In the right hands, guns will make society safer

In the right hands, guns will make society safer
After so much gun related violence recently, we see the emergence of the "Gun Police" once again. Somehow, in our desire to understand the senseless and wanton violence of school shootings and the like, we attribute this carnage to guns. Never from those who advocate doing away with guns do we hear any blame on the shooters themselves.
To many, a total ban on all firearms would make their "perfect society" safe and secure, and never allow such carnage to be repeated. How foolish this notion is. It is the evil or illness in the hearts and minds of those that commit this violence that has brought so much suffering to so many. Doing away with guns cannot change the desire to kill, only change the device that a person will use.
As Ohio embarked on a legal and safe method for law abiding citizens to arm themselves by allowing concealed carry of firearms, we entered into a new folly. Immediately after the law was enacted, signs went up at every facility imaginable. Stores, restaurants, hospitals, malls, and just about anywhere a human could set foot. These signs clearly state that legal, permit holding citizens are not welcome into these facilities with our guns. This is absurd. Those who carry legally, are the first and perhaps only deterrent when this senseless carnage happens.
If the owners of the McDonalds where over 20 people where shot at random by a crazed killer had permitted patrons to carry in their facility, would there have been this massive loss of life? Certainly not. Concerned, legal and model citizens who availed themselves of training and obtained the right to carry a handgun legally would have been the first and only deterrent to this heinous crime. America, wake up. Do not fear those who have gone to great lengths to carry a handgun legally. We are not the enemy. We are the protectors of the innocent and preyed upon.
Every study ever done has shown that states that enact concealed carry have had a reduction in gun related violence. Store owners, take down your signs and welcome legal right-to-carry citizens into your store and facilities. They will make it a safer place for all of us.
Lake Milton
As presidents go, G.W. Bushis surely no John F. Kennedy
President Bush has acknowledged the mistakes in Iraq but did not mention the mistakes of 9/11 in his prime-time address to the nation. He defended his war in Iraq. He mentioned President Franklin D. Roosevelt of World War II and President Harry S. Truman. And talk about the Cold War. Those presidents were Democrats. He failed to mention one more Democrat president, John F. Kennedy. President Kennedy served his country in World War II on a P.T. boat. But his greatest service to our country was when he ordered the blockade of Cuba's ports and told the Russians to remove the missile site in Cuba, or America would go to war. President Kennedy did not rush to war. He let the Russians know it was their call. Yes, mistakes have been made. These mistakes were made by President Bush and his administration and not the American citizen.
We Americans will be left with a war in Iraq. President Bush will move on and write a book and construct his library.
Don't call them 'losers'
I couldn't believe what I saw in the Oct. 6 Vindicator. As I was scanning down the left hand column on the front page, someone at your paper had the audacity to print "YSU will face loser at home Saturday. & quot; I am sure Niles native Lou West isn't proud of his consecutive loss streak at Indiana State, but this headline was one of the most ignorant ones I have ever read in any newspaper.
This certainly could have been used as "bulletin board material" by a competitive team.
Shame on you.