Many plan online gamesat work, new poll says ...
NEW YORK -- Taking a break by playing online solitaire? More than half of your co-workers log onto game sites too, according to a recent poll., an entertainment Web site owned by the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co., surveyed 1,000 adults nationwide and found that more than half play online games during the workday. The average playing time was 15 minutes. More than six out of 10 said that playing online games help them deal with stress, while 47 percent believe it helps their creative thinking. One in five have been caught by their supervisors, while 13 percent admitted playing during a conference call.
... And many go to worksick, another survey says
NEW YORK -- Instead of chicken soup and bed rest, most employees come to work when they're feeling under the weather, one recent survey shows. A whopping 98 percent of employees admitted going to work when they were sick, according to a poll from Kronos Inc., a work-force management company. Two out of five said they did so out of guilt and 39 percent said their workload was too heavy to miss a day. While these tough employees may impress the boss, their co-workers aren't happy to see them in the office with a fever. Thirty-eight percent of employees are afraid of getting sick when ill colleagues come to work, and another 35 percent blame their employers for not encouraging sick staffers to stay home.
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