"I'm Going To Eat You!" by Matt Mitter with art by Jimmy Pickering, (Reader's Digest, 10.99, ages

"I'm Going To Eat You!" by Matt Mitter with art by Jimmy Pickering, (Reader's Digest, 10.99, ages 4-6)
A little boy searches through his house when he is awakened by a scary voice that says "I'm going to eat you" in this lift-the-flaps book. The boy goes from room to room, opening doors to reveal several scary-looking but innocent creatures. He finally finds the unexpected source of the voice when the kitchen door opens to reveal ... guess whom?
"Mommy?" by Arthur Yorinks with art by Maurice Sendak (MDC/Scholastic, 24,95, all ages)
A little boy in a blue onesie and bright red cap toddles through a haunted house asking everyone he meets, "Mommy?" But, in this house, he has a better chance of finding a "mummy" -- which he does, among the other creepy 3-D creatures that emerge in the paper pop-ups engineered by Matthew Reinhart. The fearless little fellow finally finds his mommy, but not before he runs into a vampire, a wolfman, and a one-toothed, green-faced something-or-other.
"Los Gatos Black on Halloween" by Marisa Montes with art by Yuyi Morales (Henry Holt, 16.95, 4-8)
Witches, skeletons, ghosts and other creatures are celebrating Halloween in a haunted house. They're having a ball until a knock on the door disturbs their fun. The story is told in rhyme and introduces several Spanish words.
"The Costume Copycat" by Maryann Macdonald with art by Anne Wilsdorf (Dial Books, 10.99, 4 and up)
"What to wear?" is a problem for Angela. Year after year, at trick-or-treat time, her costume is overshadowed by older sister Bernadette's -- that is, until one Halloween when Bernadette has to stay home with chicken pox.
"Dirk Bones and the Mystery of the Haunted House" by Doug Cushman (HarperCollins, 15.99, 4-8) .
It's no news when someone is scared by a ghost. But when ghosts are scared -- that's news! Dirk Bones, skeleton and ace reporter for The Ghostly Tombs, investigates.
"Behind the Mask" by Yangsook Choi (FSG, 16, 4-8)
A Korean-American boy named Kimin decides to trick-or-treat as his grandfather after he finds the "tal" (mask) Grandpa wore as a mask dancer in his native Korea. The mask not only provides Kimin with inspiration for his costume, it holds a wonderful surprise.
"A Very Brave Witch" by Alison McGhee with art by Harry Bliss (Simon & amp; Schuster, 12.95, 4-8)
It's normal for humans to be afraid of witches, but it's a switch when a witch is afraid of us. A little witch summons the courage to "drop in" on some human trick-or-treaters and learns a thing or two -- mainly, not to be afraid of someone who's different.

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