Marriage licenses
Jeffrey A. Martin, 39, of 1622 Weston Ave., Poland, and Cecelia A. Caldwell, 40, of 632 Carlotta Ave., Youngstown.
Alan J. DiRienzo, 21, of 74 Creed Circle, Campbell, and Anna C. Liapas, 17, of 476 Peters Drive, Campbell.
Andrew R. Kuboff, 28, of 2805 Saginaw Drive, Poland, and Rebecca L. Steigerwald, 29, of same.
Alan D. Williams, 26, of 3308 Glen Oaks Drive, Youngstown, and Elizabeth L. Sait, 21, of same.
Travus W. Rolland, 27, of 731 Elmwood Drive, Hubbard, and Sara A. Felix, 28, of 142 Center St., Struthers.
William S. Bell Jr., 35, of Boardman, and Christina A. Biro, 26, of same.
New complaints
D.R.K.L. Enterprises Inc. dba Rose Drywall v. Steven M. Boyd et al, foreclosure.
Key Bank USA v. Amanda D. Burton et al, money.
Advantage Assets Inc. v. Cecilia L. Pritchard et al, motion and application to confirm and enforce arbitration award.
Chase Manhattan Bank USA successor v. Teresa Miller, motion and application to confirm and enforce arbitration award.
Deutsche Bank Trust Co. v. Loretta Shaw et al, foreclosure.
Wells Fargo Bank v. David R. DeLisio et al, foreclosure.
Anthony Malachin v. Everbrite Inc. et al, workers' compensation.
Steven A. Barton v. Outdoor Maintenance Co. Inc. et al, workers' compensation.
JPMorgan Chase Bank v. Richard Ellis et al, foreclosure.
Enid E. Maldonado et al v. Vernon L. Crownover, money.
Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. as trustee v. Matthew P. Wallace et al, foreclosure.
Matasha A. Forest et al v. John Doe et al, money.
JPMorgan Chase Bank v. Joseph N. Catanzaro et al, foreclosure.
LaSalle Bank National Association as trustee v. Ashley M. Anzelmo et al, foreclosure.
Samuel Moffie et al v. Nelson L. Kennedy, money.
Michael Poinski et al v. Joshua M. Trolio et al, money.
Sky Bank v. Allan G. Bosak Jr. et al, money.
Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. as trustee v. Cheryl A. Miller et al, foreclosure.
GMAC Mortgage Corp. v. Barry F. Stewart et al, foreclosure.
Homecomings Financial Network as trustee v. Nancy Rice et al, foreclosure.
Richard D. Rigby v. Kayla Pace, money.
Marian C. Kachmar v. Kathy J. Quear et al, money.
Dante A. Chiovitti v. Jason Elliott et al, money.
First Acceptance Services Inc. et al v. Charles Owens, money.
James A. Fuschillo et al v. David W. Dilla et al, money.
Milissa Wright v. David W. Dilla et al, money.
Jane Doe indiv. and as mother and natural guardian of Jane A. Doe v. Jack Davis, assault and battery; sexual abuse of a minor.
Real estate transfers
Estate of Mary Lou McCormick to Jeffery Hoffman et al, Stratton Road, Salem, 167,000.
Paulette E. Dean to Michael S. Hall, E. Boston Ave., Youngstown, 55,000.
David J. Wayt to Juan M. Perez, Glenwood Ave., Youngstown, 55,600.
First Second Properties LLC to Jab Investments Inc., Avondale Ave., Youngstown, 13,000.
Erin Boyle et al to Sharon L. Lawrence, Helena Ave., Youngstown, 61,000.
Clarice D. Spiss exec. to Joan C. Smith et al, Denver Road, Craig Beach, 39,400.
Virginia J. Quinlan et al to Vincent J. Berard et al, Scott St., Canfield, 85,000.
James B. Reese et al to Ciprian V. Gilea, Starwick Drive, Canfield, 150,000.
