Marriage licenses
Joseph J. Smith Jr., 24, of 934 Mason St., Warren, and Heather M. Snell, 24, of same.
Kevin J. Toot, 26, 8113 Longview Drive, Warren, and Leah M. Doughton, 24, of same.
Eric M. Musloski, 31, of 4241 Berkshire Drive, Warren, and Andrea M. Gomsi, 29, of same.
Sascha M. Benders, 22, of 12 E. Woodland Ave., Niles, and Michelle N. Beaver, 24, of same.
Steven J. Detweiller, 21, of 8098 Parkman Mespo Road, Middlefield, and Maria B. Byler, 21, of 9647 Creaser Road, Orwell.
Panagiotis G. Mattheos, 32, of 7905 Datura Lane, New Port Richey, Fla., and Tracy M. Zduniak, 32, of same.
Jeffrey C. Griffin, 36, of 1315 Yardley Terrace, Winston-Salem, N.C., and Vikki L. Jenkin, 35, of 2650 Homestead Road, Youngstown.
Brian J. Moran, 26, of 718 N. Main St., Niles, and Melonie G. Busse, 26, of same.
Kevin J. Sypherd, 29, of 40 Cherry St., Niles, and Michelle S. Dennison, 30, of same.
Charles H. Miller, 24, of 1229 Richwood Ave., S.W., Warren, and Barbara J. Blackburn, 21, of 3018 Lancer Court, Warren.
Elmer L. Yoder, 62, of 17725 Reeves Road, Middlefield, and Mary D. Detweiler, 63, of 6015 Curtiss Middlefield Road, W. Farmington.
Dominique F. Irrcher, 29, of 24 Cossar Drive, Aurora, and Stephanie S. Brzezinski, 31, of 13 Arms Blvd., Niles.
Vincent C. Davis, 37, of 2746 Northwest Blvd., Warren, and Monica S. Gattison, 32, of 2513 Linda Drive N.W., Warren.
Robert L. Thompson III, 24, of 3569 Creed St., Hubbard, and Samantha M. Puhak, 22, of 7565 Warren Sharon Road, Brookfield.
Jay D. Davidson, 25, of 7079 Hayes Orangeville Road, Burghill, and Lindsey M. Nance, 26, of 2785 Hood St., Warren.
Jeffrey D. Myers, 28, of 1021 Trumbull Ave., Warren, and Hallie M. Franks, 23, of same.
Christopher R. Battles, 25, of 1602 Shannon Road, Girard, and Angela M. Ross, 20, of same.
Raymond D. Cordova, 46, of 5925 Hubbard Road, Hubbard, and Lynn A. Sincel, 52, of same.
Brian G. Angelo, 38, of 393 Kenilworth N.E., Warren, and Stella C. Kotsatos, 32, of same.
Nathan R. Whitelock, 20, of 948 Parkview Ave., Youngstown, and Eugenia L. Huerta, 19, of 4089 Fairlawn Heights, Warren.
Robert A. Snyder Jr., 62, of 869 Willard N.E., Warren, and Gloria J. Mayle, 43, of same.
Steven J. Garry, 38, of 337 Stone Hedge Court, Holly Springs, N.C., and Jenny R. Lytle, 32, of 1055 Palette Drive, Warren.
William P. Hill, 25, of 1231 North Road, Niles, and Amanda L. Peteritis, 24, of same.
Robert T. Asson Jr., 29, of 146 Grant Ave., Whitaker, Pa., and Laura B. Talbert, 25, of 853 Wahabe Court, Masury.
Alex J. Perks, 28, of 2841 Parkman Road, Warren, and Kristin E. S. Hughes, 20, of same.
Roger A. Lowe, 45, of 1272 Belle St. N.E., Warren, and Jessica L. Walp, 23, of same.
William D. Morrison, 24, of 8537 Tod Ave., Warren, and Jamie L. Berg, 20, of same.
Sean M. Chastain, 32, of 1228 Burkhardt Ave., Akron, and Jennifer A. Nethers, 34, of 6972 Warren Sharon Road, Brookfield.
Craig A. Barratt, 25, of 31 W. Church St., Newton Falls, and Amanda S. Ronghi, 24, of same.
David A. Benner, 25, of 2062 New Drive, Warren, and Michelle R. Penno, 25, of same.
Jared R. Brewer, 24, of 550 Bilper Ave., Lindenwold, N.J., and Cynthia R. Hawkins, 25, of same.
