On the passing of a Valley hero and philanthropist

On the passing of a Valley hero and philanthropist
I attended a service at St. Joseph the Provider Church in Campbell on Friday, Sept. 22. I realize that most people from Campbell were not aware of the fact that the main reason for the service was to honor a very remarkable man named George Stavich. George was truly a hero of World War II and a true philanthropist as well. In his later years of life George and his brothers were undoubtedly the greatest hero's that lived in the city of Campbell.
For people who are unaware of the generosity that the Stavich brothers extended to their employees and young scholars of the city of Campbell, I would like to refresh your memories. The Stavich Brothers owned Calex Corp. in Campbell. No one ever missed a week's paycheck while working for Calex. George would say that if there was no work for his employees that was no fault of theirs. The blame was his because it was his duty to provide them with work. He would keep them busy cleaning, painting, and fixing, etc. to make sure that they got a full week's pay at each week. The Stavich brothers would periodically take all of their employees to Hawaii, Florida, cruises, etc. and pick up the entire tab for all the expenses incurred.
They had a sister that was a major in the Nursing Corps. She spent her years in the South Pacific during World War II. She left millions of dollars in a nursing scholarship fund to train young women to become nurses.
The Staviches were very hard workers and were major contributors to the Campbell city income tax coffers. This helped Mr. John taxpayer of Campbell to lighten his tax burden. I could continue on about the role that the Staviches played in helping people of Campbell directly or indirectly but think I have explained why I was appalled at the poor turnout at the service. It gives me pause to reflect on the saying, "How quickly they forget."
Preserving yesterday today
The Poland Historical Society is looking for pictures of farm lands before developments were put in. We also are looking for old family photographs, history, family trees and artifacts for the Little Red School House Museum.
Anyone who would like to donate originals or copies can send them to Poland Historical Society, P.O. Box 5052, Poland, OH 44514.
The society would like to thank Janie S. Jenkins for all the old photographs and history that she donated to the society. Also, Peter R. Hagberg of Connecticut, who sent his family tree and old pictures, and several others who are taking an interest and sending pictures and history.
It has been a real joy to have been able to help several families from California find their history and track down distant relatives in other states. Many people are very surprised when they find out that until 1846 this was Trumbull County and so many records are still in Warren at the courthouse or the public library.
Today is tomorrow's history. We must preserve all we can now. As each generation is gone, history is lost. Help us preserve the past for the future.
Poland Township Historical Society