1st--Git My Drift 5.802.602.10
Belle Beckley (Stahl)3.202.40
Foal Play (Grismore)2.40
Also--Fireball Fever, Laci's-Town, Robo Scootr.
Scratched: Andy Avenue
Exacta (4-1) Paid $26.20
Trifecta (4-1-6) Paid $65.20
2nd--Status Design7.403.803.20
Eagle Dream (Boring)4.605.20
Cinderella's Champ (Larrabee)10.20
Also--Magic Star Mom, Smokey Leone, Kung Pao Chic, Mariahs Trumpcard, Sturdy Falcon, A Real Laser.
Exacta (2-8) Paid $50.40
Trifecta (2-8-1) Paid $731.40
Daily Double (4-2) Paid $38.20
3rd--Electric Wizard3.402.402.20
Odds On R J (Sturgeon)4.003.40
Tucson Pal (Stahl)9.20
Also--No Worries Mate, Deadwood, Pompeii Connection, Classic Patrol, Sky Strikes, C M Desparado.
Exacta (1-6) Paid $20.00
Trifecta (1-6-9) Paid $214.20
Pepitone (Grismore)5.604.40
Dashing Killean (Fisher Jr)3.80
Also--Laag Ness Monster, Silent Dex, Hoosier Tiger, That Noble Magic, Denarius Evergreen, Paper Branch.
Exacta (4-6) Paid $445.20
Trifecta (4-6-5) Paid $2,269.20
Superfecta (4-6-5-2 $1 PAYOUT) Paid $12,772.40
5th--Jndiamond Crown12.203.202.60
Yankee Sherwood (Merriman)2.202.10
Fugeddaboudit (Robinson)6.80
Also--Joys Second Call, Chili Chonga, Scoremania, Navarin Hanover.
Exacta (1-5) Paid $31.20
Trifecta (1-5-7) Paid $326.80
Pick Three (1/4/1 3 OF 3) Paid $1,176.60
6th--Broadway Gold14.807.606.80
Grove's Dignity (Irvine)10.205.60
Alot of Ideas (Melloy Jr)9.20
Also--Ya Just Know, Yana Returns, Hurry Up Jefe, Wiz Kid Tommy, Ruuuben.
Exacta (3-6) Paid $116.20
Trifecta (3-6-8) Paid $1,397.00
7th--Myrriahs Amus6.203.602.80
Bahama Bound (Wyers)4.603.60
Mr Star (Stahl)4.40
Also--Mega Jacpot, Cl Jack, Nuclear Sam, Kinda Ideal, Myfirm, Nf Gallivant.
Exacta (2-3) Paid $35.40
Trifecta (2-3-8) Paid $479.20
Superfecta (2-3-8-9) Paid $980.00
8th--Soldier (Deaton)3.002.602.10
Over Like A Fox (Wyers)7.403.40
Valentino Express (Myrick)12.40
Also--Keep On Guessing, Mr Snazz, Mcgee Hee, G F M, Lukenbak.
Scratched: Speedway Hall
Exacta (5-2) Paid $20.00
Trifecta (5-2-4) Paid $246.00
Pick Three (3/2/5,7 3 OF 3) Paid $85.60
9th--Medoland Bud8.404.402.60
Pocket Vance N (Grismore)3.802.20
Franco Trigon N (Fisher Jr)4.40
Also--Magellan Hanover, Sand Rounder, Knightwatchman A, Tosboynamedsue, Cody Wood.
Exacta (4-3) Paid $25.00
Trifecta (4-3-1) Paid $100.60
10th--Going Hollywood8.404.403.40
Be A King (Stahl)22.4010.20
Mr Fenton (Mc Kirgan)4.80
Also--Kage N Sis, Redzilla, Carry The Bomb, Git R Done Dad, Custom Chrome, Stable Creek Zeus.
