1st--Pistol Whip (Spieth)8.003.602.80
Lods (Parker)3.202.60
Genuine Draft (Ramgeet)5.60
Unplaced horses listed in order of finish. Also ran: Opening Wager, Perceptive Friend, Bayswater, Classy Legend, Rolf's Black Gold and Prayer Warrior. $2 Perfecta (7-6) Paid $21.20. $2 Trifecta (7-6-3) Paid $176.80.
2nd--Unbridled Cat (Ramirez)8.203.602.40
Whatitwuzcuz (Whitney)4.402.80
Really Close Shave (Nguyen)2.40
Claimed: Really Close Shave by Thoburn William R. (Ciezak Sarah), Also ran: Stormin Tony, Mr. Time Count, Goodnuff, Note Whitney and Gina's Eyes. $2 Daily Double (7-8) Paid $44.60 Daily Double Pool $25,084. $2 Perfecta (8-2) Paid $35.60. $2 Trifecta (8-2-3) Paid $91.40.
3rd--Running Deniro (Davila)7.403.202.80
Shadow Ridge (Nguyen)2.602.20
American Miner (Barria)2.80
Finish Time: 1:44.94. Scratched: Groovy Guy. Also ran: Slide Back, Petdinkle's Boy, You O K and Distante. $2 Perfecta (8-2) Paid $20.40. $2 Trifecta (8-2-6) Paid $62.00.
4th--A. J.'s Express (Rivera)35.0012.406.20
Concorde Country (Hernandez)4.403.20
Krupa (Parker)5.20
Also ran: Toll Bandit, Esteemed, Minnesota Pitch, King of the Mount and It's Brite's Turn. $2 Perfecta (1-4) Paid $198.00. $2 Trifecta (1-4-3) Paid $1,131.60.
5th--Ground Rule (Whitney)18.408.806.20
J Jacqueline (Rivera)4.403.80
Chocolate Sprinkle (Perez)11.60
Claimed: Miss Magoo by Cox Loren G. (Cox LorenG.), Also ran: Elegant by Design, Tell Me Dear, Miss Magoo, Glory Is My Name, Passionforluck, Maria Farina and Cracklin Red Rosie. $1 Superfecta (9-4-2-5) Paid $12,692.70. $2 Perfecta (9-4) Paid $118.80. $2 Trifecta (9-4-2) Paid $1,568.40. $2 Pick 3 (8-1-9) 3 Correct Paid $1,555.00. Pick 3 Pool $21,783.
6th--Dehim (Parker)12.004.403.20
Boldandahalf (Nguyen)2.602.20
Ruby's Pro (Whitney)2.80
Finish Time: 1:14.73. Also ran: Atom Skier, Senor Arugas, Java Soup, Pirates Taboo and Catch a Parade. $2 Perfecta (8-1) Paid $40.40. $2 Trifecta (8-1-6) Paid $141.40.
7th--Dragon King (Vargas)3.803.202.40
Malibu Beau (Marcial)7.603.80
Gun (Murphy)2.60
Also ran: After Party, Cart'sforme, Pete's Diner, Littlebittoolively and Reqraaq. $2 Perfecta (5-6) Paid $27.00. $2 Trifecta (5-6-7) Paid $105.40.
8th--Louis' Star (Collazo)7.404.602.60
Queens Are Wild (Whitney)10.804.60
Loucille's Risk(Spieth)2.40
Finish Time: 1:42.45. Also ran: J B's Victoria, Campo de Maniobras and Bexley. $2 Perfecta (1-4) Paid $104.60. $2 Trifecta (1-4-5) Paid $288.20. $2 Pick 3 (8-5-1) 3 Correct Paid $204.60 Pick 3 Pool.
9th--We Did It My (Barria)34.0012.2010.60
Many Times (Rivera)12.809.00
Care Taker (Andrews)15.60
Claimed: Passing Star by Johnson Douglas L. (Johnson DouglasL.), Also ran: Lies, My Little Mermaid, Precious Morn, Isleshine, Phantom's Magic, Dottie's Pick and Passing Star. $2 Daily Double (1-4) Paid $160.80 Daily Double Pool $21,552. $2 Superfecta (4-9-ALL-ALL) Paid $357.40. $2 Perfecta (4-9) Paid $419.00. $2 Trifecta (4-9-2) Paid $12,330.20. Attendance: 2,817. Mutuel Pool:$35,609
1st--Sexxy Cho (Wengerd)36.6012.008.00
Fred Bear (Grismore)4.202.80
Yana Returns (Irvine)3.40
Also--Noble Win, Sugar Valley Cathy, Four Starz Wink, Up Front Boy, Can We Talk, That's Textbook. Exacta (9-8) Paid $145.80. Trifecta (9-8-2) Paid $1,065.20.
