Marriage licenses
Terry N. Tringhese, 26, of 71 Meadowbrook Ave., Boardman, and Jessica L. Diaz, 30, of same.
Justin P. Mitulinski, 26, of 2790 Vollmer Drive, Youngstown, and Michelle L. Calabretta, 26, of same.
Jesse D. O'Connor, 20, of 6375 Sittig Ave., Hubbard, and Tiffani R. Boulton, 22, of 239 S. Beverly Ave., Austintown.
Nicholas W. Johnson, 23, of 490 Judith Lane, Struthers, and Kelly L. McCabe, 25, of same.
Docket entries
State v. Gary R. Davis, court modified driving privileges to include community service at the Rescue Mission of the Mahoning Valley on Monday through Friday.
State v. Kevin Dendy, 1-year probation.
State v. Edward L. Carson, one-year probation.
State v. Matthew M. Clingerman, 18 months in prison.
State v. Randy L. Fortney, 2 years inprison.
State v. Edward Newsome, two-year probation.
State v. Terry Smith, 1-year probation.
State v. Edward Newsome, two-year probation.
Delores K. Macejko et al v. Lori A. Ortiz et al, magistrate's decision adopted by the court.
Richard A. Wilson et al v. RZRD Inc. et al, foreclosure vacated and dismissed.
Pennie Klein v. Aid Pest Control et al, dismissed.
Canfield Industries Inc. et al v. Joseph A. Varacalli et al, settled.
Millenium Life and Health Services et al v. Mark Smith Construction et al, settled.
Deutsche Bank National Trust as trustee v. Sandra Robinson et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.
SFJV 2002 1 LLC v. Randall L. Pringle et al, dismissed.
Shirley A. Woodruff et al v. Elizabeth Siman, settled.
ABN AMRO Mtg. Group Inc. v. Robert S. Barko et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.
American Tax Funding LLC v. Maurice Bridges et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.
Chase Manhattan Bank USA v. Jean D. Riddell et al, dismissed.
American Tax Funding LLC v. Robert G. Price et al, property forfeited to American Tax Funding LLC.
Mtg. Electronic Registration System Inc. v. Martin Melone, confirmation of sale and distribution.
American Tax Funding LLC v. Linda J. Roe et al, dismissed.
Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Thomas H. McConnell et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.
Darrell M. Parker et al to Sarah E. Wakefield et al, dismissed.
Gary P. Ventling v. Anthony Weathesly et al, foreclosure.
Charter One Bank NA v. Ronald L. Simpson et al, dismissed.
Nuvell Financial Services v. James Lumsden et al, judgment for plaintiff.
LaSalle Bank NA v. Christopher G. Ellis Sr. et al, foreclosure.
Asset Acceptance LLC v. Cherie A. Lewis, judgment for plaintiff.
Marion Plaza Inc. v. Cluster Candy Factory LLC, judgment for plaintiff.
Johnny Pringle v. Angie Murphy, dismissed.
Wells Fargo Bank v. William Dubose Jr. et al, foreclosure.
Bernard Daniels Lumber Co. v. Rencon 2000 Inc., judgment for plaintiff.
Citifinancial Inc. v. Donald E. Gant Jr., judgment for plaintiffs.
American Tax Funding LLC v. Ronald S. Thorton et al, dismissed.
American Tax Funding LLC v. Robin Atkins Jones et al, dismissed.
American Tax Funding LLC v. Merrel F. Brownlee III et al, dismissed.
Juanita Wilson v. Lacheer Reynolds, magistrate's decision adopted by the court.
Timothy T. Young v. Rocky Franklin, dismissed.
Real estate transfers
John E. Valentino to Gary M. Crim Inc., Market St., Youngstown, 19,000.
Steven J. Albaugh et al to Steven Robinson et al, Edgewater Drive, Poland, 101,000.
Carson Evan Investments LLC to Thomas Floyd, Saranac Ave., Youngstown, 7,100.
Melia Kripchak to Matthew D. Rickert, Raccoon Road, Canfield, 115,000.
John Donofrio et al to James A. Zidian et al, Lynn Mar, Poland, 90,000.
Carl Gagliardi et al to Randell J. Kish Jr., Glenview Drive, Canfield, 125,000.
Estate of Ross L. Rockwell to Timothy J. White et al, Michigan Ave., Sebring, 43,000.
Ronald D. Gaskins to Mark Curry et al, Garfield, Goshen Twp., 42,000.
Rosemary Cuccia et al to Michael M. Malmer et al, Clingan Road, Poland, 129,900.
Iverson Investments Inc. to Branka McBride et al, Youngstown, 12,900.
James Melone et al to James R. Campbell et al, Hamilton Ave., Poland, 80,000.
Thomas P. Arnaut et al to Warren J. Davis, Saddlebrook Drive, Boardman, 370,000.
Ann Mauro, trustee to John V. Craig, Talsman Drive, Canfield, 85,000.
Ohlin Bros. to Nilito Properties LLC, New Middletown Village, 400,000.
CTW Development Corp. to Elaine Nemcik, Westford Place, Canfield, 181,100.
CTW Development Corp. to Steve B. Gibson, trustee et al, Westford Place, Canfield, 222,659.
Arjon Realty Corp. to Select Medical Property Ventures LLC, Fifth Ave. and Grace St., Youngstown, 70,000.
Nancy Lee Rocco to Terry L. Barringer, Ferncliff Ave., Youngstown, 42,000.
John D. Brown et al to Aaron Bradley et al, Western Reserve Road, Green Twp., 54,000.
Jack Holt to Dianne R. Logiudice, Grant St., New Springfield, 3,500.
Diana M. Colon Tickerhoof to Patricia C. Posterli, Rexford Road, Youngstown, 105,152.
John J. Halase Jr. to James R. Price et al, Oakridge Drive, Boardman, 129,000.
Marinos Y. Ioannides et al to Cynthia A. Patton, Mercedes Place, Canfield, 144,000.
Eugene M. Zola et al to David A. Mularchik, Wildwood Drive, Boardman, 114,000.
US Bank NA to William L. Trummer, S. Johnson St., Sebring, 23,500.
Loretta F. Bratton to Carol Urbank, Craig Beach Village, 4,000.
Elizabeth A. Strauch to Mary Kaykish, E. Lucius Ave., Youngstown, 10,000.
Robert T. Lester et al to Thomas J. Rossi et al, Paradise Cove, Canfield, 215,000.
Nicholas C. Zitello et al to Dino W. Moore, Coit Road, Lowellville, 89,500.
BCD Properties to CNK Properties, Wilbur Ave., Youngstown, 27,000.
William R. Joyce, trustee to Melvin R. McKec III, Glenridge Road, Boardman, 98,500.
Jason A. Belcastro et al to John C. Weaver III, Huntington Drive, Boardman, 96,000.

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