TRENDS TV images become popular visual marketing tools

Advertisers believe pictures are better then a thousand words.
You are shopping for a camera phone, a financial service, new fragrance or new sweater.
You catch a glimpse of a television ad. It features a wide body of blue water or a strong wind blowing across the meadows. Is it selling a new fresh natural fragrance, a financial service, yoga clothes or an antidepressant? It could be any of the above. It's part of a list of images marketing executive Cheryl Swanson identifies as a visual marketing trend for 2006.
Water can symbolize purity, renewal and creation. Wind represents a fluid power. Sun means light and reflection, she says.
Other trends involve a blending of technology with nature with the idea that they can coexist. Picture a person watching a fish tank on his PC.
Another is a picture of a beautiful woman. It touches all aspects of "femalenesss" from the huntress in a diamond pitch to the mother protector. Yet another is the ongoing popularity of hands-on crafts and artisans to counter the cold side of technology. You can see this in the marketing of crocheted shrugs and fringe in fashion and artistic pillows for the home.
Toniq, Swanson's company, uses cultural and consumer trends as inspiration for product innovation and "brand refreshment." The cultural trends such as individualism (customization), pampering (spa services and gourmet coffee) and convenience have strong influence.
XThe information was distributed by Len Stein, a public relations company.

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