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thistledown results

Published: Tue, October 17, 2006 @ 12:00 a.m.



1st--Harvest (Urieta-Moran)

John's Joker (Skerrett J.)10.604.20

Gone Wild (Martinez, Jr. L.)2.80

Also Ran: Captain Binge, Stolen Groom, Of Essence. Race Time: 1:12.48. Exacta (4-5), 122.40; Superfecta (4-5-3-1), 571.50; Trifecta (4-5-3), 549.60.

2nd--Dj's Bucky Bust (Lewis)10.204.402.40

Watch Primetime (Dailey A.)6.404.20

Take the Helm (Munaylla F.)3.80

Also Ran: Privano's First, Inti Raymi, Turncoat Jim, In Every Port. Race Time: 1:13.42. Daily Double (4-7), 126.20; Exacta (7-5), 26.20; Superfecta (7-5-4-1), 456.60; Trifecta (7-5-4), 257.20

3rd--Sweetbaboo (Skerrett)

Am I There Yet (Pilares)3.802.40

Pressedforcash (Spieth S.)2.40

Also Ran: Thunder Duncan, Sam's Prime, Go Ryan Go, Coz'n a Fight. Late Scratches: Nifty Number, Race Time: 1:13.18. Exacta (4-7), 20.80; Superfecta (4-7-6-3), 73.20; Trifecta (4-7-6), 53.00; Pic 3 (4-7-4), 366.60.

4th--Bumkin McGrud (Spieth)7.203.602.40

Noble Maxx (Feliciano R.)5.804.40

Jachovia (Pilares C.)2.80

Also Ran: Da Fonz, Dugout Doug, Earl's Grape, Sir Casper. Race Time: 1:45.26. Exacta (7-2), 56.60; Superfecta (7-2-6-3), 200.20; Trifecta (7-2-6), 186.60; Pic 3 (7-4-7), 241.80

5th--Alias's N Alibi (Skerrett)11.605.803.40

Rock Salt Ronnie (Urieta-M)3.603.20

Rhodesleadtoheaven (Wilson R.)2.60

Also Ran: Bay Street Bob, Too too Crafty, Pyrite Run, Online. Race Time: 1:12.44. Exacta (7-1), 42.20; Superfecta (7-1-6-3), 191.70; Trifecta (7-1-6), 174.40; Pic 3 (4-7-7), 175.40.

6th--Christina Bal (Munaylla)16.006.407.20

Excessive Witch (Mailhot P.)4.604.00

Maddy Bell (Sanguinetti A.)7.80

Also Ran: Downtown Event, Lady Sandi, Tasha's Emblem, Storm Believer, Tootsie Honey, Our Girl Tootsie. Late Scratches: Prettylittleindian. Race Time: 1:00.92. Exacta (5-8), 95.40; Superfecta (5-8-6-2), 1,682.00; Trifecta (5-8-6), 818.80; Pic 3 (7-7-5), 1,435.00

7th--Pyrite Martha (Feliciano)5.604.002.80

Penny's Glory (Meyers T.)7.002.80

Happy Endings Too (Pilares)3.20

Also Ran: Wegotta, Imperial Grace, She's Our Favorite. Late Scratches: Luckyanunoit, Dual Diagnosis. Race Time: 1:42.20. Exacta (2-4), 36.00; Superfecta (2-4-3-5), 158.20; Trifecta (2-4-3), 174.20; Pic 3 (7-5-2/7/8), 697.60.

8th--Truckin On (Skerrett)15.407.404.20

Where's Charlie (Spieth S.)4.802.80

Whitsonatthewire (Martinez)3.60

Also Ran: Irish Emblem, Superior Decision, European Defense, Germain's Man, Tactical de Naskra. Race Time: 1:46.44. Exacta (4-3), 71.00; Superfecta (4-3-5-6), 466.70; Trifecta (4-3-5), 372.40; Daily Double (2-4), 81.40; Pic 3 (5-2/7/8-4), 446.00; Pic 4 (7-5-2/7/8-4), 2,026.00. Attendance: 0. Handle: 0.



1st--Diamond Lou (Grismore)

Kcc Thunder (Stahl)4.003.00

Scootin Sammie (Angus)2.60

Also--C G's Nipper, Gesundheit, Snow Storm Destiny, Ruuuben, Absolute Dream. Exacta (2-6) Paid 6.20. Trifecta (2-6-7) Paid 19.60.

2nd--Manhattan S (Schillaci)4.202.402.40

Taylor S Squire (Merriman)2.602.80

Lo and Behold (Wengerd)6.60

Also--Mario's Lumpy, Hunter's Prize, Gambling Willy, Crown Photo, Blowlowsanta. Exacta (2-1) Paid 8.80. Trifecta (2-1-3) Paid 103.80. Daily Double (2-2) Paid 5.40.

