Attorney doesn't show for hearing

The complaint was filed by a Trumbull County Probate Court judge.
COLUMBUS -- Youngstown attorney Michael Mogul failed to appear before the Ohio Supreme Court in a hearing Tuesday to determine if the court would uphold an order for him to receive a psychiatric evaluation.
Mogul was scheduled to appear before the court to discuss his failure to attend the evaluation ordered by the Supreme Court's Board of Commissioners on Grievances and Discipline.
"I believe [Mogul's] failure to appear today pursuant to the court's order, illustrates the utter disregard that he has had for [the board] and their orders that he submit to a psychiatric evaluation," said Stacy Solochek Beckman, who represented the board before the high court.
The board ordered the evaluation during the investigation of a complaint filed by Judge Thomas Swift of Trumbull County Probate Court over an October 2002 event.
What happened
Board documents allege Mogul opened a confidential, sealed expert physician's evaluation that was part of the court's file on the guardianship of Mogul's mother, Rose.
"Mogul's response to the complaint and conversations he had with disciplinary personnel and probate court staffers led the board to believe he was mentally ill," the documents continued.
According to the documents, Mogul made inappropriate and disrespectful comments during the investigation, including telling one person he had no nose and telling another she "was a loose cannonball, obtained ecstasy by her work, and that she found the work orgasmic."
Mogul was unavailable to comment Tuesday.

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