Max wants to break up with her.
After forcing Ric to drop the charges against Jason, a fed-up Alexis blurted out that she knows Ric slept with Sam. As Alexis took a turn for the worse, Ric intended to replace her as district attorney and make his move against Sonny and Jason. However, Ric was prevented from taking Molly away from Alexis. Luke allowed Robin to treat Laura with the experimental drug. Laura responded, only to believe that it's four years earlier. Emily told Nikolas what she found out regarding Colleen's past, but Nikolas believed Colleen's stories about the fate of her former employers. Elizabeth destroyed the paternity test results, intending to raise her children on her own.
Ava's unexpected testimony resulted in the charges against Olivia being dropped. Taking Buzz's advice to find closure, Ava examined a medal, then showed up at Olivia's door, asking for the truth about her father. Ready to be at peace, Reva threw a big farewell party. Afterward, Reva was about to jump off the bridge, while a distraught Billy got drunk. Josh called Reva, who wanted to go to Billy, but she collapsed and was rushed to the emergency room. Billy urged Josh to go to the hospital, where Josh was stricken to see a lifeless Reva. Jeffrey and Mallet each wanted to be the one who exposes the Springfield blogger.
When Kelly experienced premature labor, Spencer declared that he's responsible for it and is the only one who can help her. Britney tried to make trouble for Starr at the school dance after Cole turned her down and went with Starr, but Cole stood up for Starr. Dorian was horrified to see Viki and Adriana sharing a close moment. Vincent made an unexpected admission to Natalie, infuriating her as she declared that he could never be the type of man John was. Evangeline agreed to take over the prosecution of Spencer's case.
Luis suspected Chris' involvement in the murder of the maid as well as Pilar's shooting. Gwen and Rebecca each attempted to trick Theresa's loved ones into giving up her secret. J.T. took advantage of Rebecca's curiosity to extort more cash from Theresa in return for staying quiet. Even as Ivy suggested that she and Sam get married right away, he received a gift from Grace in the mail. Fox became furious overhearing Pilar advising Kay not to marry him. Fox's name calling of Pilar led to a fight with Miguel.
Carmen turned down Jack's offer of a job in Hong Kong after she began to suspect his connection to Ji Min, but promised to keep his secret. Thanks to Paul's sleuthing, Michael confronted Carmen with evidence of the affair she had with a married man in her previous job. Devon picked up an envelope Carmen left at Newman and was seen approaching her door. After the grand opening of Neil's jazz club, Indigo, Neil found Carmen, dead, on the ground. Michael and Lauren were shocked to learn that Sheila changed her face to look like Phyllis, although Paul said he has proof that Sheila is dead. Meanwhile, Nick and Phyllis got married, much to Sharon and Jack's surprise.

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