Purple provides powerful shot of color for drab outfits

Spice up fashions with one of the many shades of purple.
LEXINGTON, Ky. -- The dark, earthy tones and grays of fall-winter fashions are getting a shot of color this year from the many shades of purple.
The favorite color of royalty can be seen in everything from a deep merlot to a light lavender, perfect for spicing up an otherwise drab outfit.
"The tinges of purples and the wines go great with charcoal," said Lisa Hendricks, owner of Boutique Milan in Lexington, Ky. "They've been great splashes of color for the neutrals this season; you have so much black, white and gray."
But if visions of Barney the TV dinosaur are holding you back from this trend, then know that a little purple goes a long way in brightening an outfit.
At Arden B in Lexington's Fayette Mall, little silk tops in purple hues make a bold statement when paired with a dark skirt or pants or even your favorite jeans.
"Little pops of purple are everywhere," said Allison Herrington of the Lexington boutique Bella Rose. "They pop up in a sweater or a dress, in the accessories, in necklaces or earrings."
Maybe it's too early to tell, but purple might have some staying power. One of its greatest qualities is that the color is just so easy to wear, Herrington said.
"It's a color that works easily on a lot of people," she said. "You can coordinate it with black and just as easily with sands and the bronzes and silvers. And it goes so well with almost any skin tone."
That means purple can be paired with many of the pieces already hanging in your closet -- the gray flannel trousers or skirt, or a basic black turtleneck.
Unlike certain shades of yellow, which can look all wrong with some skin tones or hair colors, purple seems to be a pleasing hue for most people.
"I've seen it on blondes and brunettes and people with a tinge of gray," Hendricks said.

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