Bush team must develop plan for troop withdrawal

Bush team must developplan for troop withdrawal
We have been in Iraq for three years now. We have lost over 2,300 men and women, 17,000 have been wounded, many for life, and at what cost? Our president at the onset of this war stated that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction, yet we find out now that that intelligence was faulty, and there aren't any WMD and there never was.
He has ignored warnings about the dangers of Iraq imploding and ending up with a civil war. His own father knew what would happen, and did not remove Saddam because of the chaos that would follow. Our troops were sent lacking necessary equipment, like body armor and armored Humvees. We went and had no plan to stabilize Iraq after Baghdad fell.
Because of these and other failures, our cost of this war is escalating: It is now $6.75 million spent daily. There isn't any progress being made, still no consistent electricity, no viable Iraq army, and the Iraqi police are infiltrated with insurgents. Death squads are killing the Iraqi people. He's ignored the fact that Iraq is becoming a training ground for terrorists, the same people he said he went to war against. He only succeeded in creating more of them.
The president seems to have rose-colored glasses on, or is in total denial about this serious situation in Iraq today. It's time for him to rectify those mistakes. He can start listening to the experts, and stop ignoring our concerns. Most of all, he needs to come up with a plan for our success in Iraq, and begin to set a timetable for our withdrawal. Our troops, their families and Americans deserve answers, not more speeches. Mr. President, MISSION NOT ACCOMPLISHED!
Volunteer firefightersin Lowellville earn praise
For years my grandfather, some of his brothers and my own brother have been part of the Lowellville Volunteer Fire Department. I've seen what fire does to other people's lives, and they were always there helping make this difficult time easier to cope with.
On March 10, I was awakened by my mother-in-law telling me my house was on fire. There was smoke barreling out of my attic vents. I immediately called 911 to summon the fire department. Before I got out of my house my two neighbors, also firefighters, were at my door along with my brother. Immediately thereafter both fire trucks pulled up and went right to work putting out the fire. It seems I had an electrical fire in my attic right above where I had been sleeping. I have some damage, but thanks to these dedicated men and women, my house was saved.
A few hours after they left, some of them were back helping me clean up the mess and planning what repairs needed to be done.
This year the department will be celebrating its 100th anniversary. I, as a citizen of Lowellville, plan on helping all I can to repay the firefighters for all they have done for me. They need more volunteers, both men and women. Not many people know that when Santa comes to town at Christmas and the Easter egg hunt is taking place, it's the fire department and the auxiliary that are behind the treats that the village children are receiving. They hold a breakfast to help raise funds for these events. This year it will be held on Palm Sunday at the Mount Carmel Society.
Thank you, Lowellville Volunteer Fire Department. You are surely appreciated by me and my family.