Exacta (7-8) Paid $271.80
Trifecta (7-8-5) Paid $1,878.80
Superfecta (7-8-5-4) Paid $7,865.80
11th--Sarah's Legacy4.003.802.60
Dignity's Triumph (Hershbrgr)10.608.60
Eagle Tack (Sugg)4.20
Also--Fidencio, Ashley Flash, Putnamastonishing, First Fantasy, Mackenzie Hershey.
Exacta (5-1) Paid $66.40
Trifecta (5-1-2) Paid $215.40
Pick Three (4/7/5 3 OF 3) Paid $111.00
Pick Four (5,7/4/7/5 4 OF 4) Paid $131.20
12th--Super Rule3.802.402.10
Eagle Silence (Sugg)4.002.60
Manhattan Slick (Grismore)2.40
Also--Keystone Victory, Miss Erica, Yankee Survivor, Dave's Design.
Exacta (3-4) Paid $14.80
Trifecta (3-4-5) Paid $35.60
Silly N Sassy (Kash) 7.404.00
Four Starz Wink (Merriman)2.40
Also--Ali's Little Bunny, Tucson Lace, Mystical Smile, Vittorias Lady, Mizz Oak, Jv's Pazzo.
Exacta (7-1) Paid $168.00.
Trifecta (7-1-4) Paid $666.20
14th--Class Worker4.602.802.40
Surf Sam (Wengerd)3.202.60
Pentium Chip (Grismore)3.80
Also--Hard Time Gone, Amati, Hardrock Hudson, Ayers Rock, Teflon Tim, Nicks Big Guy.
Exacta (1-3) Paid $13.40
Trifecta (1-3-7) Paid $66.60
Superfecta (1-3-7-5) Paid $181.80
Daily Double (7-1) Paid $21.80
Pick Three (2/7/1 3 OF 3) Paid $36.80
A-1,959; Handle $897,573
FRIDAY -- 1:05 P.M.
1st--Distance: 6 Furlongs Surface: Dirt 3 Yr Olds & amp; Up Mdn Spl Wgt. Pr $10,600.
Tricks Are Free, Caminita, 123; Madame Appeal, Magrell, 121; Victoriaoflangfuhr, Dailey, 121; Tuxedo Bay, Hernandez, 121; Grandiose Merchant, Pilares, 121; Bella Rubiano, Byrne, 121; Irish Lies, Urieta-Moran, 121.
3rd--1 Mile 70 Yds. Srfce: Dirt F & amp; M, 3 Yr. & amp; Up Clmg 3,500 - 3,500 Purse $7,200.
Eyeshadow, Pilares, 119; Palace of Dreams, Martinez, 116; Sheerdoublebliss, Spieth, 114; Bad Bad Brenda, Felix, 116; Shiree Amour, Ortiz, 114.
5th--1 Mile 70 Yards Surface: Dirt F & amp; M: 3 Year & amp; Up Allowance. Purse $15,000.
Sarah Jane, Meyers, 114; Vicki's Eyes, Dailey, 116; Candy Mill, Sanguinetti, 114; Raking in the Gold, Wilson, 116; Missy Bos, Felix, 114; Michels Sister, Gonzalez, 114; Paint My Dreams, Pilares, 116.
7th--5 Furlongs Surface: Dirt Open Age: 3 Yr. & amp; Up Clmg 3,500 - 3,500 Purse $6,400.
Big Babba Loop, Spieth, 117; Wild Tamtation, Meyers, 117; Jaguar Jet, Mailhot, 117; Sir Shrek, Gonzalez, 115; Greatest Creation, Pilares, 115; Book of the Month, Sanguinetti, 117; Go Ryan Go, Oro, 121; Naval Command, Felix, 117.
9th--6 Furlongs Surface: Dirt Open: 3 Yr. & amp; Up Clmg 3,500 - 3,500, Purse $6,600.
Skeete's Bay, Feliciano, 117; Initially, Caminita, 117; Musical Vision, Pilares, 117; Ancient Ruler, Oro, 117; Amazon River, Sanguinetti, 117; Hayley Match Me Up, Spieth, 117; Camp China, Felix, 117; Nice N Nasty, Munaylla, 117; Time Counter, Meyers, 117.