David J. Hernandez II, 32, of 8106 Thompson-Sharpsville Road, Masury, and Rebecca L. Boggs, 31, of same.
David D. Politsky, 40, of 3808 Bushnell-Campbell Road, Fowler, and Marsha A. Governor, 49, of same.
Jeffrey M. Miranda, 32, of 19 Woodland Chase Blvd., Niles, and Christine M. Fleck, 28, of same.
New complaints
Vincy C. Caszatt v. Mark E. Brewster Jr., other torts.
Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. v. Terry Raines et al, foreclosure.
Bank of New York as trustee v. Deborah Howells et al, foreclosure.
JPMorgan Chase Bank v. Betty J. Stephens et al, foreclosure.
First National Acceptance Co. v. Deboray Bryant et al, foreclosure.
Permanent General Assurance Corp. v. Nakyia D. Parker et al, other civil
Richard Warzala v. William Baldwin et al, other civil.
Richard Boccia v. Nelson Cox, other civil.
Sky Bank v. Cynthia Ferraro, other civil.
Patricia Johnson v. Western Reserve Care System, workers' compensation.
Bank of New York as trustee v. Mark T. Elisio et al, foreclosure.
Empire Carpet v. Sharon I. Iam, other civil.
Mark Lesnoski v. William Mabe et al, workers' compensation.
James D. Hanlon v. Josh Mickely et al, other torts.
Cameron B. Lovett v. Todd Crofford, other torts.
Kimberly Kirby v. Brian Rossi, civil stalking action.
Deutsche Bank National Trust v. Larry Redd et al, foreclosure.
ASC for Norwest Home Improvement v. Niles City Housing Maintenance Code Board of Appeals, administrative appeal.
Citimortgage Inc. v. Robert Kern et al, foreclosure.
US National Association as trustee v. Donna Saint John et al, foreclosure.
Countrywide Home Loans Inc. v. Dennis Flemming et al, foreclosure.
Robin L. Libertino v. Warren City Schools et al, workers' compensation.
Palisades Collection LLC v. John Stafford, other civil.
David Hunkus et al v. Nina Davis, other torts.
George Rohrbaugh et al v. Noreen M. Husk, other civil.
Dnyelle L. Baldwin v. Lyle Almburg, other torts.
Patrick L. Ruddy Jr. v. Bruce Gilger , other torts.
State Street Bank and Trust Co. as trustee v. Rondel Lee Ritter et al, foreclosure.
TCIF Bar LLC v. Ruth Anne Lowe, foreclosure.
Vivian Clark v. Western Reserve Care et al , workers' compensation.
JPMorgan Chase Bank v. Stephen E. Boggess et al, foreclosure.
Citimortgage Inc. v. Dan Sanfrey et al, foreclosure.
Homecomings Financial Network Inc. v. Carissa Sprague et al, foreclosure.
Branch Banking and Trust Co. v. Michael Desimone et al, foreclosure.
Chase Home Finance LLC v. Nadine Stevenson et al, foreclosure.
Everhome Mortgage Co. v. Daniel Baker et al, foreclosure.
Citimortgage Inc. v. Tiffani Lathan Meridy et al, foreclosure.
Jeff Gray et al v. Dave Sugar et al, other civil.
Shawnee Wood Products Inv. v. MAG Systems Inc. et al, other civil.
Geraldine Goodman v. Michael Slusser et al, other civil.
Manner Resins Inc. v. Cervell Drainage Products, other civil.
Homecomings Financial Network Inc. v. Adrian McCullum et al, foreclosure.
Edith LaRiccia v. Mary Allegrotto et al, other torts.
Palisades Collection LLC v. James Cousins, other civil.
Palisades Collection LLC v. Charles Ohls, other civil.
Ford Motor Credit Co. v. Catherine D. McLain, other civil.
Citifinancial Inc. v. Scott M. Williams, other civil.
Linda Roncone v. Brandon Giovannone, other civil.
County treasurer v. James B. Resele et al, foreclosure.
County treasurer v. John Taylor et al, foreclosure.
County treasurer v. Paul D. Bennett et al, foreclosure.
County treasurer v. Virgil Costarella, foreclosure.
Tamika Harrison v. Anngel K. Lazar, other torts.
Household Realty Corp. v. Bonnie Wrights et al, foreclosure.
Countrywide Home Loans Inc. v. Deborah Wright et al, foreclosure.
Flagstar Bank FSB v. Jeffrey Kohn et al, foreclosure.
U.S. Bank National Assoc. as trustee v. Randal Burke et al, foreclosure.

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