Marriage licenses
Todd A. Griffiths, 25, of 145 Crumlin Ave., Girard, and Maria M. Lamota, 25, of 274 Fonderlac, Warren.
Dennis L. Duffield, 38, of 3516 state Route 534, Newton Falls, and Anjennetta S. Willis, 38, of same.
Paul S. Bidwell III, 32, of 125 Superior St., Apt. 3, Newton Falls, and
Victoria N. Cortes, 21, of same.
Brian E. Kuhns, 26, of 5335 Leslie Dr., Warren, and Katie S. Carlson, 26, of same.
Marcus L. Henderson, 23, of 2225 Lexington Ave. N.W., Warren, and Malynda N. McCorkle, 30, of 1715 Union St. S.W., Warren.
Ronald A. Testa, 58, of 528 Adelaide S.E., Warren, and Michelle I. Fusco, 39, of 5315 Craig N.W., Warren.
Kevin L. Cathan, 25, of 4448 McConnell Road, Southington, and Colleen A. Roth, 22, of same.
Gerald R. Wilkerson, 46, of 1229 North Road #224, Niles, and Lori L. Small, 38, of same.
Roland R. Rhodes, 22, of 749 Kenilworth S.E., Warren, and Stacey M. Johnson, 23, of same.
Paul J. Ackerman, 26, of 508 Sycamore Trail, Cortland, and Jennifer M. Greenwood, 23, of 6463 Phillips Rice Road, Cortland.
Jason L. Williams, 33, of 3398 state Route 5, Cortland, and Jaime M. Shuler, 24, of same.
Robert M. Benner, 31, of 3031 West Market St., Leavittsburg, and Amy M. Bunts, 28, of same.
Joseph J. Phillips, 28, of 5052 state Route 305, Southington, and Lisa M. Nelson, 19, of same.
Ronald B. Christy, 48, of 7535 Tantara Court, San Antonio, Texas, and Renee M. Duff-Dadbeh, 33, of 8430 Antoine Dr. #162, Houston, Texas.
Kenneth A. Pickett II, 21, of 3924 Fox Run Dr., Ft. Worth, Texas, and Candace J. Bryant, 22, of 2646 Burton St., Warren.
Francis A. Vince, 37, of 511 North Ave., #516, Girard, and Sandy K. Kaczmark, 49, of 31 Front St., Girard.
New complaints
Commercial Federal Bank vs. Frank Bostardi et al, foreclosure.
U.S. Bank NA vs. Phyllis M. Davis, foreclosure.
Wells Fargo Bank vs. Thomas P. Bradley, foreclosure.
J.P. Morgan Chase Bank vs. David J. Wanas, foreclosure.
Sovereign Bank vs. Bruce McIntosh, foreclosure.
U.S. Bank trustee et al vs. Susan Hipkins, foreclosure.
Bank of New York vs. John P. Stanhope, foreclosure.
J.P. Morgan Chase Bank vs. Donald L. Faith, foreclosure.
Countrywide Home Loans vs. Joshua T. Richmond, foreclosure.
Sky Bank vs. Brian L. Shelton, foreclosure.
Washington Mutual Bank vs. Michael L. Boucher, foreclosure.
HSBC Bank USA vs. Pamela S. Brady, foreclosure.
U.S. Bank vs. Brenda Carnahan, foreclosure.
Washington Mutual Bank vs. Helen Leeworthy, foreclosure.
Washington Mutual Bank vs. Douglas S. Ramsay, foreclosure.
LaSalle Bank NA vs. Ruth A. Markley, foreclosure.
J.P. Morgan Chase Bank vs. J. Murlene Weimer, foreclosure.
Countrywide Home Loans vs. Robert L. Smith, foreclosure.
Sky Bank vs. Gary J. Gosser, foreclosure.
ABN AMRO Mtg. Group vs. Dorothy A. Rush et al, foreclosure.
R.T. Vernal Paving vs. Wolfe Developing Inc., foreclosure.
J.P. Morgan Chase Bank vs. Northcoast Pools, other civil.
