Adam finally convinced J.R. that Janet kidnapped Babe and little Adam. After admitting to Babe that she killed Trevor, Janet locked Babe in the freezer. Amanda became a guinea pig for David's memory drug and recalled the location of Trevor's cabin. Babe was rescued just in time, but Amanda was devastated by Trevor's death, and the rescuers were stunned by Janet's shocking announcement. Adam told Krystal that he loves her and wants to stay married to her. Hearing Dixie admit that she doesn't know if she'll ever tell her family that she's alive, Zach, still crushed over Ethan's death, comforted her and decided not to end his own life.
After Paul's confession that he accidentally killed Dusty by hitting him over the head during an argument, Emily ordered Henry to implicate Meg as the guilty party. Carly and Chardonnay concocted a plan to entrap Nick, who was drugged and found by the cops with heroin on him. Katie demanded that Nick tell Jack that it was Carly who lured him to the hotel -- adding that if he didn't tell Jack, she would. Lily learned from the nuns that her niece's name is Theresa, and that Jade -- who knew Theresa -- robbed the orphanage. Luke promised to tell his father the truth, but Holden feared it.
Dante vowed to Felicia that he would raise Dominick in the best way possible. After her family shared a last champagne toast in her honor, Felicia died. Distraught over Felicia's death, Taylor ran into Hector while drinking and revealed that she wants Ridge back. When Nick saw Ridge and Brooke together, mistakenly thinking they were making love, he ended up at the bar and commiserated with Taylor, before they headed back to his boat. Brooke found Nick with Taylor in a compromising position and blew up, while Ridge was furious that Brooke had gone to find Nick.
Billie offered comfort to a devastated Bo, but he only wanted to help Hope. Meanwhile, Hope was ready to leave the island, but Patrick did whatever he could to keep her there. Despite Billie's declaration to Bo that Chelsea felt remorse, the rebellious teenager was out clubbing again. Stuck in an elevator with a claustrophobic Carrie, Austin distracted her with stories. The thought of Austin and Carrie in such close quarters made Sami flip. Belle had a strong reaction when she heard Mimi and Shawn making love. Marlena's feelings for John returned.
Sam and Jason were blown away when they uncovered the identity of her birth mother. Alexis's search for her daughter led to sadness when she believed that the girl had been killed in a car accident. Even as Nikolas scattered Courtney's ashes in the ocean, Jax vowed to be a good father to John and swore he made the right decision in claiming to be the baby's dad. After Frank attacked Guy, who intended to report the hate crime to the police, Lucas had a change of heart and stood up to Frank. Tracy threw Dillon and Georgie out of the mansion. Freed from prison, Diego went looking for Georgie.
Beth recalled the night before Alan was released from prison when, to prove her loyalty, she slept with him. News that she's pregnant stunned Beth, who returned to the cabin and dropped the news on Alan that she was carrying his child. Harley and Mallet tailed Beth to the cabin, but how much did they overhear? Expecting to find Jonathan and a wedding, Tammy was greeted by a taunting Sandy. Jonathan came to Tammy's rescue, then left for a while. When he returned, they made love. Later, Frank told Tammy that Sandy had been afraid for his life, and asked if she could account for Jonathan's whereabouts the previous night.
Evangeline agreed to help Todd and decided to hide him at Lindsay's warehouse. Bo pressured Paige for answers and wondered who could be helping Todd. Adriana refused to choose between her modeling career and a relationship with Rex. Tess was furious with Viki after learning that Nash left town. Despite being threatened by Reston, Nash intended to do whatever it takes to protect Tess. Cristian offered to quit boxing if Natalie would take him back. Although Natalie wasn't ready to go that far, her friendship with Cristian deepened.
As Otto planned to blow up the Cliffside house, Chris struggled to escape, and got out, along with another bruised captive. Not recognizing the other victim, Chris covered the man's face before Sheridan could see that it was Luis! Miguel returned to Harmony but wasn't happy to hear Maria refer to Fox as her daddy. After meeting with the mystery woman who was behind Maya's beating and Fancy's accident, Noah accused Maya of conspiring with her. Pilar saw the scratches Katherine left on Martin's back and thought she cheated on him. Ethan rejected Theresa's job offer.
Lily warned her mother that unless Dru gets Neil to accept Daniel, Lily would tell Neil about Malcolm. When Neil found out that Lily and Daniel are still involved, he ordered her to return to boarding school. Instead, Lily packed a bag and told Daniel she needed a place to stay. Both in need of comfort, Victoria and J.T. made love. Victoria realized she still loved Brad and told him, but she was not ready to resume their engagement. After Mac found out J.T. had been with someone else, Kevin suggested to her that they move out of the loft. Gloria was unable to gain a seat on Jabot's board, but Kay offered to help her become involved at the company.
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