3rd--Eagle Creek P (Mapes)15.606.603.00

Knockout Sahbra (Stahl)3.002.20

Armbro Versailles (Merriman)2.20

Also--Houdini Hill, Thebigguyfromtown, Colour Safe, Tiny Hope. Exacta (1-2) Paid 29.60. Trifecta (1-2-4) Paid 109.00.

4th--Game Annika (Stahl)8.805.003.40

Rinestone Sammy (Grismore)11.006.40

Scoot Bam Bam (Harris)7.20

Also--Delightful Dream, Cb Three, Leggs Brown, Firm Little Girl, Tnt Dragon, Cg's Whisper. Exacta (4-7) Paid 102.00. Trifecta (4-7-5) Paid 769.60. Superfecta (4-7-5-3) Paid 4,095.20.

5th--Get A Jet (Stahl)9.402.802.20

Snaz Mataz (Merriman)2.102.10

Rush To The Lead (Melloy)2.80

Also--Y- City Jet, Dash Wednesday, Ayers Rock, That's Textbook,Scratched: Sam's Best. Exacta (2-3) Paid 16.00. Trifecta (2-3-4) Paid 54.00. Pick Three (1/4/2 3 OF 3) Paid 385.20.

6th--Country Parson (Rickert)23.608.604.40

Touch of Nay (Green)46.0014.00

Maximum Gain (Wengerd)2.80

Also--Chips Fly, Maggie's Messenger, Bobalu Z, Star Lite Stinger, Big Mac, Yankeeography. Exacta (9-1) Paid 359.00. Trifecta (9-1-2) Paid 1,897.60.

7th--Class Worker (Merriman)3.402.402.20

Towner's Bell (Grismore)2.802.40

Orient (Wengerd)6.40

Also--Awesome Flame, Kinda Ideal, Firstpanonthemoon, Lil Star Lee, Bud's Rain, Sharp Steve. Exacta (4-5) Paid 7.20. Trifecta (4-5-8) Paid 145.80. Superfecta (4-5-8-3) Paid 301.00.

8th--Golden Czar (Merriman)4.202.802.40

Magical Wiz (Angus)5.603.20

Wholehearted (Wyers)4.80

Also--Mr Punch, Broderick Seelster, New Age, Sand Rounder, The French-Man. Exacta (1-3) Paid 26.00. Trifecta (1-3-7) Paid 247.00. Pick Three (9/4/1 3 OF 3) Paid 127.60.

9th--Where's My Toy (Stahl)7.804.603.00

Lil Tigger (Merriman)3.602.40

Our Stormy Flight (Boring)3.20

Also--Currently Flying, To-Shine Joe, Flamin Magic, Red Heads Star, Ringo With A Starr. Exacta (5-3) Paid 29.00. Trifecta (5-3-2) Paid 118.60.

10th--Petala (Sturgeon)6.403.202.80

Nelligan Becquet (Fisher)4.804.80

Hr Absolute Gunner (Boring)8.00

Also--Blast The Siren, Briar's Return, Tsm Rube Barbarian, Matt's Best,

Silent Dex, Harner Hanover. Exacta (1-4) Paid 28.20. Trifecta (1-4-6) Paid 231.80. Superfecta (1-4-6-5) Paid 871.80.

11th--Pacific North (her)3.602.802.20

Wondering Yet (Jones)23.206.40

Indian Bunny (Angus)3.00

Also--Covered Connection, Nolimitonlife, Edwinna's Song, Ritch and Perfect, Warrior Hall. Exacta (5-3) Paid 90.80. Trifecta (5-3-1) Paid 227.00. Pick Three (5/1/5 3 OF 3) Paid 103.00. Pick Four (1/5/1/5 4 OF 4) Paid 242.80.

12th--Big Charmer (Boring)4.402.802.20

Oneforthemaster (Jones)4.003.40

R Cowboy (Merriman)5.00

Also--Whosethemaster, Loco Speed, Page Master, Lucca's Revenge. Exacta (6-5) Paid 14.80. Trifecta (6-5-3) Paid 121.80.



1st--Mean Business (Stokes)6.202.802.40

Sweep the Wire (Villa-Gomez)2.602.80

Mr Cain (Pereira)9.60

Unplaced horses listed in order of finish. Also ran: The Canidate, Rock and Roll Roan, Faster Than Indy, Smarmy, Megavolt, Q Invision and Air Raid. 2 Perfecta (10-3) Paid 17.00. 2 Trifecta (10-3-8) Paid 389.40.

2nd--Wisdom Rules (Brinkley)19.009.605.40

Tupelo (Pereira)5.803.80

Drop the Kid (Judice)4.40

Also ran: Quake Zone, Dashing Stream, Eagle Wing, Another Devil, Relentless Fury, Vincent's Pride and Don's Mitch. 2 Daily Double (10-1) Paid 96.80 Daily Double Pool 25,532. 2 Perfecta (1-9) Paid 136.80. 2 Trifecta (1-9-6) Paid 649.20.

