Marriage licenses
Stephen J. LaMagna, 40, of 7150 BarringtonDrive, Canfield, and Melissa A. Anderson, 34, of same.
Quirinus F. Pennings, 24, of 2012 Route 94, Salisbury Mills, N.Y., and Amy E. Bestic, 24, of 3397 Easy St., Canfield.
Matthew D. Emerson, 45, of 367 S. Hazelwood, Youngstown, and Naomi M. Pierce, 37, of same.
Thomas N. Mitchell, 26, of Boardman, and Quiana L. Bills, 23, of Boardman.
Victor L. Nolen, 25, of 7 Broadway, Youngstown, and Kelly J. Miller, 22, of same.
Christopher W. Landers, 33, of 335 Reed Ave., Campbell, and Traci L. Fields, 28, of 7451 E. Parkside Drive, Boardman.
Jeffrey J. Lorek, 27, of 208 Castle Creek Drive, Seven Fields, Pa., and Kristin P. Neuman, 26, of 461-D McKnight Circle, Pittsburgh.
Ryan J. Johnquest, 26, of 27 N. Richview, Youngstown, and Sheila Malickas, 19, of 1201 River Woods Drive, Hinckley.
State v. James A. Kovach, original sentence of 18 months reimposed for probation violation and to enter and complete Oasis program.
State v. Alvin Watson, released from CCA, put on three years' community control and fined, with other conditions.
State v. Robin Rogers, released from CCA, put on three years' community control and fined, with other conditions.
Gerard Meso et al v. Brian D. Smith et al, settled and dismissed.
Edward A. Staab v. GMS Mgmt. Co., settled and dismissed.
Citifinancial Inc. v. Vicki D. Messer et al, settled and dismissed.
Bank One NA v. DWT Realty Inc. et al, magistrate's decision adopted by the court.
Walter B. Whitlow v. LTV Steel Co. Inc. et al, dismissed.
Erie Insurance Group et al v. Gerard R. Meso, settled and dismissed.
Dennis Zame v. Phoenicia G. Barron et al, dismissed.
Cailor Fleming and Assoc. Inc. v. Andre Jenkins et al, Andre Jenkins only, dismissed.
Clayton Kellner v. Tina Blake et al, settled and dismissed.
Dennis Zitello v. Jessica Hanlon, judgment for plaintiff.
Real Bank SSB v. Jeffrey C. Kauth et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.
Albert L. Love v. Luther E. Rivers, settled and dismissed.
Ameritech Publishing Inc. v. James White, dismissed.
FCI Nat'l Lender Services v. Antonio L. Host et al, foreclosure.
American Tax Funding LLC v. Keith J. Fink et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.
American Tax Funding LLC v. Linda J. Roe et al, dismissed.
American Tax Funding LLC v. Charles H. Kettering et al, dismissed.
Gary P. Ventling v. Anthony Weatherly etal, foreclosure.
Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Marjorie Jackson et al, foreclosure.
American Express Centurion Bank v. John T. Goodall, settled and dismissed.
Amy Jo Verbanovic et al v. Jason Smith et al, dismissed.
Chase Home Finance LLC v. William J. Craven Jr. et al, foreclosure.
Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Frank C. Sylvester et al, foreclosure.
JP Morgan Chase Bank v. William Duncan et al, foreclosure and order of sale.
American Tax Funding LLC v. Old Canal Financial Corp., foreclosure.
Mtg. Electronic Regis. Sys. inc. v. Amy Sharafan et al, foreclosure.
Forum Health v. Bobby R. Massey, judgment for plaintiff.
Michael J. Johns et al v. Richard L. Rist et al, dismissed.
Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota v. John J. Suhy et al, foreclosure.
Chase Home Finance LLC v. Vince M. Vantell et al, foreclosure.
Ohio Dept. of Taxation v. Martha C. Sharp, judgment for plaintiff.
Deutsche Bank Trust v. Olive Best et al, foreclosure.
Jaca D. Christian v. Cedric T. Ingram, magistrate's decision adopted by the court.
American Tax Funding LLC v. Brian K. Schweinsberg et al, dismissed.
American Tax Funding LLC v. Ronald S. Thorton et al, dismissed.
American Tax Funding LLC v. Robin Atkins Jones et al, dismissed.
American Tax Funding LLC v. Paulette Scarsella Raine et al, dismissed.
Erika Hewlett v. Renee M. Bufford, dismissed.
Joyce Robbins v. Lizza Serra et al, dismissed.
Justina Channell v. Kianna Johnson, dismissed.
Real estate
Eric C. Crimm to Darlene K. Pinkerton, N. Bayshore Drive, Columbiana, $115,000.
Daniel J. Miranda to Phillip D. Austin et al, Saranac Ave., Youngstown, $5,000.
Frank E. Prato to George Nemes, Boardman Twp., $43,000.
Christine K. Fabian to Klacik Real Estate LLC, Creed St., Struthers, $18,000.
Diane S. Davison to Jeffrey S. McIlvain et al, Main St., Beloit, $94,900.
Rita A. Guglielm to James E. Lanzo, South Ave., Youngstown, $23,000.
Robert V. Brady et al to Gary F. Malagisi, W. Hopewell Drive, Struthers, $100,500.
Richards P. Adams et al to Caleb Wakovic, Woodhurst Drive, Austintown, $82,900.
Kathleen V. Terres to Michelle M. Gamble, Milton Twp., $265,000.
