Pa. man garners award for video

The video's title refers to the time spent waiting for the geese to arrive.
BESSEMER, Pa. -- A Bessemer man has won an award for a goose hunting video he filmed in Mercer, Lawrence and Crawford counties.
Brian Pierog, 36, was presented the "2006 Waterfowl Video of the Year" award by the Great Lakes Waterfowl Association, a wetlands conservation group from Cleveland, for his video "Killin' Time -- Reality Goose Hunting." The award was given at the group's annual waterfowl show at Mosquito Lake in Trumbull County, Ohio, in August.
The hour-long DVD/video also features local hunters Bob Orr, Shawn Ligo and others.
Pierog said his film is unique because it shows methods and equipment ordinary hunters can use to hunt geese. No professional guides or staged areas are used.
He said that many goose-hunting videos are filmed in Manitoba or Saskatchewan nesting grounds in Canada, where geese are far more plentiful than here and hunting them poses little challenge. He said such films, and those where hunters shoot animals that are contained in fenced enclosures, give hunters unrealistic expectations that lead to discouragement.
Pierog, who runs an online waterfowl supply business, said he began goose hunting in 1996 when a friend introduced him to the sport. He considers it the most rewarding type of hunting because "out of all game, it's the only one you really have to work hard for."
He said the video's title refers to the large amount of time spent waiting for the geese to arrive.
What's included
The video, which contains striking footage of rural Pennsylvania in winter, demonstrates how to place decoys, scout for good hunting spots, hide in blinds (camouflage coverings), use goose calls, and field dress a goose.
Pierog said hunting for Canada geese is expanding because nearly every state has introduced early "nuisance seasons" to try to reduce the number of the birds, which damage golf courses, football fields, state parks and malls. He said Pennsylvania's nuisance season begins in September and the regular season then comes in and continues, with some interruptions, until February.
Western Pennsylvania has a large population of resident Canada geese that roost at local rivers and many local farm ponds, he said.
Pierog is working on a second video about goose hunting in Indiana, Virginia, New York and Massachusetts, in addition to Pennsylvania.
'Killin' Time' is available locally at Gander Mountain stores in Niles, Ohio, and in the Pittsburgh area, as well as at Duke's Sports Shop in New Castle. He said it will be in Bass Pro Shops in the next 30 days. Pierog also sells it on his Web site,

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