Packard makes wiring for two Ford hybrids

WARREN -- Delphi Packard Electric is providing wiring systems for two new Ford hybrids.
The Warren-based division is one of the Delphi Corp. operations that will be working on the 2008 Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan hybrids. Delphi is providing the battery pack and cooling systems for the cars.
The company said Monday that it also will provide electronics for several other hybrid vehicles that haven't been announced.
Packard, which has manufacturing sites across the world, supplies electrical and electronic systems to automakers.
Delphi said it expects a growing market for hybrids, which operate with a gasoline engine that's assisted by an electric motor.
Delphi said its electronics allow the electric motor to act not only as a motor but also as a generator that can draw energy from the batteries to accelerate the vehicle. In addition, the same electronics allow the motor to slow the vehicle down and return a recharge to the batteries.
Meanwhile, Packard is showing its first Univeral Serial Bus port of vehicles at a trade show in Detroit.
The product is being offered to automakers to allow people to play music from MP3 players through the vehicle's audio system. The USB port would either be in the glove compartment or on the dashboard.
The product is being made in Europe and is being offered first to European automakers. It is expected to be offered to domestic automakers later.

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