Meeting set to discuss sidewalk construction

Trustees also talked about funding for the school district's resource officer.
LIBERTY -- The trustees will meet Wednesday to discuss a sidewalk project that involves a township school.
The sidewalk would connect W.S. Guy Middle School on Shady Road to the Liberty Public Library on state Route 304. It would be accessible to pupils who attend that school and those who go to nearby E.J. Blott Elementary School.
Trustees said the sidewalk, funded through a $200,000 Eastgate Regional Council of Governments grant, would enhance the area and provide a safer corridor for the youngsters.
Officials also discussed maintaining the sidewalk, with Trustees Jodi K. Stoyak and W. Gary Litch saying at their Monday meeting they hoped the township and school system would split costs. They also left open the possibility that some or most of the work could be contracted to an outside party. Maintenance would probably include snow removal, grass cutting, lighting and repairs, they noted.
Trustees plan to meet with school officials Wednesday to discuss funding.
Paying for school officer
Also at the meeting, trustees agreed to keep Robert Altier as school resource officer and recommended that the township pay 40 percent and the schools pick up 60 percent of Altier's $56,181 annual salary, which includes wages and benefits.
A grant that is funding the program expires Dec. 31, though no decision was made at the session regarding how to fund the program for the remainder of the 2006-07 school year.
Police Chief Anthony Slifka said Altier is in the schools roughly 75 percent of the time and that he recommended the schools pay three-fourths of Altier's salary. In a July letter, school officials said they would agree to pay 50 percent of the cost.
In other action, trustees approved a zoning change for 1.4 acres on Goldie Road near the Liberty Plaza. The parcel, which might be used for additional parking to accommodate the plaza, will be rezoned from single-family residential to commercial and include a buffer zone, trustees said.

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