3rd--Watch Me (Villa-Gomez)4.202.402.40

Shifty Sheila (Pereira)2.402.20

Squall Robbin (McFadden)3.80

Also ran: Tip Top Topper, Manhandler, Cloudy Dia, Angel's Melodee and Starka. 2 Perfecta (6-2) Paid 7.80. 2 Trifecta (6-2-3) Paid 43.80.

4th--Tricky Surprise(Barria)31.0012.007.00

Barrett Kathryn (Quinones)5.203.20

Wire It Up Baby (Stokes)3.40

Also ran: Kalen, Wildaboutaunty, Lonely Angel, Jeanne's Lastdance, Crafty Leader, Ultimate Diva and Cart's Snappy. 2 Perfecta (7-5) Paid 190.00. 2 Trifecta (7-5-10) Paid 1,019.60.

5th--Silver S (Villa-Gomez)88.8033.4017.60

Flight Path (Whitney)4.604.00

Mean Streets (Rivera)28.80

Also ran: Cafe Noir, A Good Day to Run, State of the World, Porfirio Cadena, Bethestar, Elyon and Candy Runner. 2 Perfecta (6-4) Paid 523.80. 1 Superfecta (6-4-2-9) Paid 17,349.00. 2 Trifecta (6-4-2) Paid 6,914.00. 2 Pick 3 (6-7-6) 3 Correct Paid 6,014.60 Pick 3 Pool 20,062.

6th--Truly False (Barria)9.604.003.60

Titaniumtrent (Whitney)10.206.20

Man of Roses (Felix)6.00

Claimed: Truly False by Bacon Paula (Englander RichardA.), Also ran: Rememberinjonathon, Direct Dial, Roster Man, Skippy's Goldenboy, Golden Line, Oscar's Sun and I'm Sure Fancy. 2 Perfecta (4-6) Paid 133.20. 2 Trifecta (4-6-8) Paid 1,693.00.

7th--Beautiful Rain (Murphy)3.603.002.20

Rocket Ma'me (Stokes)5.203.40

Pretty Quiet (Rosendo)3.60

Scratched: Blue Bay. Also ran: Sweetbriar Gal, Wild Amber, Vicerena, Other Things, Singapore Mountain and My Cat's Meow. 2 Perfecta (2-5) Paid 16.20. 2 Trifecta (2-5-6) Paid 59.80.

8th--One Royal Affair (Spieth)7.604.002.60

Cargi (Garcia)5.404.00

Anjiz Crypto (Judice)3.60

Finish Time: 1:04.82. Claimed: Dangel by Bacon Paula (Mondello Ben and Russo, Adam), Also ran: Fortunate Buy, Xtra Jack, Toorizziforoy, Dangel and Kiss the Groom. 2 Perfecta (3-4) Paid 43.60. 2 Trifecta (3-4-5) Paid 159.80. 2 Pick 3 (4-2,4-3) 3 Correct Paid 74.80 Pick 3 Pool 18,483.

9th--Canela (Whitney)2.602.202.20

Grillhouse (Murphy)3.803.00

Revered Soldier (Davila)4.60

Also ran: Equi Power, Sir Dorset, Stone Cold Cat and Esteemed. 2 Perfecta (3-6) Paid 10.20. 2 Trifecta (3-6-5) Paid 64.60.

10th--Liberty Son (Ganpath)6.204.803.60

Feisty Fox (Rivera)31.2015.20

Hollor Back (Whitney)7.60

Also ran: Big Daddy Catty, Out Coached, Skip Over Finish, Dan's Soldier, Buck's Pal, Pirates Taboo and Buccaneer Fever. 2 Perfecta (3-8) Paid 129.00. 2 Superfecta (3-8-7-4) Paid 3,416.20. 2 Daily Double (3-3) Paid 8.60. Daily Double Pool 22,249. 2 Trifecta (3-8-7) Paid 948.40. Attendance: 2,586. Mutuel Pool: 33,742.



1st--PACE, NW1CD, 2,200, 1 MI

Andy Avenue,D Daniels; Kris Mouse Mindale,A Merriman; Belle Beckley,R Stahl; Git My Drift,B Sturgeon; Foal Play,R Angus; Towner's Big Sadie,G Grismore; There Goes My Pal,C Myrick; Sand On The Beach,R Fisher Jr.

2nd--TROT, NW1CD, 2,200, 1 MI

Magic Star Mom,B Lewis; Interstate Kate,R Steck; Eagle Dream,C Umholtz; Kingsdown,J Wengerd; Kung Pao Chic,J Conger; Lark Crown's Adam,D Mc Kirgan; Mariahs Trumpcard,F Harris; Rose Run Hustler,G Daniels; Sand Meri-Morgan,T Loy.