State Farm Mutual vs. Allstate Insurance, other civil.
Therm-O-Link Inc. vs. James K. Piper, other civil.
Jim Pace Pontiac Inc. vs. 3 C's Carson Collision, other civil.
Qualchoice Inc. vs. John Doe, other civil.
Continental Casualty vs. Four Links Inc., other civil.
Westfield Insurance vs. Mark Smith et al, other civil.
National Check Bureau vs. Elizabeth Houser, other civil.
Ohio Cat vs. James Davis Sr. et al, other civil.
MBNA America Bank NA vs. Paul M. Lendak, other civil.
Stacey Nicholas vs. Denise R. Mohn, other torts.
Therm-O-Link Inc. vs. Cubit Wire & amp; Cable, other torts.
Mary Ann Rhodes vs. Bristolwood Golf Course, other torts.
U.S. Bank NA vs. Maria Croal et al, foreclosure.
ABN AMRO Mtg. Group vs. Kurfward F. Hutton, foreclosure.
J.P. Morgan Chase Bank vs. Francine M. Delbene, foreclosure.
J.P. Morgan Chase Bank vs. Richard J. Marshall, foreclosure.
Sky Bank vs. Felicia E. Hall, foreclosure.
Chase Home Finance LLC vs. Kenneth J. Postlewait, foreclosure.
Matrix Financial Services vs. Vera J. Robinson, foreclosure.
Countrywide Home Loans vs. Robert F. Capron II, foreclosure.
Deutsche Bank Trust vs. Robert L. England, foreclosure.
Trumbull County Treasurer vs. Quality Cement Inc., foreclosure.
Trumbull County Treasurer vs. Best Value Rentals et al, foreclosure.
J.P. Morgan Chase Bank vs. Jack Simpson, foreclosure.
United States of America vs. Jeri C. McCulley, foreclosure.
Novastar Mtg. Inc. vs. Marjorie E. Akins, foreclosure.
Erin Capital Management vs. Heidi Netotea, other civil.
Sarasota CCM Inc. vs. Margaret H. Bonamase, other civil.
Omni Credit Services et al vs. Debra Lowe, other civil.
Asset Acceptance LLC vs. Charlotte E. Custer, other civil.
Michael Arch vs. Harold Glunt, other civil.
Erin Capital Management vs. Shawn Garrison, other civil.
MBNA America Bank vs. Frances R. Love et al, other civil.
Progressive Casualty Ins. vs. Patrick M. McGeever, other civil.
Youngstown Waffle vs. Robert Tabachino, other torts.
Candace A. Lamp vs. Robert L. Meeker, other torts.
Kathleen Mears vs. Margaret E. Marinelli, other torts.
William E. Nickerson vs. General Motors Corp., workers' compensation.
Warren Johnston vs. NAO Lordstown-Assembly, workers' compensation.
Dissolutions filed
Jason E. Longwell and Carrie R. Longwell.
Jeffrey L. Longwell and Reisha M. Longwell.
Bert C. Harsch and Alicia T. Harsch.
Shannon A. Manes and Jason Manes.
Maralee J. Plant and Vernon L. Plant Jr.
Steven Brown and Constance Brown.
Violet L. Davidson and John R. Davidson.
Travis Archacki and Pamela Archacki.
Darrell L. Lakey and Barbara L. Lakey.
Anthony J. Deveto and Lesley A. Deveto.
Angela Honeywood and Kiane Honeywood.
Aaron L. McMahon and Christina D. McMahon.
Lisa M. Yager and Tony Yager.
Barbara Dobrindt and Donald J. Dobrindt.
Divorces filed
Kerri L. Fife vs. Randall L. Fife.
Jeremy M. Jenkins vs. Meghann L. Jenkins.
Julia Mansfield vs. Larry J. Mansfield.
Ricky A. Barker vs. Barbara A. Barker.
Kiesha Malloy vs. Donald E. Malloy.
Melissa Telles vs. Lawrence Telles.
Wendy A. Klein vs. John M. Klein.
Jacqueline C. Kotsol vs. Richard S. Kotsol.
