Marriage licenses
Jack D. Wine, 25, of 287 E. Western Reserve Road, Poland, and Victoria L. Richardson, 21, of same.
Joseph F. Giancola, 47, of 3300 Flo-Lor Drive No. 3, Youngstown, and Charlotte R. Phillips, 47, of same.
John A. Hall Jr., 23, of 3360 Flo-Lor Drive No. 10, Youngstown, and Jenna M. Czap, 19, of 4654 Burkey Road, Austintown.
Terry Robinson, 28, of 1812 Midland Ave., Youngstown, and Dawn N. Jones, 24, of same.
John A. Reeder, 56, of 432 Bradley Lane, Youngstown, and Beverly A. Reeder, 49, of same.
David M. Sepe, 27, of 269 S. Cadillac, Boardman, and Courtnie J. Harris, 27, of same.
Michael J. Stiffler, 38, of 3924 Arden Blvd., Youngstown, and Cheryl A. Miller, 50, of 1603 Hartzell Ave., Youngstown.
Divorces asked
Betty A. Beacham, Redondo Road, Youngstown, and Arthur E. Beachum, Boardman St., Youngstown.
Jodi L. Plevniak, 3665 Indian Run Drive, Apt. 1, Canfield, v. Christopher E. Plevniak II, 1235 Townsend Ave., Youngstown.
Jill Steiner, 5200 Pinecrest Ave., Austintown, v. James Steiner, 5200 Pinecrest Ave., Austintown.
Kristen Shutack, address withheld, v. Charles Shutack, 159 W. Main St., East Palestine.
Lena D. Randall, 3547 Belden Ave., Youngstown, v. Duane D. Randall, 3401 Hoffman Norton Road, West Farmington.
Marta A. Lewis, 4777 Blossom Ave., Campbell, v. Edward F. Lewis, 4777 Blossom Ave., Campbell.
Nelson Irizarry, 63 E. Glenaven Ave., Youngstown, v. Cynthia Hernandez, 115 E. 57th St., New York, N.Y.
Lawanda V. Baty, 17 Hilton Ave., Youngstown, v. Jason Baty, 347 E. Judson Ave., Youngstown.
Luther P. Thomas, 5657 Baylor Road, Austintown, v. Billie J. Thomas, 73 Elm St., Apt. A, Struthers.
Debra Vernell (Fears) Landry, P.O. Box 5694, Youngstown, v. Theodore A. Landry, 4896 Westchester Drive No. 3, Austintown.
Joyce L. Sims, 371 Kendall Ave., Apt. 1, Campbell, v. Bryan K. Sims, 432 Eastern Ave., Campbell.
Cheryl L. (Elliott) Thomas, 430 Ninth St., Apt. 2, Struthers, v. Dana J. Thomas, 112 E. Judson Ave., Youngstown.
Debra J. Sudon, 20 Court St., Canfield, v. John A. Sudon, 225 Colonial Drive, Canfield.
Melony N. Lough, 1610 Squaw Creek Drive, Girard, v. Dallas D. Lough, 5346 S. Saratoga Ave., Austintown.
Rebecca G. Antal, 43 Falls Ave., Youngstown, v. John T. Antal, 345 E. Palm Drive, Florida City, Fla.
Dissolutions asked
Mary E. Helvak, 993 Fifth St., Struthers, and John F. Helvak, 23 Edgewater Drive, Poland.
Ryan Sawyer, 421 N. Glenellen, Youngstown, and Nicole Brown aka Sawyer, 47 Hamilton, Poland.
John J. Womer, 2247 Coral Sea Drive, Youngstown, and Margaret A. Womer, 1861 McCollum Road, Youngstown.
New complaints
A. Patricia Griswald-Miller v. Cinemark Movies 8 et al, money.
Sky Bank NA v. D & amp; L Supermarket Inc. et al, promissory note and writ of possession.
Bayview Loan Servicing LLC et al v. Amy M. Shannon et al, foreclosure.
Kristine Vrabel et al v. Adam Vutech, personal injury.
Milton M. Waliga v. George Rafidi et al, other torts.
Citibank South Dakota NA v. James E. Hivner, money.
Joshua Moore et al v. George B. Scott, money.
Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Luz Burgos et al, foreclosure.
Credit Based Asset Servicing and Securitization LLC v. Steve E. Fox Sr. et al, foreclosure.