11th--6 Furlongs Surface: Dirt Open: 2 Yr. Old Maiden Special Wgt. Purse $10,600.
Somerset's Dancer, Gonzalez, 118; Normandy Mills, Pilares, 118; Ready to Fight, Feliciano, 118; Darragh, Meyers, 118; Hefferman, Mailhot, 118; Oh Quiet Boy, Sanguinetti, 118; Polish Six Belle, Martinez, 118; W. E. Cham, Dailey, 118; Rushing Rainbow, Urieta-Moran, 118.
13th--6 Furlongs Surface: Dirt F & amp; M: 3 & amp; Up Claiming 8,000 - 10,000 Purse $7,100.
Frisk Me Gently, Spieth, 115; Storm Seeking, Sanguinetti, 121; Aftertheballisover, Pilares, 115; Sent by the Devil, Dailey, 117; R Jazzy Rachel, Magrell, 115; Little Miss Thang, Mailhot, 115; Camp Meousa, Urieta-Moran, 113; Lady Sandi, Oro, 118; Arroba, Meyers, 121; R Spirit, Munaylla, 115.
FRIDAY -- 7 P.M.
1st--PACE, FMNW200PS, $2,000, 1 MI
Sheza Hoosier,J Wengerd; Sweetie Peetie,C Wyers; Jv's Pazzo,F Harris; Carly Lee,K Kash; Miss Matilda,A Merriman; Gypsy Doe,W Irvine; Ferrari Carnao,J Thompson; Ohiosky,E Deaton; Lonehill Valvette,C Hershberger.
2nd--TROT, FMNW200PS, $2,000, 1 MI
Dont Ask Dont Tell,J Wengerd; Stacy Renee,J Wengerd; Secret Dancer,D Guptill; Sturdy Trouble,R Stahl; Potions and Spells,G Grismore; Call Me Your Baby,A Merriman; Trifle,D Palmer; Aunt Frances,T Jones; O Minnie Go,D Mc Kirgan.
3rd--PACE, FMNW4PMCD, $3,500, 1 MI
Parallel Parked,G Grismore; Heart's In It,R Fisher Jr; Betcha I Attack,R Angus; Kris Mouse Mindale,E Deaton; April Fool Days,J Wengerd; Peachfuzz,A Merriman; Jet Set Julie,R Stahl; Kerry Again,S Schillaci; Doinit Dragonstyle,T Jones.
4th--PACE, FMNW400PS, $4,000, 1 MI
Stellar Bon,R Stahl; Call Box,G Grismore; Eileen's Marti,A Merriman; Sporty Sally,P Melloy Jr; Easy Sahbra,R Fisher Jr; Sharon's Future,J Mapes; Screaming Towner,J Thompson; My Sweet Lorelei,E Deaton; Iamgonnabeachyou,T Jones.
5th--PACE, FMNW500PS, $5,000, 1 MI
Hidden Affair,D Pfister; Neat Nicole,J Mapes; Tequila,A Merriman; Velvet Eileen,W Schwartz; Look To Book,E Deaton; Sweet Sakra Sue,R Fisher Jr; Cloverallover,R Angus; Cams Bright Lite,G Grismore; Kick It In Kaylyn,T Boring.
6th--PACE, FMNW200PS, $2,000, 1 MI
Free For All,R Fisher Jr; Tweedle D,A Merriman; Town Toots,L Merriman; Fox Valley Olympia,B Sturgeon; Magical Punkin,E Deaton; Breezy Knoll Sadie,T Boring; Bigaffairintown,G Grismore; Imafirmbeliefer,F Harris; Unique Mazie,W Irvine.
