Tips to consider when seeking the best hairdryer for lifestyle

Tips will help you make an informed choice.
Hair is said to be the number one beauty concern for many women. So aside from all the goop you put on your hair, like styling potions, shampoos and conditioners, a hairdryer plays a big role in creating your best do possible. Some of us can't imagine living without one!
Higher wattage means higher heat. But don't go over 2,000 watts or you could burn your scalp.
Consider the thickness of the casing. Thicker casing helps protect the motor and prevents cracks if you happen to drop it.
Look for a hairdryer with a long nose, which will allow you to direct heat more efficiently and keep long hair farther away from the filter, where it can get sucked in and singed.
Check out the length of the cord and make sure it's long enough for your setup at home.
Be sure to buy a model with a removable filter. Taking it off and cleaning it regularly will add years to the life of your dryer.
Test out the control panel in-store by holding the hairdryer in your typical drying position. Some designs have the control buttons in awkward places, causing you to change speeds and heat levels by mistake while styling.
Look for a "cold shot" button. The blast of cool air helps set the style of specific sections of hair and can close the hair cuticle.
If you want to make the most of your curls, buy a hairdryer with a good quality diffuser.
Professional hairdryers cost more, but they save a lot of time if you've got long thick hair that takes forever to dry.

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