Countrywide Home Loans Inc. v. Christine M. Philibin et al, foreclosure.
Deutsche Bank National Trust as trustee et al v. Beverly Frost et al, foreclosure and reformation.
Wells Fargo Bank NA et al v. Robert Holodnak et al, foreclosure.
Fidelity Bank v. Floyd A. McDuffie et al, foreclosure.
Wells Fargo Bank NA et al v. Mamdooh Shakhtra et al, foreclosure and reformation.
Mark D. Takash v. All-Do-It Technical Services LLC et al, workers' compensation.
Joseph Cetor v. Linda Scott, money.
Deutsche Bank National Trust as trustee et al v. Janice Miller et al, foreclosure.
Deutsche Bank National Trust as indenture trustee et al v. Sherill L. Meenachan et al, foreclosure with reformation.
Cincinnati Insurance Companies v. Ronald A. Arcade et al, money.
Forum Health v. William H. Vale et al, money.
State v. Robert W. Stanko, court modifies sentence and imposes one year community control, to complete in house program at CCA and no contact with victims, with other conditions.
State v. Tara L. Hamilton, court imposes two years' community control for two counts of deception to obtain dangerous drugs, given credit for two years' supervision and is negatively terminated.
State v. Valentina Kolbrich Godina, granted judicial release and place on five years' community control and to make restitution, with other conditions.
State v. Cobie L. Phillips, court reimposes community control sanctions as previously ordered for violation of probation.
State v. Tuvern Jackson, sentence suspended and put on one year nonreporting probation to CCA for attempted possession of cocaine.
State v. Nora Anthony, sentenced to 11 months for probation violation.
State v. Oliver Hargrove, court imposes two years' community control sanction and driving privileges suspended for two years for trafficking in marijuana.
State v. Felicia A. Baggett, court imposes two years' community control sanctions for possession of cocaine.
First Federal Savings Bank of Youngstown v. Alan Kleeh et al, dismissed.
Carl A. Kocur v. LTV Steel Inc. et al, dismissed.
Fred Ross Jr. v. US Steel Corp. et al, dismissed.
Provident Bank v. David R. Sowa et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.
Gina Rekstis et al v. Christopher Schiavone et al, settled and dismissed.
Bank of New York as trustee et al v. Karen J. Foerster et al, settled and dismissed.
Tammy L. Hartman v. Lakeside Manor Inc. et al, settled and dismissed.
LaSalle Bank NA as owner v. Edward G. Such III et al, withdraw from sheriff's sale.
Cody L. Hartman v. Forum Health et al, settled and dismissed.
Robert Petruska v. DS Corp. Inc. et al, dismissed.
James R. Dille v. Austinwoods Nursing Center Inc. et al, settled and dismissed.
Midfirst Bank v. Todd W. Decker et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.
Federal National Mtg. Assoc. v. John T. Spencer et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.
Dr. Albert Bleggi v. Leslie A. Folio et al, settled and dismissed.
Anthony Heriot v. C. James Conrad, admin. BWC et al, settled and dismissed.
Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Damon Williams et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.
William G. Warner v. Quaker Manufacturing Inc. et al, dismissed.
Eleanor Donatiello v. Gary Hudoba, dismissed.
American Tax Funding LLC v. David T. Townsend et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.
American Tax Funding LLC v. Angela D. Curtis et al, foreclosure.
ABN AMRO Mtg. Group Inc. v. Arthur Deininger et al, dismissed.
Darci Jo Hufnagel v. Michael G. Morse et al, dismissed.
Paris & amp; Washington Twp. et al v. Kyle Campbell, dismissed.
LaSalle Bank NA v. Derek T. Sanders et al, withdraw order of sale.
American Tax Funding LLC v. George V. Gabriel et al, foreclosure.
Cafaro Mgmt. Co. v. Diamonds Men's Shops of Erie Inc., judgment for plaintiff.
Sky Bank v. Deborah L. Bosak et al, judgment for plaintiff.
Deutsche Bank National Trust v. Kenneth R. Little et al, foreclosure.
Aqua Finance Inc. v. Troy McElwee et al, default judgment for plaintiff.
Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Carl Bellatto et al, foreclosure.
Sky Bank v. Robert W. Workman et al, foreclosure.
MBNA America Bank NA v. Diane M. James, dismissed.
Chase Home Finance LLC v. Ennio Iacovone et al, foreclosure.
Eileen Colon v. Pamela Madera, dismissed.