2nd--R Jack of Hearts (Miller)18.007.405.20
Tiglon (Merriman)25.609.80
Go Postal (Wyers)3.00
Also--Keep On Guessing, Lukenbak, Mordecai Brown, Gameboy Eden, Me Poor Boy, Yankeeography. Exacta (4-3) Paid $291.40. Trifecta (4-3-1) Paid $1,502.00. Daily Double (9-4) Paid $183.00.
3rd--Special K (Merriman)14.005.404.00
Starting Lineup (Grismore)5.404.40
Sheldonian N (Jones)10.20
Also--Smilin' Sam, Cr Tabasco, Wholehearted, Major Cadet, I Am Said I. Exacta (7-4) Paid $72.60. Trifecta (7-4-6) Paid $1,129.60.
4th--Engine Han (Grismore)5.203.802.60
Eagle Creek Patrol (Mapes)8.004.40
Farbe (Angus)4.40
Also--Sugar Doggy, I'm Patrick, Only In The Movies, I'm Exciting N, Brault's Choice, Stand Tough. Exacta (3-2) Paid $38.80. Trifecta (3-2-6) Paid $279.20. Superfecta (3-2-6-1) Paid $1,036.40.
5th--Backwood Smoke (Kash)8.005.604.00
Photo Crown (Merriman)12.606.40
Jim (Umholtz)5.60
Also--Hey Y'all, Hit The Phone Jack, Scoremania, Just About Foolin, Tommy's Trombone, Belle's Dana. Exacta (2-4) Paid $116.20. Trifecta (2-4-9) Paid $1,142.20. Pick Three (7/3/2 3 OF 3) Paid $306.60.
6th--Emerald Fra (Kennedy)28.808.804.80
Sierra Bloom (Thompson)4.002.60
Modern's Legacy (Grismore)2.80
Also--Learjet, Tanner Monroe, Countin On Sammy, Willnthrill, Buonapasqua, Cool Papa. Exacta (3-1) Paid $97.20. Trifecta (3-1-5) Paid $391.80.
7th--Sand Slade (Boring)3.202.602.20
Loto Luck (Merriman)4.604.20
Elegant Dude K (Miller) 4.20
Also-- Pretty Power, Northern Exchange, Northville Albert, Mostly Magic, Kashman, Eluto. Exacta (4-1) Paid $14.80. Trifecta (4-1-3) Paid $64.60. Superfecta (4-1-3-2) Paid $194.20.
8th--Spider Girl (Guptill)63.4021.608.00
Surf Connection (Merriman)9.406.20
Cam's Rawhide (Vargo)5.40
Also--Nonoiwont, Jasmine'sluckygrrl, Personal Care, Carleys Candee, Blind Spot, Be Firm With Lisa. Exacta (6-2) Paid $459.20. Trifecta (6-2-4) Paid $2,087.40. Pick Three (3/4/6 3 OF 3) Paid $727.80.
9th--Accentflex L (Merriman)3.202.402.20
Proxie Promised (Boring) 7.20 3.60
His Way (Mc Kirgan)3.00
Also--B L Cameo, Miss Analea, Csi Lucky In Love, Spring Glide, Mario's Lumpy, Lakewater Laser. Exacta (3-5) Paid $29.20. Trifecta (3-5-1) Paid $102.00.
10th--Turbo Jet (Grismore)12.406.603.00
Rapideus (Deaton)5.202.60
Sultan Desbi (Miller)2.10
Also--Nf Gallivant, Alabama Co-Ed, Slick-As-Sleet, Mega Jacpot, Awesome Connection, Miss Matilda. Exacta (6-3) Paid $57.40. Trifecta (6-3-4) Paid $161.40. Superfecta (6-3-4-1) Paid $853.00.
11th--Warhead K (Deaton)24.407.004.20
Itssilentbutdeadly (Grismore)3.202.80
Slick Yankee (Sturgeon)4.20
Also--The Frenchpan, Townline Powerful, Blast The Siren, Twin B Karter, Polo Joe, Punchcredible. Exacta (9-3) Paid $63.80. Trifecta (9-3-5) Paid $444.40. Pick Three (3/6/9 3 OF 3) Paid $257.60. Pick Four (6/3/6/9 3 OF 4) Paid $89.60. Pick Four (CARRY OVER $5782.41).
12th--Bright Conn (Miller)
Pine Hill Jewel (Merriman)11.805.20
Semper Fi Hall (Grismore)2.20
Also--Glasslite, Dreamlands Lidle D, Oneforthemaster, Thanx Harry, Satelite Dish. Exacta (3-2) Paid $83.40. Trifecta (3-2-1) Paid $156.40.
1st--TROT, NW1CD, $2,200, 1 MI
Good Lookin Mama,J Smith; Beholdapalerider,M Robinson; Big Talker,D Reynolds; Getoffmyturf,B Sturgeon; Xtreme Chase,R Brown; Rockabye,P Ross; Lost In Fame,C Wyers; Irish Resolve,D Whipple; One Special Queen,D Mc Kirgan.