Knecht Capital Inc. to Vatimah Banks, Clifton Drive, Boardman, $85,000.
Larry M. Lay et al to Thomas W. Trefts et al, N. Roanoke Ave., Austintown, $74,400.
Kenneth A. Simpson et al to Robert B. Taylor III et al, Hunters Cove, Boardman, $227,500.
Jason Herman et al to Robert C. Hileman et al, Woodmere Drive, Austintown, $75,000.
Andrew Macejko to Deborah Jean et al, Orlo Lane, Boardman, $96,300.
Richard E. Leone to John W. Rosenburg Jr. et al, Mapleridge Drive, Boardman, $151,500.
Virginia R. Williams to Glenn P. Sivak et al, Deerpath Drive, Boardman, $181,000.
David R. Yauger et al to Kathleen Comsia, Brookfield Ave., Boardman, $85,000.
Rollin C. Gosney to Imad F. Hamdan, Mayflower Drive, Boardman, $144,000.
Paul Shovlin to Thomas R. Kurz et al, IslandDrive, Poland, $183,000.
Steve Demes et al to John R. Konnerth Jr., Elmwood Ave., Austintown, $129,200.
Robert A. Snyder to Bonnie M. Learning et al, Wilcox Road, Austintown, $174,500.
Melanie L. Zurcher et al to Dean Zurcher, E. Avondale, Youngstown, $40,000.
Nicholas L. Loar to James E. Hill et al, Beloit-Snodes Road, Beloit, $85,000.
Helen M. Delbene et al to Frank N. Fagnano et al, Walden Court, Youngstown, $33,000.
William L. Ingold et al to Daniel G. Murphy, Poland Twp., $107,500.
Roger A. Myers to Jennifer M. Cross, HoodDrive, Canfield, $133,900.
Mary T. Dixon, trustee to Jerome Straughter, E. Avondale, Youngstown, $10,000.
Anthony Marzano to Jose Casiano et al, S. Heights Ave., Youngstown, $62,000.
Larry A. Pierce et al to Cindy J. Kelly, 162 Millet Ave., Youngstown, $58,000.
Jalcon Corp. to Joseph R. Lane, W. Liberty St., Mineral Ridge, $54,000.
Mary F. McElwee et al to Deers Homes LLC, Lenox Ave., Youngstown, $35,000.
William J. Kunzer to George Pateras et al, Fairfield Drive, Boardman, $210,000.
Metropolitan Real Estate to Glen A. Byler, Hitchcock Road, Boardman, $145,000.
Lisa Johns et al to Mark R. Snyder, W. Western Reserve Road, Canfield, $126,000.
Elaine J. Glaros et al to Heather Gearhart, Allendale Ave., Austintown, $78,500.
Sarah Forte et al to Mary Cook, E. Myrtle Ave., Youngstown, $8,000.
Thomas J. Lopresta et al to Thomas A. Lopresta et al, Tremble Ave., Campbell, $112,500.
Kathy M. Miller et al to Amelia L. Marinelli, Clingan Road, Poland, $158,000.
Michael Pollifione et al to Robert Shafer, Struthers, $83,000.
Patricia Pifer to Terry Dockey, Lisbon Road, Canfield, $65,500.
Homesales Inc. et al to Foltz Homes LLC, Fifth St., Beloit, $40,000.
James J. Simone et al to Maria A. Lamarca, West Blvd., Boardman, $85,000.
Eugene Ianazone et al to Robert E. Donalson, Bernadette, Youngstown, $82,000.
Thomas G. Klughart to Joel Torres et al, Penny Lane, Austintown, $125,500.
Vicky L. Cairns to William A. Blott et al, Purdue Ave., Austintown, $125,000.
Burt Stellers et al to Mary D'Amico et al, White Beech Lane, Austintown, $112,000.
Lakes of Beaver Development LLC to Latessa Construction Ltd., Schovelor Court, North Lima, $35,900.
Lakes of Beaver Development Co. LLC to Latessa Construction Ltd., Mallard Lane, North Lima, $35,900.
CTW Development Corp. to James A. Barone et al, Drury Lane, Canfield, $58,000.
Springfield Ridge Communities Inc. to Virginia R. Williams, Springfield Road, Poland, $168,350.
Ralph J. Polehonki et al to Sirva Relocation Credit LLC, Amberwood Trail, Boardman, $250,000.
Sirva Relocation Credit LLC to Hoang H. Pham et al, Amberwood Trail, Boardman, $250,000.
Robert J. Tombo to Floyd B. Ward, Brookline Ave., Youngstown, $54,500.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 7
Cathleen A. Miller, 437 Moherman, Youngstown, receptionist/Yoga; liabilities, $30,680; assets, $1,075.
Richard A. Latronica, 4585 Kirk Road #1, Youngstown, night custodian, Wedgewood Lanes; liabilities, $315,616; assets, $306,823.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 13
Ray M. Burt Sr., 220 Matta St., Youngstown, steel worker, Hynes Steel; liabilities, $30,616; assets, 69,900.
Stephen and Sandra Terlecki, 5600 Cider Mill Crossing, Youngstown, he: team member, General Motors; she: sales associates, C and J Banks; liabilities, $232,080; assets, $295,200.
Wanda M. Blanton, 16745 state Route 14, North Benton, retired; liabilities, $91,988; assets, $1,162.
John A. Chamberlin, 4143 Rush Blvd., Youngstown, network node engineer, Dobson Communications; liabilities, $139,009; assets, $84,700.

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