Neither vulnerable. West deals.

Neither vulnerable. West deals.
A J 10 8 7
A J 9 8 7
Q 5
K Q J 10 7 6 4
9 6 4 Q 3 2
10 K Q 6 5 4 3 2
10 8 4 7 3
A 9 8 5 3
K 5
A K J 9 6 2
The bidding:
2 Pass Pass 5
Pass 6 Pass Pass
Opening lead: Ten of
There are many players who dislike playing hands dealt by computer. They distrust machines and think that freak hands are more prevalent than if dealt by hand. Experience tends to show that the opposite is true. This hand was dealt at the table.
We do not know if there is a correct bid with the South hand, after two passes follow West's weak two-spade opening. Certainly we won't quibble with five clubs and could even accept three no trump. And it would be arrant cowardice for North not to raise to six clubs with the queen of trumps, two aces and a singleton in opener's suit.
Declarer rose with ace of diamonds, led a spade to the ace and ruffed a spade with the queen of trumps. After drawing two rounds of trumps, declarer led a crafty five of hearts and finessed the ten. Had East taken the queen of hearts, declarer would have romped home, but East allowed the ten to hold and declarer could not come to more than 11 tricks -- down one.
The contract can be made as the cards lie. Declarer must hold back the ace of diamonds at trick one. Instead, he ruffs the diamond in hand, draws as many rounds of trumps as necessary, cashes the king of hearts and ace of spades then leads a heart to the ten. East can win the queen, but then must resuscitate dummy by returning a red card, and declarer racks up one spade, four hearts, one diamond and six trump tricks.
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