Homeowner apprehends man at house

POLAND -- A Youngstown man decided to spend Tuesday morning engaged in a little breaking and entering but picked the wrong house and homeowner to victimize.
Timothy A. Esposito, 32, of Roxbury Street, is being held in Mahoning County Jail in lieu of $11,000 bond.
He is charged with felony burglary and misdemeanor criminal damaging and contempt of court.
No court date is listed.
According to police reports, Esposito went to a home on New Castle Road in Poland Township and began banging on the front door. Reports said someone saw Esposito banging on the door and called the homeowner, who was at work, to inquire about the unfamiliar red car parked in the driveway.
The 32-year-old homeowner, reports said, told the caller that no one should be at the home and he does not know anyone with an older red car. The homeowner and a co-worker went to the home to check on the house.
What reports say
According to reports, the homeowner and co-worker arrived at the house to find Esposito exiting it with his hands in the air saying he was looking for a friend.
They also noticed a side window to the house broken, reports state.
The homeowner, police reports state, "took Esposito down to the ground by using a military style takedown move," then asked the co-worker to retrieve a set of handcuffs from inside the house and handcuffed Esposito while holding him on the ground.
The homeowner received a small cut to his hand during the struggle.
Esposito, police said, had moved various firearms inside the home in apparent preparation to take them.
Kept man there
The homeowner held Esposito until officers arrived, but police say other homeowners in similar situations need to evaluate the situation before taking similar action.
Sgt. Gary Abeid said, in this situation, the homeowner and his co-worker saw Esposito exit the home with his hands raised, clearly unarmed, and, with Esposito being outnumbered two to one, figured they could subdue him. A different scenario could warrant a different response, he said.
"He could have exited the house with one of the firearms he was planning to take," said Abeid. "There really is no blanket advice, but if you want advice, it would be not to confront an individual. Call the police and if the person gets away before police arrive, try to get a plate number."
Abeid noted that the homeowner in this situation is military-trained and analyzed the situation before acting.

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