Marriage licenses
Mark H. Minehart, 49, of 324 Sunset Drive, Butler, Pa., and Janet L. Gostic, 49, of 212 W. Penn St., Butler, Pa.
Brett W. Peplow, 22, of 893 Charlotte Drive, Newport News, Va., and Carolyne A. Quinn, 21, of same.
Jeremy J. Lapkas, 32, of 6571 Sharon Road, Brookfield, and Christine A. Rovnak, 30, of same.
Craig J. Wall, 22, of 1144 Union St., Warren, and Crystal D. Jensen, 24, of same.
Alan P. Brandt, 34, of 285 Ormond Ave., Sharon, Pa., and Rebecca J. Ferencik, 28, of same.
John Astolfi, 54, of 767 Roosevelt, Warren, and Lucille A. Rossi, 59, of 15060 S. State St., Middlefield.
Henry A. Lipinski Jr., 44, of 5502 Ridge Road, Cortland and Kandie K. Kloboves, 50, of same.
Guillermo A. Martinez, 30, of 1014 San Gabriel Circle, Daily City, Calif., and Michelle E. Bukovina, 37, of same.
Thomas E. Villio, 37, of 7597 Venice Drive, Howland, and Lori L. Rohrbaugh, 34, of same.
Michael D. Addicott, 29, of 33446 Woodbine Ave. S.E., Warren, and Ann M. Marks, 27, of same.
Jason S. Thomas, 27, of 210 Woodglen Ave., Niles, and Shana L. Shelar, 26, of same.
Richard J. Bezak, 36, of 4361 Newton Bailey Road, Newton Falls, and Staci R. Hogue, 31, of same.
Matthew J. Burmit, 26, of 547 Boyd Ave., Akron, and Carrie L. Roscoe, 28, of 169 W. Main St., Cortland.
Brent J. Miller, 25, of 1060 Roseway Ave., Warren, and Susan E. Sekerak, 24, of same.
David W. Frederick, 43, of 349 Ohio Ave., McDonald, and Jeannine E. Haley, 31, of 736 Lakeview Drive, Cortland.
New complaints
Chase Home Finance LLC v. Paul Renzenbrink et al, foreclosure.
JPMorgan Chase Bank v. Michael T. Theodore et al, foreclosure.
Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. as trustee v. Kandy L. Neely, et al, foreclosure.
Countrywide Home Loans Inc. v. Tracey Stulgis et al, foreclosure.
State Farm Mutual Automobile Inc. Co. v. Jennifer Puckett et al, other civil.
Jacklyn Yohn v. NAO Lordstown Assembly et al, workers' compensation.
West American Insurance Co. v. Robert F. Hamilton, other civil.
Buckeye Retirement Co. Inc. vs. Danelle L. Mooiok, other civil.
Novastar Mortgage Inc., v. Teri L. Bradshaw et al, foreclosure.
LaSalle Bank National Assoc. v. Eric T. Warren et al, foreclosure.
Bank of New York as trustee v. George Schweiger et al, foreclosure.
JPMorgan Chase Bank as trustee v. Marie Bianco et al, foreclosure.
M & amp; M Manufacturing Co. Inc. v. Macdermid Colorspan Inc. et al, other civil.
Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc. v. Thomas A. Pepe Jr., foreclosure.
LWNV Funding LLC v. Angela Yendrick, other civil.
Heather Superak, v. Westfield Companies, other torts.
Timothy Stull indiv. and as custodial parent and guardian v. Karlyn stein et al, other torts.
Wells Fargo Bank v. Dennis M. Currey et al, foreclosure.
Qualchoice Inc. v. John Doe driver, other civil.
U.S. Bank National Assoc. v. Frank J. Brooks et al, other civil.
Land Development Co. of Ohio v. Coldwell Banker et al, other civil.
US Bank National Assoc. as trustee v. Shirlee J. Rohrbaugh et al, foreclosure.
HSBC Bank vs. Samuel W. Milligan, foreclosure.
Morgan Chase Bank v. Marianne McMahon et al, foreclosure.
Chase Home Financial v. Rozann Cowardin et al, foreclosure.
Deutsche Bank Trust Co. as trustee v. Martin Smith et al, foreclosure.
Michael Vugrincic indiv. and as trustee v. John R. Brown Jr., other torts.
Joseph Norris et al v. Kristin N. Webb et al, other torts.
Hess Corp. v. Design Coating Systems Inc. other civil.
Capital One Bank v. Nicole Kelley, other civil.
Palisades Collection LLC assignee of Chase Manhattan v. George S. Chatfield, other civil.
Discover Bank v. Paul Marks, other civil.
Seven Seventeen Credit Union v. Teddy J. Maroda et al, other civil.
Palisades Collections LLC. v. Julie Brannon, other civil.
Bank One NA v. Jeanne Smith et al, foreclosure.
LaSalle Bank as trustee v. Scott G. Simmons, foreclosure.
Wells Fargo Bank Indentured trustee v. Nicholas Pasquerilla, foreclosure.
Deutsche Bank Trust Co. as trustee v. Nicholas Macchione et al, foreclosure.
Sky Bank v. Lindsay Randall et al, foreclosure.
Todd A. Chilton v. Benjamin G. Boor, other torts.
Seven Seventeen Credit Union v. Michael Sabella et al, foreclosure.
Bank of New York as trustee for noteholders of CWA v. Terry A. Hoid et al, foreclosure.
Bruce and Merrilees Electric Co. v. American Steel and Alloys LLC., other civil.
Countrywide Home Loans Inc. v. Michelle Dye, et al, foreclosure.
Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC v. David A. Whitt, other civil.
Sandra D. Seltzer v. William E. Mabe et al, workers' compensation.
Bobby D. Cappadony v. William E. Mabe et al, workers' compensation.
Beneficial Ohio Inc. v. Joseph O. Major et al, foreclosure.
Michael P. Dulaney v. Kandy Neely, foreclosure.
Dissolutions filed
Barbara Brown and Timothy J. Brown.
Jack C. Riddle and Sheryl Riddle.
Nicole L. Sims and Julius Sims.
Donna Toth and Dennis Francis.
Jaclyn N. McConnell and John E. McConnell.
James R. Carsone and Kathleen Carsone.
Amanda Maretich and Robert Maretich.
Michael Flaviani and Kathy J. Flaviani.
Cynthia Cain and James M. Cain.
Christina Feliciano and Freddie Feliciano.
Divorces filed
James R. Short v. Bridgett Short.
Robin Lenox v. Michael Lenox.
Jill Nyako v. Greg Nyako.
Elizabeth Ollila v. Joshua Ollila.
Orvill L. Simons v. Rebecca Simons.
David J. Wargo v. Sheri L. Wargo.
Legal separation filed
Steven P. Fenton v. Roberta Fenton.

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