Divorces asked
Christine Kitzmiller, 648 S. Bandy Road, Alliance, v. Sam Kitzmiller, of same.
Jessica Lababdeh, 637 N. Market St., Lisbon, v. Maharomad Lababdeh, 2550 Taft Ave., Youngstown.
Angela Baker, 1121 Andrew Ave., Salem, v. Anthony Baker, 729 Franklin Ave., Salem.
Divorces granted
Gayle Blystone v. Jason Blystone.
Melissa Cunningham v. Scott Cunningham.
Anthony Witt v. Kelly Witt.
Erin Nyardyok v. Ryan Nyardy.
Aimee Bores v. Ronald Bores.
Dissolution granted
Sheri Yoskey and David Yoskey.
New complaints
Ohio Receivables v. Jay Payne, money.
George Haynam v. City of Columbiana et al, money.
Domestic Linen Supply v. Joe Santoro, money.
Sky Bank v. Robert Gebler, money.
Motorola v. Hitech Wireless, money.
Docket entries
Huntington National Bank v. Robert Davis, judgment for plaintiff.
Chase Manhattan Bank v. Heath Ward, judgment for plaintiff.
Wells Fargo Bank v. Thomas Schmid, judgment for plaintiff.
National City Corp. v. Stephen Adams, judgment for plaintiff.
Automotive Equipment v. Robert Sinsley, judgment for plaintiff.
Midland Funding v. Randal Keefer, judgment for plaintiff.
Marriage licenses
Emilio J. Mango, 41, of 1821 Pleasant Valley Road, Girard, and Lisa A. Morella, 37, of same.
Mark D. Thigpen, 38, of 1284 Hollywood N.E., Warren, and Brooke E. Dunaway, 27, of same.
Jason R. Balint, 33, of 1600 Bonnie Brae Ave., Warren, and Christine M. Helmuth, 25, of same.
Donald A. Ciminero, 26, of 518 Indiana Ave., McDonald, and Allesha R. Shelar, 27, of same.
Anthony R. Battaglioli, 20, of 2075 Weir Road, Warren, and Lisa M. Lexso, 22, of same.
Guy H. Young, 30, of 5021 Fifth Ave., Liberty, and Lisa M. Acierno, 30, of same.
Samuel W. Hammond Jr., 22, of 32 Lincoln Ave., Niles, and Lauren R. Ulicny, 22, of same.
Michael D. Lodwick, 45, of 132 Phillips Ave., Niles, and Denise G. Downs, 50, of same.
Jason B. Engle, 34, of 200 Pleasant Park Court, Warren, and Chastity L. Lough, 34, of 1544 Hollywood St. N.E., Warren.
Robert L. Martin, 39, of 3131 Hadley Ave., Liberty, and Dorothy K. Foerster, 40, of 432 Mathews Road, Boardman.
John W. Moore, 23, of 212 Douglas St. N.W., Warren, and Michelle L. Hartle, 18, of 2184 Glenwood Ave., Niles.
William Hooks Sr., 73, of 2420 Cranwood Ave., Warren, and Mamie L. Threats, 53, of 2530 Hamilton St., Warren.
Robert S. Heming, 38, of 110 W. Kenneth Ave., New Castle, Pa., and Robyn L. Thompson, 38, of same.
Raymond P. Zabel, 43, of 870 West Park Ave., Hubbard, and Jennifer L. Wolfe, 29, of same.
James H. Torbert Jr., 58, of 471 Parkcliffe Ave., Youngstown, and Gina M. Poole, 43, of 3149 Aris St., Warren.
Robert W. Reed, 54, of 187 Aspen Drive N.W., Warren, and Linda L. Kapcsos, 40, of same.
Justin J. Hagerty, 32, Santa Fe, N.M., and Melissa M. Fittipaldo, 28, of same.
Richard Prezioso, 32, of 64 E. Margaret Ave., Niles, and Amie J. Davis, 29, of same.
Nathan D. Mullen, 28, of 1803 Greenville Road, Bristolville, and Brandy M. Mansfield, 32, of same.
Robert W. Green, 26, of 600 Raymond Drive, Hubbard, and Mary E. Christine, 23, of 275 Raymond Drive, Hubbard.
Eric B. Arblaster, 27, of 173 Mayflower S.E., Warren, and Rebecca M. Shoup, 25, of same.
Anthony D. Jones, 22, of 4 Ceres Drive, Vienna, and Nicole J. Woolhouse, 20, of same.
Michael S. Gay, 30, of 9269 state Route 45, North Bloomfield, and Melissa K. Thomas, 24, of same.