Stephen Flask vs. Melissa Flask.
Deborah D. Ryan vs. Roger Ryan.
William Hudak vs. Lea Hudak.
Charles Bates Jr. vs. Eloise J. Bates.
Felicia M. Dukes vs. Willie E. Dukes Jr.
Patricia Burkell vs. Eric J. Burkell.
Donald F. Husk vs. Mary S. Moyers.
Felicia M. Dukes vs. Willie E. Dukes Jr.
Helen R. Jones vs. Marlin A. Jones.
Roberta R. Culp vs. Matthew R. Culp.
Kimberly A. Check vs. John M. Check.
Robert Martin vs. Margaret Martin.
Charmane Revella vs. Albert Revella Jr.
Cynthia Grice vs. Earl G. Hudson.
Darice Draa vs. Michael Miller.
Diane M. Sayler vs. Todd M. Peterman.
Wells Fargo Bank NA vs. William A. Stewart, dismissed.
J.P. Morgan Chase Bank NA vs. Kelli R. Stiffy, dismissed.
Federal Home Loan Mtg. vs. Marquita M. Gary, dismissed.
Sky Bank vs. Savannah Schweiger, dismissed.
Deborah R. Hibbs vs. Travis E. Stone, settled.
Sarah L. Propst vs. Anthony J. Clarke et al, settled.
Sky Bank vs. Terrence L. McBane, stay.
Environmental Specialists vs. Hermitage Steel, dismissed.
Gary D. Bussey vs. Istvan B. Nagy, dismissed.
Mary Welch vs. Drew M. Beatty, dismissed.
Danny Webber vs. Trumbull Memorial Hospital, dismissed.
Wachovia Bank NA vs. Ross Angstrom, dismissed.
Regions Bank vs. Van A. Wagner, dismissed.
Covelli Properties Inc. vs. Loomco Factory Outlet, dismissed.
Nordlie Inc. vs. Carole Rinehart et al, dismissed.
Kathy Pfeiffer vs. Stephen Shay, settled.
Washington Mutual Bank FA vs. John Doe, unknown spouse, dismissed.
Dissolutions granted
Nickole L. Mele and Raymond T. Mele Jr.
Tab A. Thompson and Patricia Thompson.
Carmella Rutan and Elmo E. Rutan.
Michael K. Irwin and Christine L. Irwin.
Cheryl L. Kovacich and Jerry S. Kovacich.
Michael F. Dougherty and Claudia J. Dougherty.
Edward C. Poland and Karen S. Poland.
Davood Nasseri and Forough Davoodi.
Tanya L. Eakins and Richard Eakins.
Lora A. Dellibovi and Daniel Dellibovi.
Bridget S. Irwin and James F. Irwin.
Nikki L. Graham and James W. Graham.
Divorces granted
Jamie Ross vs. William Ross.
Mary Shehane vs. William Shehane.
Peter P. DeFranco vs. Virginia C. DeFranco.
Lora A. Harley vs. David J. Harley IV.
Michael D. Kover vs. Heather L. Kover.
James E. Hughlett vs. Margaret A. Hughlett.
Cindy Thompson vs. Thomas Thompson.
Jenny L. Arnold vs. Dean P. Arnold.
Laura F. Owsley vs. Dewey E. Owsley Jr.
Shandy L. Fuller vs. Patrick J. Fuller Jr.
James S. Monroe vs. Bonnie L. Monroe.
Dennis L. Duffield vs. Barbara Duffield.
Cases dismissed
Donna Barnard vs. Terry L. Barnard.
Patricia L. Fisher vs. Paul L. Fisher.
Ronald G. Wolfe vs. Judy L. Wolfe.
Heather Wassil vs. John Wassil III.
Erin Kraysets vs. Brett Mitchell.
James D. Inbody and Sandra L. Inbody.
Sherry Tenney vs. Michael Tenney.
Kimberly A. Munro vs. Eric A. Munro.
Darice Draa vs. Michael Miller.
Lisa J. Spencer vs. Arturro A. Gary.
Minday A. Davis vs. John S. Davis.

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