7th--PACE, FMNW250PS, $2,500, 1 MI
Sam's Desire,K Kash; Cl Cricket,J Thompson; Ally Mcbunny,W Irvine; Takemetotiffanys,A Merriman; Eagle Creek Beauty,J Mapes; Miss Cash N Thee,R Fisher Jr; Missy Matches,B Sturgeon; Coluptuous,R Stahl; Perfect Tea,T Jones.
8th--TROT, FMNW300PS, $3,000, 1 MI
Mary My King,A Merriman; Just Asking,A Berger; Creamy Score,M Robinson; Little Beans,W Irvine; Isn't She Precious,F Harris; Mz Shenanigans,J Wengerd; Plan B,R Angus; Ily Lavec,D Mc Kirgan; Cagey Kaylee,F Uber Jr.
9th--PACE, FM OPN HC, $7,500, 1 MI
Dynastar,R Angus; Real Valentine,R Stahl; Chotat Milk,G Grismore; M D Jewel,A Merriman; Bacon Hill Dannie,S Schillaci; Van Anna,S Noble III.
10th--PACE, FMNW250PS, $2,500, 1 MI
Apache Vengence,W Irvine; Martz Creek Danty,P Melloy Jr; Prettylittleangel,J Cochran; Majestic Oak,J Wengerd; Girly Power,R Angus; Towners Sally,F Harris; Miss Panama Beach,E Deaton; Sharp Trap Shooter,G Grismore; Katy's Finale,R Fisher Jr.
11th--TROT, FMNW4PMCD, $3,500, 1 MI
Fresh Honey,T Boring; Connie Corleone,D Mc Kirgan; Fortune N Glory,D Whipple; Bette Lavec,G Grismore; Madeline's Charm,S Cox; Mevagissey,W Irvine; Glorious Encore,G Soehnlen; Eden Roc,J Thompson; Tom's Ok Lady,A Merriman.
12th--PACE, FMNW300PS, $3,000, 1 MI
Sheer Sahbra,D Pfister; Honeymoon Hudson,L Merriman; Ccashleydash,A Merriman; Armbro Wonder,G Grismore; Barewithme,J Mapes; Game Hannah,R Stahl; Mystical Worker,E Deaton; Odessa Angus,R Fisher Jr; Lead With Marilyn,J Wengerd.
13th--PACE, FMNW200PS, $2,000, 1 MI
Wannanukem,F Harris; Lady Truthful,E Deaton; Toni Bell,T Boring; Matty Alou,J Green; Fairground Lady,J Mapes; Tracy The Kidd,G Grismore; Ms Shady Laag,R Angus; Power Pinch,W Irvine; Brenna's Hangover,A Merriman.
14th--PACE, FM3000CLCD, $2,200, 1 MI
Blackwell,J Wengerd; Game Marion,R Fisher Jr; Eda Finn,A Merriman; She's Elegant,T Boring; Princess Regal N,G Grismore; Sophia,R Stahl; Cinnamon Snowball,R Angus; Magic Squaw,J Mapes; Lena's Light,F Harris.
FRIDAY -- 7 P.M.
1st--6 Furlongs Surface: Dirt Open: 3 & amp; Up Claiming 5,000 - 5,000 Purse $10,800.
Sea of Sin, Parker, 115; Gold Mine Ops, McFadden, 115; Talc Boy, Rivera, 115; Teamup, Davila, 115; Egde of Assault, Perez, 112; Sneak Preview, Villa-Gomez, 115; Core Sample, Felix, 115; Mt Pockets, Garcia, 115; Guineaman, Ganpath, 115.
2nd--5 Furlongs Surface: Dirt Open: 3 & amp; Up Claiming 5,000 - 5,000 Purse $10,900.
Have No Fear, Tolentino, 121; Shamrocks Fibber, Perez, 121; Mega Mill, Parker, 121; Well Educated, Barria, 121; Inmate, Andrews, 121; Winning Brief (AUS), Sanches, 121; Hitower's Pride, Williams, 121; Event, Wilson, 121; Unstable, Pereira, 121.
