Pupil who left bullet and drugs with note to get suspension, help

The episode was a cry for help, the schools superintendent said.
AUSTINTOWN -- School officials will suspend an Austintown Middle School pupil who left a bullet and drugs in a plastic sandwich bag in a hallway at the school.
Schools Superintendent Doug Heuer said Friday that the bullet, pills and a note found with them were a cry for help from a pupil who wanted attention. Heuer added that the pupil doesn't have access to a gun.
The items were found in a plastic sandwich bag Wednesday by a teacher and a pupil who reported it to an assistant principal.
The pills turned out to be the prescription drug Darvocet, Heuer said.
The note read: "I have the other bullets right now and I have the gun to use them. I am in the sixth grade and the pills are just what I take to ease the pain," according to a township police report.
Heuer said he could not confirm whether the pupil really is a sixth-grader.
What's being done
Heuer said the bullet is from an antique gun collection, most of which had been sold, so the gun is not accessible. A few bullets from the collection had remained behind, he said.
He said that the school is working with the parents to help the pupil.
He said he is not sure yet how long the pupil will be suspended. He said that during the suspension, there will be an expulsion hearing. He said school district policy states that bringing prescription medicines or anything related to a weapon onto school grounds is prohibited.
He said that even though there will be an expulsion hearing, that doesn't necessarily mean the pupil will be expelled.
"We are also concerned about the welfare of the student," Heuer said. "It was an obvious cry for help."

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