Marriage licenses
Ulyses N. Rucker II, 38, of 308 E. LaClede Ave., Youngstown, and Laurie W. Peterson, 43, of 841 Fairfax St., Youngstown.
Brian K. Barcley, 37, of 54 E. Dewey Ave., Youngstown, and Tonya T. Muldrow, 28, same address.
Michael L. Murphy, 24, of 274 Westminster Ave., Austintown, and Amber M. Kern, 21, same address.
Divorces asked
Rhonda J. Straub, 429 W. Wilson St., Struthers, vs. Conrad S. Straub, 429 W. Wilson St., Struthers.
Peter J. Rozzi Jr., 2095 Innwood Drive, Austintown, vs. Toni M. Rozzi, 79 S. Anderson, Austintown.
Dissolutions asked
Frances V. Corsale, 271 Kendall Ave., Apt. C, Campbell, and Ashraf Al-Halaybeh, 3453 Hadley Ave., Youngstown.
Terrance J. Baker, 923 Collins Ave., Austintown, and Christine A. Baker, 100 E. Howard St., Apt. B, Girard.
New complaints
David Mangie vs. Stewart I. Mandel et al, money.
Hudson & amp; Keyse LLC assignee Chase Manhattan Bank vs. Kevin W. Mote et al, money.
Sky Bank vs. Quaker City Timing Assoc. Inc. et al, foreclosure.
Sky Bank vs. Daniel Adams et al, foreclosure.
Sky Bank vs. Daniel D. Adams et al, foreclosure.
Sky Bank vs. Daniel D. Adams et al, foreclosure.
Bryan E. Studer et al vs. Crystal R. Seals et al, personal injury.
American Tax Funding LLC vs. James Fitori et al, foreclosure.
Bank of New York as trustee vs. Michelle D. Lee et al, money.
JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A. vs. Albert F. Clare Jr. et al, foreclosure.
Bank of New York as trustee vs. Douglas Miller et al, foreclosure.
Dawn Marie Ilius et al v. Ronald J. Criss, money.
National City Bank vs. Robert E. Turnbull et al, foreclosure.
JPMorgan Chase Bank as trustee for Equity One ABS Inc. vs. William Duncan et al, foreclosure.
Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. as trustee vs. Myrna O. Bonilla et al, foreclosure.
National City Mortgage Co. vs. Bruce Keck et al, foreclosure.
Paul Bevak et al vs. James Zimmer et al, money.
Mahoning Valley Industrial Loan Fund vs. Buckeye Review Publishing Ltd. et al, complaint on promissory note.
Investment Retrievers Inc. vs. Michael G. Pontikos, money.
Pat Linker vs. Sheetz Inc., money.
Meadowbrook Mall Co. vs. Kacey Enterprises Inc., money.
Kathleen Milick vs. Promised Land Landscape Contractors Inc. et al, personal injuries.
Cafaro Management Co. vs. Diamond's Men's Shops of Erie Inc., money.
Sandusky Mall Co. vs. Diamond's Men's Shops Inc., money.
The Marion Plaza Inc. vs. Diamond's Men's Shops Inc., money.
Kennedy Mall Ltd. vs. Garden Products Inc., money.
Kentucky Oaks Mall Co. vs. R.J. Communications et al, money.
McDonald Plaza LLC vs. Rulli Family Foods Inc. et al, money.
Marsha Snider et al vs. Lori Conny et al, foreclosure.
Harold Green vs. Board of Commissioners of Mahoning County et al, money.
HSBC Bank USA National Assoc. vs. Bobby R. Massey Jr. et al, foreclosure.
LaSalle Bank vs. Kathy Hammond-Baldwin et al, foreclosure.
Alexis Yerage vs. John R. Chiaro DPM Inc. et al, money.
HSBC Mortgage Services Inc. vs. Shawn Razo et al, foreclosure.
Allstate Insurance Co. vs. Clyde D. Lewis, money.
Penny L. Suman vs. Creed The Cleaners Inc. et al, workers' compensation.
Norma Nerone vs. Doris McKay et al, money.
Bank of New York as trustee vs. James P. Huff et al, foreclosure.
Raymond Welsh vs. Redstone Construction Inc. et al, workers' compensation.
Janet Bennett vs. Mahoning County et al, workers' compensation.
Unizan Bank National Assoc. vs. Roman Gumieniak et al, money.
FCI Fund II LLC. assignee of Alliance Funding, a division of Superior Bank FSB vs. Robert H. Jones et al, foreclosure.
Sky Bank successor by merger to Mahoning National Bank vs. Robert M. Majirsky et al, money.
Bank of New York as trustee vs. Eric J. Szijj et al, money.
HSBC Bank USA vs. Rosemarie S. Bartholomew et al, money.
Real estate transfers
Deborah J. Petrock to Clark Eckenrode et al, Youngstown, $30,000.
Kelly Snyder to Brian Adams, Struthers, $990,500.
Rosemary McLaughlin to Thomas McLaughlin, Youngstown, $64,500.
Phillip J. Randolph et al to Nicole M. Ashburn et al, Canfield Twp., $96,000.
Ralph A. Fabricator Jr. et al to Jeannie Kinney, Youngstown, $13,250.
Peter S. Barta II to Patrick C. Fire et al, North Jackson, $360,000.
GRPL Enterprises Inc. to Ralph Moretti et al, Canfield Twp., $470,000.
Evergreen Land Development LLC to John Waddington et al, Columbiana, $373,400.
Evergreen Land Development LLC to Debra S. Fogarty, Columbiana, $420,669.
Joe Koch Construction Inc. to Nicholas J. Berni et al, Austintown Twp., $84,000.
Iverson Investments to Edward J. Cohen, Youngstown, $12,100.
Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to VMA Investments, Youngstown, $23,500.
Richard H. Jones to Robert J. Marshall Jr., Canfield Twp., $140,000.
Beth Mericle to Amy Hannig, Youngstown, $215,000.
Nick Parish et al to Struthers F.O.P. Lodge #41, Struthers, $3,000.
E. Patrick Fagan et al to Thomas M. Ruggieri et al, Boardman Twp., $166,000.
Wayne Dickey et al to Ralph E. Shram et al, Columbiana, $165,000.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 7
David Allen Monetz, 14656 Stoltz Road, Diamond; welder, Riverside Steel; liabilities, $155,175; assets, $84,900.
Paul G. Kinnick, 4613 Barrington Drive, Austintown; unemployed; liabilities, $161,902; assets, $106,910.
Joseph J. Corpa, 40 Wetmore St., Struthers; disability; liabilities, $169,741; assets, $93,386.
Theodore J. Beer and Juanita Beer, 9810 Unity Road, Youngstown; both: retired; liabilities, $109,015; assets, $65,373.
Willie James Wilson, 701 Clyde St., Youngstown; retired; liabilities, $38,209; assets, $11,225.
Candace Marie Ankrom, 2798 Bainbridge Ave., Youngstown; Pulmonary Rehabilitation Assoc.; liabilities, $189,805; assets, $92,633.
Isael Cubero, 258 E. Avondale Ave., Youngstown; unemployed; liabilities, $73,663; assets, $28,580.

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