2nd--PACE, NW1CD, $2,200, 1 MI
Nearlyeartoear,J Hershberger; Icon's Fiddler,R Eidens; Rinestone On Fire,T Jones; Bob's Laagacy,R Stahl; Ashley Flash,J Thompson; Category Six,C Umholtz; Well Bet,A Merriman; Pilgrims Place,E Deaton; Snow Storm Destiny,L Rich.
3rd--TROT, NW200PSCD, $2,000, 1 MI
Big Red One,G Grismore; Seamster,B Sturgeon; American Challenge,C Umholtz; He's Fancy,B Miller; Spirited Sakra,D Guptill; Mister Showbiz,R Steck; Delphi's Boomer,A Merriman; Laines Replica,T Jones; Match As,J Wengerd.
4th--PACE, NW250PSCD, $2,500, 1 MI
V-Annas Spark,T Jones; U R Sum Western,R Stahl; Just Oui,G Grismore; Honcho Via,R Fisher Jr; Surf Sam,B Miller; Sold American,T Van Rhoden; Nicearaider,A Merriman; Samson Three,J Thompson; Northern Cash,B Hunter Sr.
5th--PACE, NW300PSCD, $3,000, 1 MI
The Big Wazzoo,J Perrin; Colour Safe,G Grismore; Major Pursuit,A Merriman; Lesdale Kid N,B Miller; Silentsteel,R Stahl; Lane Frost,B Sturgeon; Tivo,L Merriman; Troubled Flight N,T Boring; Medoland Bud,E Deaton.
6th--PACE, NW200PSCD, $2,000, 1 MI
Denarius Evergreen,R Stahl; Sand Rounder,B Miller; Wreckless Preston,A Merriman; Royal Tattler,T Boring; Lil Star Lee,J Joyner; C G's Nipper,D Kennedy; Houdini Hill,C Hershberger; Torpedolovinshadow,F Harris; Catcham If You Can,G Grismore.
7th--PACE, 3000CLCD, $2,000, 1 MI
Hot Rod Mack,R Stahl; Mac's Jess P Punch,B Miller; Marthas Kirkboy,T Jones; French Lips,A Merriman; Foreverama,J Joyner; Kansascitykillean,R Fisher Jr; Doctor Gus,E Deaton; Ranchwood Francis,T Boring; Executive Tower,G Grismore.
8th--TROT, NW2PMCD, $3,000, 1 MI
My Devine Winner,A Merriman; Chase and Cheer,R Matthews; Shades of Trev,E Deaton; The Beast,J Smith; B L Power Pack,J Wengerd; Chainsaw Sly,B Sturgeon; Playinginthedough,B Miller; Laser Gal,C Wyers; Slide In,F Harris.
9th--PACE, 5000CL, $3,000, 1 MI
Country Welcome,G Grismore; Broderick Seelster,J Thompson; Duke Viking,T Jones; R Man Dan,A Merriman; Paper Branch,B Miller; Liftoff Bayama,R Stahl; Scotchontherocks,R Fisher Jr; Mans Star,E Deaton.
10th--PACE, NW200PSCD, $2,000, 1 MI
Almost Famous,R Stahl; Fijos Future,D Kennedy; Grandpa Ike,T Hall; Bubba's New Nykes,A Merriman; Parking Lights,E Deaton; Deadwood,G Soehnlen; Nick Cress,F Harris; Cadillacconnection,B Miller; Jt Jangles,G Grismore.
11th--PACE, NW250PSCD, $2,500, 1 MI
Racketeer Man A,J Thompson; Caught In Action,B Miller; Hoosier Tiger,A Merriman; V'annas J C,R Stahl; Cunning Design,C Wyers; Lonesome Fella,B Sturgeon; Moovin N Groovin,T Jones; Our Stormy Flight,G Grismore; Noble Moe's First,E Deaton.
12th--TROT, NW300PSCD, $3,000, 1 MI
Gambling Willy,D Mc Kirgan; Gal's Lucky Nooner,R Brown; Collegiate Chip,G Grismore; Big Muscles,B Miller; Northern Catch,T Boring; Cinderella's Arn,E Deaton; I'm Chaser,E Quesenberry; Matthew,B Sturgeon; Bigmacatac,J Perrin.
13th--PACE, NW200PSCD, $2,000, 1 MI
Odds On R J,B Sturgeon; Sam's Cupid,A Merriman; Russley Fame N,B Miller; Vantastic Shark,G Grismore; Emperor Osborne,C Wyers; D-Dar,C Hershberger; Sharp Steve,F Harris; Albert's Angel,E Deaton; Stand Tall Mcgraw,R Stahl.
14th--PACE, 3000CLCD, $2,200, 1 MI
Tsm Roadhouseblues,F Harris; Oliver T Bird,T Jones; O's Park Avenue,C Wyers; Cg's Sleeper,B Miller; Cody Wood,A Merriman; The Editor,B Sturgeon; Armbro Bohemian,G Grismore; N The Other,R Stahl; Kb's Big Jim,E Deaton.

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