3 school district issues go down to the wire

Only six votes separated the two sides in the Southington school levy.
WARREN -- Three Trumbull County school districts' issues were turning into nail-biters late Tuesday.
"It's close. It's very close," was how Niles City Schools Superintendent Rocco Adduci characterized the voting.
At 11 p.m., with 87 percent of precincts counted, the city schools' 26 million bond issue was failing by only 238 votes.
Adduci said that all he and other district officials could do was hurry up -- and wait.
"There's four precincts to go and we don't know how those numbers are going to add up," he said. "We'll just have to wait and see what our options are in the morning."
Niles voters were asked to approve a 6.7-mill, 28-year levy to cover the local share of the cost for building three new schools with Ohio School Facilities Commission funding. The facilities commission would have paid 68 percent of the approximate 55 million cost of the project.
The project would provide for the construction of two elementaries and one high school where the old buildings are located.
A district is approved for facilities commission funding when the cost of refurbishments to its schools are more than two-thirds the cost of building everything from scratch.
Adduci said he felt the district did everything it needed to do to educate the public about the issue. If the bond issue fails, it will be the school board's decision on whether or not to try again, he said.
Southington's schools 6 million project was in a statistical dead heat late Tuesday. With one precinct left to report, there were only six more votes against the levy than for it.
The district asked voters to approve a 9.3-mill, 28-year levy that would fund the local share of the facilities project. The project calls for a 108,000-square-foot building to house all the pupils in the district.
With 37 percent of precincts reporting, Hubbard schools facilities commission bond issue was up by about 200 votes. The school district wants to build three new schools under the Ohio School Facilities Program with a 5.5-mill, 28-year bond issue to cover the local share of 18.6 million.
Under the partnership, the state would pay the other 38 million to build three new school buildings.
Voters were also asked to decide on an additional 0.5-mill, 23-year levy to be used for the maintaining of facilities.
Other locations
Other school issues include:
With 67 percent of precincts reporting, it appeared a new school levy for the maintenance of buildings in the Bloomfield-Mesopotamia School District was too close to call. At 11 p.m., 261 voters supported the issue and 211 voted against the levy. The permanent, 3-mill levy would provide for improvements of the district's school buildings.
Voters in the Cardinal Local School District approved a 9.7-mill levy for the district's operating expenses.
With 77 percent of precincts reporting, voters in the Champion Local School District appeared to be approving two levies Tuesday. A 2.1-mill emergency levy was passing with 59 percent of the vote and a 1-mill, physical improvement levy was passing with 63 percent.
With 67 percent of precincts reporting, it appeared that voters in the McDonald Local School District approved a 2-mill tax levy for building improvements.
With 72 percent of precincts reporting, it appeared that voters approved a 1- mill, replacement levy for building improvements in the Lakeview Local School District.

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