Old items find new life after they are donated to charity

Dear Heloise: I, too, often wonder if my old T-shirt with the small stain on the front should just be thrown away ... or carefully washed and passed along.
Some years back, I sat in church and heard a woman speak who runs a shelter for girls. She told us that so many people said, "Oh, my stuff isn't good enough to give away" or "It would be insulting to give those old pajamas that are missing a button."
She begged us to wash and collect our old margarine containers, which they used for cereal bowls. She said that what might look like an old blanket that has had its day to us ... would keep a small child just as warm as one from a classy department store.
My rule is this: If it was good enough for me to be wearing yesterday, then wash it and pass it along. People who turn up their noses ... well, they need to get their priorities straight. Jackie in Houston
We have received many comments on this topic. So, folks, please call the organization you are thinking of donating to and ask what it needs or is willing to accept. Heloise
Fast facts
Here are a few handy things to use to mark your favorite spot in a book:
A child's school photo.
A business card.
A pretty page from a magazine.
A favorite poem.
Dear Heloise: We often bring leftover french fries home from a restaurant. After trying several methods to reheat them (microwave, oven and broiler), I tried frying them in a little oil and draining between paper towels. They come out like fresh ones. Ruth Ferry, Torrington, Conn.
Dear Heloise: I have always had trouble with the cords of my hair dryer and curling iron tangling when I store them in a drawer. I discovered the inexpensive clips (purchased in a store that sells everything for a dollar) used to hold up hair. They come in all different sizes. I just zigzag a cord and clip it together. No more tangles. Joyce S., Summerfield, Fla.
Dear Heloise: After reading your column, I decided to share another solution for keeping pictures straight that I have been using for years. I use self-stick foam weatherstripping, cut squares from the strip material and apply it to the lower corners of a picture. The foam stripping helps prevent movement of the pictures and also prevents marking of the wall by the frame. Chuck DuVal, via e-mail
Sound off
Dear Heloise: Please encourage manufacturers to put expiration dates in large print and in appropriate places -- especially on can lids! I know that many elderly people and myself are having a hard time seeing them. At the store, if I don't see the date, I will not buy the product! Ruth Hausmann, Colts Neck, N.J.
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