3rd--PACE, NW250PSCD, 2,500, 1 MI

Electric Wizard,R Angus; Deadwood,S Schillaci; Swilken Bridge,G Grismore; Philo Beddoe,D Kennedy; Nicearaider,W Popio; Our New Jet,R Stahl; Thunder Seelster,T Boring; C M Desparado,J Thompson; Elm Grove Jiffy,K Rickert.

4th--PACE, 5000CL, 3,000, 1 MI

Dashing Killean,R Fisher Jr; Sky Strikes,C Wyers; Ryans Hall,A Merriman; Four Wizzards,T Boring; Samstorm,R Stahl; Tully Hanover,T Jones; Denarius Evergreen,C Hershberger; Badger Warrior,G Grismore; Laag Ness Monster,J Wengerd.

5th--PACE, 6000CL NW2, 2,200, 1 MI

City Dragon,W Popio; Yana Returns,J Thompson; Mvp's Royal Lillie,A Merriman; Jayci Honey,G Grismore; Ya Just Know,T Jones; Broadway Gold,T Boring; Grove's Dignity,W Irvine; Hurry Up Jefe,R Angus.

6th--TROT, NW200PSCD, 2,000, 1 MI

Lukenbak,D Mc Kirgan; Bustamante,R Angus; Mr Snazz,K Rickert; Two Days Bad News,W Irvine; Laines Replica,T Jones; I'm Chaser,W Popio; Keep On Guessing,R Stahl; Xtreme Chase,B Sturgeon; Over Like A Fox,C Wyers.

7th--PACE, NW200PSCD, 2,000, 1 MI

Altamonty,R Fisher Jr; Agressive Ledew,F Harris; Mega Jacpot,R Stahl; Pirinea,G Grismore; Bahama Bound,C Wyers; Ill Will,A Merriman; Three Times Silver,W Irvine; Mr Star,B Sturgeon; Nuclear Sam,R Angus.

8th--TROT, NW2PMCD, 3,000, 1 MI

Ebm Superman,A Merriman; J D Kirkland,M Fry; Stable Creek Zeus,J Wengerd; Git R Done Dad,D Edwards; Mr Fenton,D Mc Kirgan; San Zambello,F Uber Jr; Carry The Bomb,C Myrick; Honkifulikemynose,J Smith; He Hoots He Toots,J Conger.

9th--PACE, 3000CLCD, 2,200, 1 MI

Paper Branch,R Fisher Jr; Outoftheordinary,G Grismore; Magellan Hanover,R Stahl; Medoland Bud,T Boring; Sheldonian N,R Redder; Cody Wood,A Merriman; Kb's Big Jim,W Popio.

10th--PACE, NW2PMCD, 3,000, 1 MI

Three Button Door,C Wyers; Fidencio,R Fisher Jr; Eagle Tack,K Sugg; Ashley Flash,B Sturgeon; Katies Dancer,D Daniels; Sarah's Legacy,T Boring; Dignity's Triumph,C Hershberger; Mats Havin A Ball,A Merriman; Homer Samson,R Stahl.

11th--TROT, NW300PSCD, 3,000, 1 MI

Yankee Survivor,J Conger; Scoremania,D Kennedy; Speedway Hall,F Harris; Keystone Victory,R Stahl; Yankee Sherwood,S Schillaci; Master Charmer,T Boring; Rocky Mountain Sun,D Guptill; Navarin Hanover,R Fisher Jr; Super Rule,A Merriman.

12th--PACE, NW300PSCD, 3,000, 1 MI

Rinestone Phantom,A Merriman; Forever Nugget,S Schillaci; That Noble Magic,B Sturgeon; Surf Sam,J Thompson; Mattrofconvenience,G Grismore; Direct Ziggy,J Wengerd; Robust Life,K Rickert; Eagle Cluff Atack,R Stahl; Just An Icon N,R Angus.

13th--PACE, 3000CLCD, 2,000, 1 MI

H J Class,T Boring; Second Agenda,J Wengerd; H T Cat N,R Fisher Jr; Armed Yankee,G Grismore; Silver Nugget,R Steck; Pocket Vance N,A Merriman; Cappucino Hanover,R Stahl; Ms Shady Laag,R Angus.

14th--PACE, NW200PSCD, 2,000, 1 MI

Hard Time Gone,D Ross; Lashas Last,G Grismore; County Mayo,R Angus; Devilish Dude,F Harris; Nick Cress,R Stahl; Teflon Tim,J Mapes; Nf Gallivant,D Guptill; Herb's Bunny,T Boring; Myrriahs Amus,A Merriman.


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