Marriage licenses
Keith M. Monaco, 27, of 7339 West Blvd., Apt. D, Boardman, and Desirae L. Durkin, 26, of same.
William J. Fann, 21, of B Co., 440th SIGBNCMR 431, Box 1576, APO, AE, and Amanda R. Kurowski, 20, of 160 Village Blvd., Canfield.
John M. Stacey, legal age, 2851 S. Turner Road, Canfield, and Maria T. Remner, legal age, 102 Maplewood Drive, New Middletown.
Divorces asked
Mary Boyd, 2780 Sierra Drive, Youngstown, v. James Boyd, 1307 North Park Ave., Warren.
Latonya J. Jones, 45 LaBelle Ave., Youngstown, v. Darryl L. Jones, Barberton, Ohio.
Leila A. Whitfield, 614 W. Boston Ave., Youngstown, v. Jerome G. Whitfield, 1840 Market St., Apt. 312, Youngstown.
Robin Mullins, 129 Hilton Ave., Youngstown, v. Timothy Mullins, 17373 Lakewood, Lake Milton.
Rayna M. Perdue, 2196 Innwood Drive, Austintown, v. Martin W. Shaffer II, 176 Rosemont Ave., Austintown.
Cynthia R. O'Neal, 3616 Southern Blvd., Youngstown, v. Tracy O'Neal, East Cleveland.
Edith K. Brown, 510 W. Delason Ave., Youngstown, v. Stanley M. Brown, Lithonia, Ga.
Vanessa J. Anderson, 818 Steel St., Youngstown, v. Warren J. Anderson, 1027 Fairview Ave., Youngstown.
Stephanie Phelan, 326 Forest Hill Drive, Austintown, v. Thomas A. Phelan, 5865 Mahoning Ave., Austintown.
Cynthia M. Landsberger, 134 Boardman Blvd., Boardman, v. Jeffrey T. Landsberger, 48635 Pancake-Clarkson, Rogers.
Dissolutions asked
John W. Arkwright, 1007 N. Salem-Warren Road, North Jackson, and Tracy M. Arkwright, 833 Harbor Ave., Lake Milton.
Frank A. Constantino, 95 Ridgeway Ave., Struthers, and Annette Constantino, 343 Clingan Road, Struthers.
Linda McKnight, 1213 Idaho Road, Austintown, v. Ronald S. McKnight, 3668 Orchard Ave., Hubbard.
Harold L. Hunt, 17990 Middletown Road, Beloit, and Tracy M. Hunt, 337 W. Salem Road #101, Columbiana.
Stephen P. D'Apolito Jr., 195 E. Western Reserve Road, Poland, and Michelle G. D'Apolito, 58 E. Faith St., Struthers.
Michael T. Alexander, 2042 Weston Ave., Youngstown, and Megan E. Alexander, 3253 Creek Road, New Waterford.
New complaints
STF Inc. dba Ron Joy Nursing Home v. Steve Maruschak, money.
Timothy A. Stevens v. Lou Fedullo et al, money.
Dramex International Inc. v. Mallard Industries Inc. et al, breach of contract, theft, money owed, and unjust enrichment.
Marcia Manning v. Ford Motor Co., money.
CitiFinancial Inc. v. Betty Weber et al, foreclosure.
Lloyd M. Yazbek et al v. Richard J. Thomas et al, judicial dissolution, shareholder derivative, fiduciary duties to a corporation.
Thomas Green v. Marathon Oil Co. et al, personal injury.
Toni P. Ware v. Charles Carmen, other civil.
JP Morgan Chase Bank NA et al v. J.B. Davies et al, foreclosure.
LaSalle Bank NA as trustee et al v. Robert Gladwell et al, foreclosure.
Household Bank FSB et al v. Glenn D. Burford et al, foreclosure.
Washington Mutual Bank et al v. Jason L. Bova et al, foreclosure.
Countrywide Home Loans Inc. v. Leslie J. Bell et al, foreclosure and declaratory judgment.
Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Jamie Nicholson et al, foreclosure.
Keybank NA v. Daniel D. Thompson et al, foreclosure.
Chase Bank USA NA v. Jerry Sweed, money.
Midland Funding LLC v. John Ference et al, money.
JP Morgan Chase Bank as trustee et al v. Dagmar Amrhein et al, quiet title,, money, foreclosure and relief.
