Things you didn't know about Melrose Avenue case

Things you didn't know about Melrose Avenue case
I am writing to respond to letters written concerning the dead dogs recently discovered in a house on Melrose Avenue in Boardman. I am the letter carrier in this area.
First, let me start by saying that the residents in this area as well as myself were very concerned about what was happening here. Numerous calls were made to the Boardman Police, Mahoning County Dog Warden, and animal charities well before these dogs died, and no action was ever taken. If any of your writers to the editorial page had ever called the Boardman Post Office, they would have been informed that these agencies had been contacted.
Why is it that the finger of blame is pointed at the neighbors or the mailman and not often at the owner of these animals? As for the issue of the mail overflowing the mailbox, this was not unusual for this individual, even when I knew she was there. Short of breaking down the front door, I am convinced that the neighbors and myself did all that could legally be done.
Since this has happened, the owner of these dogs has made a plea of "not guilty" before a judge. All I can say is that I hope that The Vindicator's letter writers are not on the jury, because I think in their eyes, it has to be someone else's fault.
Savagery is un-American
Last Sunday, I saw a documentary describing the torture, humiliation and murder of prisoners. I was appalled and dismayed to see such savage cruelty done by Americans. It does not seem to be consistent with our values, our morals, and our preaching to other nations about democracy, human rights, and the sanctity of life.
Chaining human beings and letting them hang for two days, or knocking their legs until they buckle down, is unconscionable -- a crime against humanity. When people of other nations view these atrocities, sponsored by a nation with responsibilities to set the moral tone for the whole world, they may think that we are a nation gone savage.
Such savagery and immoral acts do not represent America the beautiful -- the America I have known and loved for 58 years. Such abhorrent acts do not represent the most generous, compassionate and charitable people in the world. It does not represent America the beautiful and its beautiful people, that I described at length, and in great details, in my book.
It is not the information or lack of information that we obtain from these prisoners, bad and dangerous as they may be, that will do us in, rather, it is the cruelty and savage behavior that will erode our sense of justice, our moral values, and God forbid, will cause our demise as a nation.
I cry for our beloved country -- I cry for America the beautiful.
A Valley asset is in jeopardy
As a social worker, 14-year employee of WRCS/Forum Health and now recently a victim of crime on the campus of Northside Medical Center, I can honestly say that for every act of violence there are a thousand acts of kindness. Every day I work, no matter how hectic or harried my day has been, it is always brightened by my co-workers, patients and families. It is such a wonderful feeling to walk the halls of Northside and say hello to people I have known for years and to reach out to patients and families in need and have them receive and appreciate my help.
When my purse was recently stolen in the parking deck, I was met with an outpouring of action, support and concern. Our security department was especially kind,despite their own knowledge that their days are now numbered due to being given layoff notices. The response by Liberty, Youngstown and Boardman police was also immediate and impressive.
It is my prayer that the community at large will realize that this is not just another corporation with financial problems, but a very large intertwined family whose roots go deep into our Valley. The decisions currently being made will affect not only the employees but many patients, families and other already vulnerable groups. How long can we sit back and not speak up? Should we just accept it as the "way it is?" Well, if we turn our backs, we may turn around and find there's little left. As a homeowner, wife and parent in this Valley, it hurts to see the roots of this community being cut once again.