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"Over the Hedge": In a year loaded with cute little talking cartoon characters, this comedy featuring the voices of Bruce Willis, Garry Shandling and Steve Carell was one of the top hits. Willis provides vocals for a sly raccoon running a con on his newfound "family" -- including a turtle (Shandling), squirrel (Carell) and other woodland creatures who awaken after winter hibernation to find a housing development of pesky humans has surrounded their domicile. The DVD has a new short cartoon starring Carell's manic squirrel character and a spoof infomercial featuring the movie's pest-control technician urging jobseekers to come to exterminator school. DVD, 29.99. (DreamWorks)
"The Break-Up": Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn scored a solid romantic hit with this mix of comedy and drama about a relationship gone stale. Aniston plays an art-gallery dealer who calls it quits with boyfriend Vaughn, a tour-bus guide, the two sharing their trendy condo after both are too stubborn to move out. Highlighting the DVD extras is about 20 minutes of deleted scenes, including an alternate ending with essentially the same dialogue as the final & eacute; in the theatrical release but in a different setting with extra characters that dramatically change the tone. Aniston and Vaughn provide one commentary track. DVD, 29.98. (Universal)
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