DSC Properties to Michael Harris et al, Seacrist Road, Beloit, 9,980.
George Ross to Terrance N. Turner et al Freedom Ave., Campbell, 56,000.
DSC Properties to Gary Martin et al, Seacrist Road, Beloit, 9,980.
Stephen Patrick Jr. et al to Fred Alexander, S. Osborn Ave., Youngstown, 6,500.
Stephen Krivan to James B. Yauger, Eisenhower Drive, Youngstown, 65,000.
Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota to Amos R. Fegley et al, Miller St. Youngstown, 33,600.
Meander Home Construction to Louis H. Scalzo Jr., Austintown, 229,107.
Fannie Mae to James G. Kinnick, Estate Circle, Youngstown, 51,000.
Roy H. Krolle et al to Christopher S. Collins, Wendover Circle, Youngstown, 69,900.
Margaret A. Campanelli to Shanna C. Murphy, Boardman, 67,000.
JuldaK. Gribbon to SCSW Realty Co. LLC, DeBartolo Place, Youngstown, 60,000.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 7
Sarah M. Cheeks, 4823 Westchester Drive, Apt. 213, Austintown, graphic designer, William M. Cafaro and Assoc.; liabilities, 5,879; assets, 7,475.
Tracey A. Morales, 2908 Bears Den Road, Youngstown, server, Antone's Restaurant; liabilities, 43,122; assets, 6,725.
Joshua J. and Jolene L. Robinson, 17617 Lundy's Lane, Lake Milton; he: production supervisor, Pepsi America; she: unemployed; liabilities, 183,002; assets, 179,273.
Brandin S. and Stephanie R. Gray, 106 S. Whitney Ave., Youngstown, he: cook, JJ Barbecue; she: homemaker; liabilities, 86,295; assets, 53,409.
Alicia V. Warden, 35 Hilton Ave., Youngstown, kitchen aide, My Cap; liabilities, 69,488; assets, 36,245.
Sandy L. Detec, 1047 Wilshire Drive, Youngstown, ass't. manager, Catherine's; liabilities, 120,502; assets, 82,878.
Gwendolyn Stubbs, 30 Newton Ave., Youngstown; toll booth collector, Ohio Turnpike Commission; liabilities, 175,769; assets, 118,270.
Kristi L. Milano, 2742 Brunswick Road, Youngstown, inventory tech., Trumbull Memorial Hospital; liabilities, 121,988; assets, 87,696.
Rhenetta H. Rochford, 275 E. Judson, Youngstown, not employed; liabilities, 97,923; assets, 36,200.
Betsy A. Fontes, 4361 Kerrybrook Drive, Youngstown; service, West Corp.; liabilities, 49,839; assets, 5,300.
Mary Ann Leone, 1385 Maplecrest Drive, Youngstown, banking, Charter One; liabilities, 30,191; assets, 6,000.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 13
Robert J. and Jennifer M. Klucher, 413 Creed St., Struthers; he: RN, Precision of Ohio; she: RN, St. Elizabeth; liabilities, 96,918; assets, 89,211.
Bernard Sr. and Gwendolyn Moore, 33 Notre Dame Drive, Campbell, he: retired; she: HAS, Gateways; liabilities, 55,740; assets, 63,780.
John and Lori DeMart, Struthers, he: Mahoning County Sheriff deputy; she: Mahoning County; liabilities, 163,980; assets, 115,300.
Everett J. Beeman, 103 1/2 Federal St., Youngstown; instrument replacement/teacher, Woodsy's Music, liabilities, 67,221; assets, 12,421.
Michelle Y. Spivey, 163 Clarencedale Ave., Youngstown; nursing clerk, City of Youngstown; liabilities, 85,323; assets, 58,810.
David S. and Kimbery Peterson, 10206 Lisbon Road, Canfield; he: steelworker, Canfield Metal Coating; she: RN, Mashburn Family Practice; liabilities, 226,979; assets, 192,972.

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