3rd--1 1/16 Miles Surface: Dirt F & amp; M: 3 & amp; Up Mdn Clmg 5,000 - 5,000 Purse $10,100.
R Lil Belle, Tolentino, 117; Flying Monks, Sanches, 121; Clapper's Norman, Parker, 117; Twisted Moccasin, Urieta-Moran, 121; Crimson Witch, Whitney, 117; Pearls for Dixie, Brinkley, 121; Southern Lady, Stokes, 121; Leader's Revenge, Pereira, 121.
4th--1 Mile Surface: Dirt Open. 3 & amp; Up Claiming 5,000 - 5,000 Purse $11,100.
Sightseeing (UAE), McFadden, 118; Rail Spike, Stokes, 115; King Play, Whitney, 111; G I Thunder, Jenkins, 115; Groovy Guy, Ortiz, 104; Jeffrey's Cat, Cayo, 115; Justice of Peace, Parker, 115; Aileen's Pride, Pereira, 115; Go Caleb Go, Villa-Gomez, 121.
5th--6 Furlongs Surface: Dirt Open: 3 & amp; Up Claiming 5,000 - 5,000 Purse $10,800.
Gold Boot, Perez, 115; Hill Road Dancer, Brinkley, 115; Bonnrita, Parker, 115; Cinquante Cinq, Wilson, 115; Reqraaq, Henson, 115; Fast Summer, Brown, 105; Amasoldier, Quinones, 115; Paradise Theater, Pereira, 115; Perfectly Legal, Stokes, 115; Estrela Pegasus, Theriot, 115.
6th--5 1/2 Furlongs Surface: Dirt F & amp; M: 3 & amp; Up Claiming 5,000 - 5,000 Purse $11,100.
Cat Runner, Tolentino, 115; Good Morning Irene, Villa-Gomez, 115; Dashfortheroses, Brown, 105; Silent Kingdom, Whitney, 115; Sweet Ferdie, Barria, 115; Dancin Judi, Ganpath, 112; C'Em Run, Brinkley, 118; One Tough Girl, Andrews, 115; Darn That Molly, Stokes, 118.
7th--5 Furlongs Surface: Dirt Open: 3 & amp; Up Clmng 5,000 - 5,000 Purse $11,200.
Always Take Cash, Ortiz, 117; Arctic Roar, Barria, 115; My Buddy Rob, Stokes, 115; Rock Island Salami, Parker, 115; Seeya Trouble, Theriot, 121; Fineonthefarm, Andrews, 115; Bionic Brine, Erwin, 114; Gambling Gold, Rivera, 115.
8th--5 1/2 Furs Surface: Dirt Open: 3 & amp; Up Claiming 8,000 - 10,000 Purse $20,700.
Conquistador's Cat, Villa-Gomez, 115; Star of Rome, Andrews, 118; Truth Endures, Spieth, 115; Jones Tale, Stokes, 115; Pot Limit, Barria, 115; Single Edge, Murphy, 115; Western Night, Judice, 118; Prairie Lites, Perez, 115; Relentless Seller, Quinones, 118.
9th--1 Mile 70 Yds. Dirt Open Age: 3 Year Olds And Up Allowance Purse $27,800.
Gorbash, Arce, 115; Sand Saba, Felix, 115; Whose Career, Stokes, 115; Quick Trend, Rivera, 115; Rojo de Amour, Judice, 115; Tigervally, Whitney, 111; Abistrabi, Enriquez, 111.
10th--1 Mile Surface: Dirt F & amp; M. Age: 3 & amp; Up. Clmng 5,000 - 5,000 Purse $11,200.
Dinkers Angel, Villa-Gomez, 115; Just Like You, Pereira, 115; Pharaway Wedding, Andrews, 115;
True Aries, Whitney, 115; Miss Mulie, Tolentino, 115; Our Gal Irish, Quinones, 115; Nepotism, Stokes, 121; Surprise Call, Parker, 121.

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