Matthew A. McWilliams, 32, of 2253 W. River Road, Newton Falls, and Melissa M. Newsome, 28, of same.
James H. Strauss, 30, of 1429 Church Hill-Hubbard Road, Liberty, and Laura L. Drummond, 31, of same.
Martin G. Smith, 52, of 430 Charles Ave., Warren, and Charlotte Murphy, 45, of 144 Washington N.E., Warren.
Donald P. Albright, 41, of 2548 Blair Drive N.E., Warren, and Dawn R. Fuller, 29, of 3365 Tod Ave. N.W., Warren.
New complaints
Richard Canning v. NAO Lordstown Assembly et al, workers' compensation.
Roger A. Devine v. Dietrich Industries Inc. et al, workers' compensation.
GRP Loan LLC v. Anthony Dicenso III et al, foreclosure.
Countrywide Home Loans Inc. v. Donald A. Maffitt Jr. et al, foreclosure.
JP Morgan Chase Bank NA v. Teresa L. Geer et al, foreclosure.
Blue View Corp. v. Cynthia L Newell et al, foreclosure.
R.W. Sidley Inc. v. Raymond W. Marchese et al, foreclosure.
Midland Funding LLC v. Gregg Buckner, other civil.
MBNA America Bank NA v. Cheri R. Husnick, other civil.
Palisades Collections LLC v. Ida M. Everhart, other civil.
Capital One Bank v. Anthony R. Gaugler, other civil.
Bank of America NA v. Russell A. Schmidt, other civil.
Samuel B. Floor v. Advanced Truss Inc. et al, other torts.
Warren Concrete & amp; Supply v. Valentino Valerio, cognovit note.
American General Financial Services Inc. v. King D. Davidson et al, foreclosure.
James B. Nutter and Co. v. Kenyon C. Farr et al, foreclosure.
JP Morgan Chase Bank as trustee v. James E. Ryan et al, foreclosure.
PHH Mtg. Corp. v. David A. Harries et al, foreclosure.
Deutsche Bank National Trust v. Marilin Chestnut et al, foreclosure.
Home Servicing LLC v. Daryl E. Smith et al, foreclosure.
East Ohio Gas v. City of Niles Light Department, other civil.
Countrywide Home Loans Inc. v. George A. Habegger et al, foreclosure.
William Stavana et al v. Nathan Nellis, other civil.
Kimberly Hoelzel v. Western Reserve Care System et al, workers' compensation.
Erin Capital Management LLC v. Shirley C. Peterson, other civil.
Capital One Bank v. Timothy Arbogast Sr., other civil.
Key Bank USA NA v. Anthony Cuyler, other civil.
Larry J. McWreath v. Abbey R. Ross, other civil.
Marianne L. Mohr et al v. Carl J. Davis et al, other torts.
Cortland Savings and Banking Co. v. Verlie A. Butcher et al, foreclosure.
Humility of Mary Health Partners v. Dr. James Kondolios, other civil.
ABN AMRO Mtg. Group Inc. v. Joseph E. Defalco et al, foreclosure.
Washington Mutual Bank v. Charles D. King et al, foreclosure.
WM Specialty Mtg. LLC v. Jeffrey W. Walp et al, foreclosure.
JP Morgan Chase Bank NA v. Christine Jones et al, foreclosure.
First Resolution Investment Corp. v. Jackie L. Clark, other civil.
Richard J. Noble v. Lisa Nicolaou, other torts.
Asenath I. Kagle v. Admin. of BWC, workers' compensation.
Lisa A. Hewitt v. Trumbull Memorial Hospital et al, workers' compensation.
JP Morgan Chase Bank as trustee v. Timothy M. Bradley et al, foreclosure.
Rebecca A. Petiya v. Robert A. Evans, other torts.
Courtrywide Home Loans Inc. v. Heather D. Turner et al, foreclosure.
Delmas McCauley Jr. v. Joseph P. Spelich, other torts.
Cortland Savings and Banking v. Karl H. Stuble et al, cognovit note.
Bayview Loan Servicing LLC v. Wendy M. Volk et al, foreclosure.
Beneficial Ohio Inc. v. John T. Eckenrode Jr. et al, foreclosure.
Rickie J. Worosz et al v. Todd Hurd, other civil.
Paul Kirgin v. Carole L. Smith et al, other torts.
In the matter of the foreclosure of liens from Deli v. Parcels of land encumbered with delinquent tax lien et al, foreclosure.
US Bank NA v. William G. Young et al, foreclosure.
Data Processing Sciences Corp. v. James Catania, other civil.
Bank of New York as trustee v. Heather McMillin et al, foreclosure.

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