The following students were awarded bachelor's degrees unless otherwise noted:

The following students were awarded bachelor's degrees unless otherwise noted:
Berlin Center: Jason Gfeller, science.
Bristolville: Jacob Papp, science; Tristan Soukenik, master of business administration.
Burghill: Erica Setterberg, master of library and information science.
Campbell: Lee Gerlick, associate of applied science.
Canfield: Kara D'Amico, master of education; Kelly Grist, science, cum laude; Roberta Marinelli, arts; Julia Ward, associate in science.
Columbiana: Jesse Main, associate of applied science.
Cortland: Abbey Burin, master of education; Ashley Carballo, arts, summa cum laude; Heather Dobbins, master of education; Cheryl Firmi, business administration, cum laude; Ashley McClain, science; Shannon Misutka, master of architecture; Adam Rising, science; Stephanie Stith, radiologic and imaging sciences, magna cum laude; Richard Thomas, science, cum laude; Lisa Thomas, master of education.
Diamond: Shelby McGinnis, master of arts; Barbara Oostdyk, master of education.
East Palestine: Dianna Figley, associate of applied business, summa cum laude; Jeremy McAdoo, business administration; Kerry Rouse, associate of applied business.
Hanoverton: Kristin Blackburn, arts, cum laude.
Hubbard: Melissa Gagliardi, master of education; Christy Keenan, science; Timothy Logan, science, magna cum laude.
Kensington: Jennifer Baker, master of education.
Lake Milton: Shannon Teter, business administration, cum laude.
Leavittsburg: Miranda Burwack, associate of applied business, cum laude; Sandra Rounds, science in education, cum laude; Bobijo Speerstra, associate of arts.
Leetonia: Mallory Selway, science.
Lisbon: Abey Hutmacher, science; Marlena Pisano, arts, summa cum laude; Laurie Ronshak, master of education.
Masury: Kristen Funelli, radiologic and imaging sciences.
Newton Falls: Ashley Durkos, associate of applied science; Charity Harris, radiologic and imaging sciences, cum laude; Lauren Hoffman, science; Ramona Wilson, associate of technical study.
New Waterford: Brandon Weber, arts.
Niles: Jeffrey Alberini, master of education; Robert Hawkins, science, cum laude; Tom Jarome, science, magna cum laude; Brian Odell, master of education; Amber Walley, science.
North Benton: Peggy Stonier, master of science.
North Bloomfield: Joseph Adkins, associate of arts, summa cum laude.
Rogers: Paul Mora, associate of applied science, cum laude.
Salem: Joel Baker, associate of applied business, cum laude; Julie Burns, associate of technical study; Ashley Cody, science, magna cum laude; Jennifer Greenamyer, science in nursing; Steven Herron, science, cum laude; Terry Jackson, associate of science; Lisa Leasure, arts; Kathy Martin, master of education; Phillip Pihlgren, business administration, cum laude; Jacob Weaver, science; Sarah Yakubek, science in nursing.
Southington: Kristen Byard, associate of applied science.
Struthers: Gina Pervetich, radiologic and imaging sciences, summa cum laude.
Vienna: Garry Gosnell, associate of science, cum laude; Ryan Remsey, radiologic and imaging sciences, summa cum laude.
Warren: Donald Cole, science; Phillip Funtulis, science, summa cum laude; Jennifer Bain, master of library science; Charles Baker, science; Deborah Brutz, science in education; Kelly Cooney, associate of applied business and science; Patricia Crosby, associate of applied science, summa cum laude; Regina Lamorella, associate of applied business, summa cum laude; Anthony Limperos, master of arts; John Naples, arts; Jamie Potyonek, business administration; Kate Snyder, science; Angela Efler, science in nursing; Rachael Ferry, arts; Bethany Jones, science, cum laude; Rhonda Maas, arts; John May, associate in applied science; Kathy O'Brien, master of education; Jessica Rishel, master of education; Mohammad Saleh, business administration; Terri Harvey, associate of applied science.
Youngstown: Virginia Komara, associate of applied science, summa cum laude; Themos Politis, science, cum laude.
Boardman: Mary Durbin, master of education; Paul Hagman, master of architecture; Ashley Lamanna, business administration; Margaret Rowland, master of library science; Timothy Schumann, arts.
Poland: Colleen Carney, master of library science; Chelsy Ludt, radiologic and imaging sciences, summa cum laude; Jason Rudawsky, science; Julie Work, arts, summa cum laude.
Austintown: Lyndsey Conner, arts, cum laude; Mariel Domenick-Sallee, master of education.
Alliance: Lisa Zucchero, master of arts; Devon Donahue, master of public health; Bethany Dorn, business administration; Jenna Elmiger, arts; Leslie Haynam, master of library science; Laura Koniecko, arts; Dumitru Vasu, business administration; Meredith Wilson, master of education.
Beloit: Louis Hanan, associate of applied science.
New Castle, Pa.: Jamie Snow, science, magna cum laude; Theona Stefanis, science; cum laude.
Sharpsville, Pa.: Blaise Shindledecker, arts.

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