HSBC Bank USA NA as trustee v. Boyd R. Lightcap et al, money, foreclosure and relief.
Sara B. Phlieger et al v. Permanent General Assurance et al, personal injury.
Ruth E. Druschel v. Brendan D. Stewart et al, other torts.
GMAC v. Mary K. Bak, money.
Barbara Berchick v. Tony Tringhese et al, replevin.
Chad Needham et al v. Humility of Mary Health Partners et al, wrongful death and survivorship.
Sky Bank NA v. Americoat Painting Co. et al, foreclosure.
Sky Bank NA v. Michael G. Mallias et al, foreclosure.
Sky Bank NA v. Katerina M. Koulias et al, foreclosure.
Sky Bank NA v. John M. Koulias et al, foreclosure.
Ohio Department of Taxation v. Deborah L. Cullar, money.
Midland Funding LLC v. David T. Warfel, money.
Farmers National Bank of Canfield v. C. Scott Turner, money.
Capital One Bank v. Richard H. Ives, money.
Lonnie Dallas et al v. Kevin Hershey et al, money.
Nationstar Mtg. LLC et al v. Yolande Hopkins et al, foreclosure and reformation of mortgage.
Andrew H. Osborne III Funeral Home et al v. Barbara L. Frank et al, money.
ABN AMRO Mtg. Group Inc. v. Kelly Jones et al, foreclosure.
Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. et al v. Khiana Thomas et al, foreclosure.
ABN AMRO Mtg. Group Inc. v. David P. Bires et al, foreclosure.
Bank of New York as trustee et al v. Wanda L. Coleman et al, foreclosure.
Tracie Adams et al v. Erin N. Weischedel, money.
Charles D. Johnson v. PTM Inc. et al, workers' compensation.
Founders Insurance Co. et al v. Rosalyn Nasseri, money.
Real estate transfers
Travis S. Kacmar et al to David Kilgore et al, Kyle Ridge Point, Canfield, $57,000.
Gregory Christopher to Stephen Sofocleous et al, Western Reserve Road, Poland, $152,500.
Addison Reserve LLC to Esperson Enterprises LLC, Addison Reserve Professional Condo, Canfield, $454,000.
Michael S. Allan et al to SCSW Realty Co. LLC, Charles Ave., Boardman, $87,609.
Rodney Hvizdak et al to Kenneth S. Mumma, Belden Ave., Youngstown, $35,600.
Thomas A. Ciccolelli et al to Melvin V. Lewis et al, N. Navarre, Austintown, $74,000.
Sally W. Klingensmith et al to Mary B. George, Talsman Drive, Canfield, $126,000.
LaSalle Bank NA to Guy A. Warstler et al, W. New York Ave., Sebring, $27,000.
Milton Lakeview Inc. to Dominic E. Lewis, N. Meridian Road, Youngstown, $28,000.
Matthew R. Niemla to Kevin Csernik et al, Buchanan Drive, Boardman, $139,900.
Dennis Check et al to Amos R. Fegley et al, E. Boston Ave., Youngstown, $31,000.
Lawrence J. Lencyk et al to Joseph Kuhn et al, Shields Road, Youngstown, $187,500.
Lee Redmond et al to Angel Vazquez, West Glenaven Avenue, Youngstown, $8,000.
John R. Irwin et al to James G. Crawford, Sugarbush Drive, Canfield, $160,000.
Leonard A. Rispinto Jr. et al to David E. Black Sr., Meadowbrook Circle, New Middletown, $116,000.
Paul A. Moore et al to Debra K. Culler, Euclid Blvd., Youngstown, $72,000.
Isabelle M. Dyke to Gregory D. Fairbanks et al, Crum Road, Austintown, $60,000.
Joseph S. Vlosich III to Judy T. Alhamid, Orlo Lane, Boardman, $78,500.
SMSB Investments to Davis Hawn, Saranac Ave., Youngstown, $7,800.
Davis Hawn to Renzo Barberi et al, Saranac Ave., Youngstown, $5,800.
SMSB Investments to Davis Hawn, Republic Ave., Youngstown, $8,765.
Davis Hawn to John McKeown et al, Republic Ave., Youngstown, $10,000.
William J.P. Frichtel to IPOT LLC, E. Judson Ave., Youngstown, $38,000.
Kenneth V. Aguilar et al to John C. Kopp et al, Poland, $140,000.

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