Ohio Dept. of Tax v. Christopher D. Dugan, judgment for plaintiff.
Chase Manhattan Bank USA v. Jerry L. Sweed, judgment for plaintiff.
American Tax Funding LLC v. Ronald S. Thorton et al, dismissed.
National City Mtg. Co. v. Frederick W. Zinz et al, unknown heirs, devisees, legatees, executors,, admrs., spouses and assigns and unknown guardians of minor and/or incompetent heirs of John P. Sinz aka John P. Sinz Sr., are dismissed.
Dilonna N. Jones v. Jemma Stubbs, dismissed.
Real estate
UDE of Timber Ridge Clingan Ltd. Partnership to Richard E. Leone et al, Clingan Road, Struthers, $191,812.
B. Nicholson et al to McLeroy Family Ltd. et al, Medford Ave., Poland, $23,000.
Marlene Tancy to Jeffrey D. Huff, Selma Ave., Youngstown, $57,000.
No. 8 Asset and Equipment Co. to Beachwood Trail Neighbors Assoc. Inc., Poland, $1,000.
Wells Fargo Bank NA to Sam Serrino, Erskine Ave., Boardman, $34,000.
Property Asset Management Inc. to Grant K. Gibson, Euclid Ave., Boardman, $50,000.
Terance H. Helminiak et al to JJJ Properties, N. Turner Road, Austintown, $180,000.
Reed Family Builders to John Carano et al, Sandstone Lane, Canfield, $272,150.
Shadi Poustchi to Phillip D. Austin et al, Youngstown, $16,100.
Clark One Investments to CSB Management LLC, Elm St., Youngstown, $29,105.
Clark One Investments to Robert M. Jones, Miami Ave., Youngstown, $20,805.
Dana C. Guarnieri to Gary M. Crim Inc., Midlothian Blvd., Youngstown, $25,000.
Fannie Mae to Aaron J. Stevens, W. Warren Ave., Youngstown, $500.
Marco R. Moransky et al to Carey A. Rose, Norquest Blvd., Austintown, $67,000.
Norman E. Rice III et al to Jeffrey L. Noling et al, Struthers Road, Struthers, $134,000.
Agatha R. Putkanowicz to William E. Winlook, Ivanhoe, Youngstown, $64,000.
Iris L. Pierce et al to Larsen Larsen, E. LaClede, Youngstown, $45,000.
Sarah A. Rokus et al to Lula R. Stubbins, Euclid Blvd., Boardman, $76,000.
Charles A. Griffin Sr. to Aaron Griffin, Belden Ave., Youngstown, $64,000.
William C. Greig et al to Jeffrey C. Koska, West Middletown Road, Beloit, $180,000.
Christopher L. Calfee et al to Timothy L. Gaudy et al, Meadowbrook Ave., Poland, $74,400.
Thomas C. Root et al to Sharon L. Dobyne, Clarencedale Ave., Boardman, $59,900.
David M. Stewart et al to James B. Young et al, Mercedes Place, Canfield, $265,000.
CTW Development Corp. to Bruce V. Lazar et al, Exeter Court, Canfield, $58,000.
Creekside Realty Ltd. to Mill Creek Homes Ltd., Herbert Road, Canfield, $340,000.
Dariush Saghafe et al to James C. Fleet et al, Lost Tree Drive, Boardman, $164,000.
Florence E. Griffin to David C. Sodeman, E. Wilson, Struthers, $79,900.
Newport Glen Apartments Ltd. Partnership to Newport Glen of Boardman LLC, Glenwood Ave., Boardman, $2,843,977.
Robert W. Schreckengost et al to Steven J. Papic et al, W. New York Ave., Sebring, $95,000.
Tomasina Donatelli to Kimberly R. Wetzl, Rockdale Ave., Boardman, $77,000.
Thomas A. Blaski to Damon Petrich, Youngstown, $23,000.
Martin R. Eich, trustee et al to John Donofrio et al, West Wood St., Lowellville, $116,000.
Douglas R. Constance et al to Richard J. Kolasky et al, Austintown Twp., $157,000.
Robert E. Burden et al to Michael Amabeli, New York Ave., Sebring, $6,500.
Stephanie M. Jamison to Prudential Relocation Inc., Indianola Ave., Boardman, $72,000.
Prudential Relocation Inc. to Kathleen M. Loftus, Indianola Ave., Boardman, $72,000.

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