Marriage licenses
Benjamin J. Shaw, 27, of 210 Sheridan Ave., Niles and Rachel L. Stamp, 23, of same.
Richard A. Bailey, 23, of 5637 Sodom-Hutchings Road, Farmdale, and Stacy M. Savick, 19, of 613 Warren Ave., Niles.
Liam McLoughlin, 31, of 57 Roman Road, Gloucester U.K., and Brianne D. Eckart, 25, of 3739 Custer Orangeville Road, Burghill.
Bradley R. Kopp, 29, of 281 Corriedale Drive, Cortland, and Dana M. Bush, 27, of same.
Alvadas L. Washington, 26, of 1028 Homewood Ave., Warren, and Dawn N. Thomas, 33, of 2235 Burton St. S.E., Warren.
Timothy J. Barber, 21, of 701 Summit Ave., Niles, and Charlene D. Gillingham, 23, of same.
Aaron A. Fisher, 21, of 4801 Gates Road, Middlefield, and Laura D. Kuhns, 20, of 8548 Wiswell Road, Winsor.
Kenneth Sanders, 61, of 1460 North Road N.E., Warren, and Margaret Alderson-Boyts, 54, of same.
Joseph R. Black, 28, of 1987 Salt Springs Road, McDonald, and Lyndsay S. Donato, 24, of 1898 Salt Springs Road, McDonald.
Richard Wilcox Jr., 33, of 171 Park Road, Leavittsburg, and Renee L. Hartman, 30, of 407 Elvina St., Leavittsburg.
Daryl Miller, 30, of 6097 Orangeville-Kinsman Road, Kinsman, and Jennifer L. Emrick, 27, of same.
Tony A. Moore, 20, of 2181 Peace Ave. N.W., Warren, and Tyelanae K. Fairchild, 20, of same.
Robert M. Perry, 77, of 925 Youngstown-Warren Road, Niles, and Patricia L. Ugrin, 75, of 18 Masters Court N. E., Howland.
George J. Ratell, 30, of 7 Robert, Vienna, and Catherine L. Cole, 29, of same.
New complaints
Richard Canning v. NAO Lordstown Assembly et al, workers' compensation.
Roger Devine v. Dietrich Industries Inc. et al, workers' compensation.
GRP Loan LLC v. Anthony Dicenso III, foreclosure.
Countryside Home Loans Inc. v. Donald A. Maffett Jr. et al, foreclosure.
JPMorgan Chase Bank , Teresa L. Geer et al, foreclosure.
Blue View Corp. v. Cynthia Newell et al, foreclosure.
R. W. Sidley Inc. v. Raymond Marchese, foreclosure.
Midland Funding LLC v. Gregg Buckner, other civil.
MBNA America Bank NA v. Cheri R. Husnick, other civil.
Palisades Collections LLC v. Ida M. Everhart, other civil.
Capital One Bank v. Anthony R. Gaugler, other civil.
Bank of America v. Russell A. Schmidt, other civil.
Samuel B. Floor v. Advanced Truss Inc. et al, other civil.
Warren Concrete & amp; Supply Co. v. Valentino Valerio, cognovit.
American General Financial Services Inc. v. King D. Davidson et al, foreclosure.
James B. Nutter & amp; Co. v. Kenyon C. Farr et al, foreclosure.
JPMorgan Chase Bank as trustee v. James E. Ryan et al, foreclosure.
PHH Mortgage Corp. v. David A. Harries et al, foreclosure.
Deutsche Bank National Trust v. Marilin Chestnut et al, foreclosure.
Home Servicing LLC v. Daryl Smith et al, foreclosure.
East Ohio Gas Co. v. City of Niles Light, other civil.
Countywide Home Loans Inc. v. George Habegger et al, foreclosure.
William Stavana v. Nathan Nellis, other civil.
Kimberly Hoelzel v. Western Reserve Care System et al, workers' compensation.
Erin Capital Management LLC v. Shirley Peterson, other civil.
Capital One Bank v. Timothy Arborgast Sr., other civil.
Key Bank v. Anthony Cuyler, other civil.
Larry McWreath v. Abbey R. Ross, other civil.
Marianne L. Mohr indiv. and as next friend et al v. Carl J. Davis et al, other torts.
Cortland Savings and Banking Co. v. Verlie A. Butcher et al, foreclosure.
Humility of Mary Health Partners v. James Kondolios M.D., other civil.
ABN Amro Mortgage Group Inc. v. Joseph E. Defalco et al, foreclosure.
Washington Mutual Bank v. Charles D. King et al, foreclosure.
Specialty Mortgage v. Jeffrey W. Walp, foreclosure.
JPMorgan Chase Bank v. Christine Jones et al, foreclosure.
First Resolution Investment Corp. v. Jackie Clark, other civil.
Richard Noble v. Lisa Nicolaou, other torts.
Asenath I. Kagle v. Admr. Bureau of Workers' Compensation et al, workers compensation.
Lisa Hewett v. Trumbull Memorial Hospital et al, workers' compensation.
JPMorgan Chase Bank as trustee v. Timothy Bradley et al, foreclosure.
Rebecca Pedtiya v. Robert Evans, other torts.
Countrywide Home Loans et al v. Heather Turner et al, foreclosure.
Delmas McCauley Jr. v. Joseph P. Spelich, other torts.
Cortland Savings & amp; Banking Co. v. Karl Stuble et al, cognovit.
Bayview Loan Servicing LLC v. Wendy Volk Inc. et al, foreclosure.
Beneficial Ohio Inc. v. John T. Eckerode Jr., foreclosure.
Rickie Worosz et al v. Todd Hurd, other civil.
Paul Kirgin v. Carole L. Smith, et al, other torts.
US Bank v. William Young et al, foreclosure.
Data Processing Sciences Corp. v. James Catania, other civil.
Bank of New York as trustee v. Heather McMillen et al, foreclosure.
Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. v. James Stiles et al, foreclosure.
Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. v. Kimberly Blasko et al, foreclosure.
Industrial Crane and Hoist v. Warren Steel Holdings LLC, other civil.
Palisades Collections LLC v. George W. Devoe, other civil.
Great Lakes Plastic Inc. v. Raymond Simon Arts LLC. other civil.
HSBC Bank Nevada v. Jacqueline Cochrun, other civil.
Wells Fargo Bank v. Larry Levels et al, foreclosure.
Countrywide Home Loans v. Melanie S. Freeman-Cooper et al, foreclosure.
JPMorgan Chase Bank v James Spain et al, foreclosure.
HSBC Bank USA as trustee in trust for Citigroup v. Chaun Briley et al, other torts.
Sandra Van Huffel v. Schneider National Carriers Inc. et al, v. Tammie McLain et al, foreclosure.
Cindy Swaggard v. Natural Resources Administrator et al, workers' compensation.
Denise Lindsey v. Dale Lindsey, other torts.
Scott Kelly v. Wolford's Refuse and Recycling Inc. et al, workers' compensation.
Carla Stephenson v. Rodney Solida et al, other torts.
Seven Seventeen Credit Union Inc. v. Bruce Furlong et al, foreclosure.
Amber Ryan et al v. Auto Owners Ins. Co. et al, other torts.
Corenelia Koontz v. D & amp; L. Energy Inc. et al, other torts.
Christ Michelakis v. James Vincent et al, foreclosure.
Christopher Stratais v. CSX Railroad Co. Inc. et al, other civil.

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