Reprimand Liberty officer who ejected photographer

Reprimand Liberty officerwho ejected photographer
After reading the Sept. 29 article, "Liberty school board member ejected from game," and I am appalled with the actions by the Liberty Township police officer. This article has pressed several of my buttons. To start with, why was this officer not mentioned by name? Seems to me, he was being arrogant and wanted to show his authority. Certainly, he did not think Gloria Lang was a threat to the security of the school.
I speak from experience, having been a professional photographer. I photographed many sport events from the field of play. These photos are used for yearbooks and for newspapers. Ms. Lang should be applauded for her voluntary work. If she did not produce pictures and information for the newspaper, Liberty would not have a voice.
How dare this officer treat her as a second-class citizen. She is on the Liberty school board and is also a reporter for a community newspaper. She did not need for him to threaten to arrest her and order her to leave the game. He should be severely reprimanded and suspended without pay for a period of time, designated by the chief of police.
It is nice of Liberty Schools Superintendent Larry Prince to issue a press pass to her, but I certainly hope she will never have to show it.
PolandFormerly of Liberty
Making excuses for Clarett did him no great favor
I'm really sick of people rationalizing and justifying Maurice Clarett's behavior. His lawyer said Maurice wore a bullet-proof vest because that's what is needed in his neighborhood in Youngstown. I guess he forgot to mention you need a bullet-proof vest and a bottle of Gray Goose vodka, which was also on the seat of his SUV. It's one of the most expensive vodkas you can buy. He doesn't work. Where does he get money for that?
Maurice did what he did because he could. Up to now, he's either gotten away with things completely or with a slap on the wrist. He's been cuddled, spoiled, indulged and corrupted until he believed he was so special that he didn't have to follow rules, laws or have basic human morals. He coasted through in Warren because he was a great football player.
I admire and respect Jim Tressel, but he was foolhardy to bring Maurice to Ohio State University with his prior problems and attitude. Yet look at all he did before they finally dumped him. He remained free and continued his path to becoming a career criminal in a few short years. He tried to get on any football team and found one that was almost ready and stupid enough to hire him. Who came up with a team in the Mahoning Valley called the "Hitmen?" Why be so subtle? They should have just named it "Lenny Strollo's Boys."
Meantime, poor Maurice had to make money. What an entrepreneur -- starting his own business: gun-collecting, buying and selling. That explains all those guns he had in his SUV, more than "he was giving them to friends to hold for him," as his lawyers said.
Finally, he's getting his just desserts, but not enough, thanks to a plea bargain. He'll be back on the street before you know it. I believe in redemption, but have little hope for him. He'll never grow up or learn a lesson if everyone keeps making excuses for him and not hold him accountable for all the bad choices he makes over and over again.
I suppose after reading this letter, some of Maurice's friends, supporters and fans might want to retaliate against me because I dared to speak my mind. I guess I really will have to start wearing a bullet-proof vest and carrying a bottle of Gray Goose vodka for protection.