Marriage licenses
Jeffrey L. Cole, 43, of Warren, and Sharon Burton, 39, of Youngstown.
John M. Globeck, 26, of 3764 Calla Road E., Poland, and CeryA. Rogers, 25, of same.
Patrick M. Haddle, 39, of 2022 South Heights, Youngstown, and Regina A. Tatar, 34, of 2029 South Heights, Youngstown.
State v. Alfie T. Sloan, dismissed.
State v. Brandon Hosa, sentenced to four years on each count to be served concurrently.
State v. Vicki M. Phillips, dismissed.
State v. Ali Mufleh, telecommunications fraud; sentenced to two years CCA with other conditions.
State v. David Bebbs, sentenced to two years on each count to be served concurrently.
Tonya Stevens v. Ohio Dept. of Job and Family Services, dismissed.
Earl F. Adams admr. of the estate of Billie Jo Adams dec'd. v. Carrington South et al, dismissed.
Gibson Machinery Inc. v. Coppola Corp., dismissed.
John B. Reardon treas. v. Tabatha L. Belanger et al, judgment for plaintiff.
Asset Acceptance LLC v. Robert S. Halcomb, satisfied.
U.S. Bank et al v. Ceceilia Lasalle et al, foreclosure.
Sheryl Blackmon et al v. Stephen G. Mukaaya et al, settled.
Patricia Stokes v. Youngstown Metropolitan Housing Authority et al, settled and dismissed.
Jane A. Riddle v. Martin Mobile Inc. et al, settled and dismissed.
Guarnieris Bellaria Inc. v. Woodworth Properties Ltd., dismissed.
Linda Lockwood et al v. Bryon S. Wade, dismissed.
MTG Electronic Registration System Inc. v. Frank V. Sylvester et al, confirming sale.
Joseph Mascola et al v. Donna E. Pezzudo et al, settled and dismissed.
American Tax Funding LLC v. Curtis Cochrane et al, property forfeited to plaintiff.
American Tax Funding LLC v. Robert Duval et al, property forfeited to plaintiff, adjudged parcel is free and clear of all liens.
Wells Fargo Bank v. Janet Jackson et al, confirming sale.
Mtg. Electronic Registration System Inc. v. Timothy Drummond et al, confirming sale.
B.J. Allen Co. v. Fred Andrews et al, defendants are restrained from competing in the retail distribution of fireworks within the geographical area specified in the agreement, for 12 months from the date of magistrate's decision.
National City Bank v. Denise Hoover, settled and dismissed.
Countrywide Home Loans Inc. et al v. Kathy Loar et al, foreclosure.
Union Federal Bank of Indianapolis v. Devenna E. Davis et al, dismissed.
American Tax Funding LLC v. Daral G. Brett et al, dismissed.
Chrissy Evans v. Youngstown City School et al, dismissed.
U.S. Bank National Assoc. v. Lashawnda Perry et al, foreclosure.
Matthew Johnson et al v. Robyn R. Serrecchio et al, dismissed.
First Place Bank v. Grand Salon 24 Inc. et al, judgment for plaintiff.
Bank of New York v. James P. Huff et al, foreclosure.
JPMorgan Chase Bank v. Michael Meloy, dismissed.
Wachovia Bank of Delaware v. William Peace et al foreclosure.
Everbank v. Joan Martin et al, foreclosure.
JPMorgan Chase Bank v. Michael Brindley et al, foreclosure.
Deutsche Bank National Trust v. John J. Ranalli et al, foreclosure.
HSBC Bank USA NA v. Sabastian Devereaux et al, foreclosure.
The Forest of Huntington Woods Condominiums III v. John Russell et al, dismissed.
First Resolution Investment Corp. v. Andrew J. Kosmo, judgment for plaintiff.
Deutsche Bank National Trust v. Chester E. Brown et al, foreclosure.
Marie Daltorio v. Dawn M. Mays et al, settled and dismissed.
Citimortgage Inc. v. William Duncan et al, foreclosure.
Citifinancial Inc. v. Anthony Zarconi et al, foreclosure.
Washington Mutual Bank v. Ruthanne Salreno et al, foreclosure.
Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Daniel Tibbetts et al, foreclosure.
Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Jason Sanchez et al, foreclosure.
Sky Bank successor v. Ted Spirtos et al, foreclosure.
HSBC Mtg. Services Inc. v. Gene S. Grimm et al, foreclosure.
Fifth Third Mortgage Co. v. John S. Aeppli et al, foreclosure.
Novastar Mortgage Inc. v. Konstandinos V. Vardavas et al, dismissed.
Bank of America v. Michael K. Barnes et al, foreclosure.
Erie Inc. Co. v. Christa M. Hugley et al, judgment for plaintiff.
Devin Wilkes Jr. v. Jeffrey T. Blake, dismissed.
Ashanata Brown v. Takia Butler, judgment entered as: respondent Takia Butler is restrained from committing acts of abuse or threats of abuse against the petitioner, Ashanta Brown, or others protected by this order. This order in effect until 7/25/08.
JPMorgan Chase Bank v. Eva Light et al, dismissed.
Brenda Crum v. Mary Shelley, magistrate's decision is hereby adopted and made action of this court.
US Bank NA v. James W. Vernon et al dismissed.
Real estate
ATFH Real Estate Property LLC to Phillip D. Austin, Youngstown, 7,500.
Richard G. Edwards et al to Andrew J. Douglass et al, Hood Drive, Canfield, 129,900.
Sharon L. Morris to Minwood Plantation LLC A South Carolina LLC, Warren Ave., Lake Milton, 17,850.
Wells Fargo Bank to Neil R. Kennedy, E. Avondale, Youngstown, 26,000.
WM Specialty Mortgage LLC to Neil R. Kennedy, Euclid Blvd., Youngstown, 50,000.
ATFH Real Estate Property LLC to Phillip D. Austin et al, Youngstown, 7,500.
Judith L. Green to Corrine T. Bevly, Coronado Ave., Youngstown, 81,000.
Michael A. Esposito et al to William Whetstone et al, S. Hubbard Road, Lowellville, 104,500.
Josephine L. Matten to Anthony Marzano, E. Lucius Ave., Youngstown, 25,500.
James R. Slivanya et al to Daniel A. Cuchko et al, Fairfield Drive, Boardman, 214,000.
Richard Bernacki et al to Ryan A. Spencer et al, Bradford Drive, Canfield, 154,000.
Norma Carter to Mijoljib Matic, Raccoon Road, Youngstown, 24,000.
Christine L. Reinhart to Russell W. Lenhart et al, Warren Ave., Lake Milton, 10,000.
James Ferguson et al to Lilrob Taylor, Champlain Ave., Youngstown, 56,000.
Walco Condominium Corp. to Ronald A. Mackey et al, Wilson St., Struthers, 51,900.
Alan Anderson et al to Joseph M. Capasso et al, Pricetown Road, Berlin Center, 335,000.
Uptown Management LLC to Thomas Skowronski, E. Ravenswood, Youngstown, 40,000.
First Place Bank to Gary Crim Inc., Paxton Road, Youngstown, 44,700.

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