Excluding kids from public school activities isn't fair

Excluding kids from public school activities isn't fair
I am the parent of a home-schooled child and found that many of the facts stated in a Feb. 26 letter about home-schoolers participating in public school athletics to be incorrect. The correct facts are available online; one particular website is www.nheri.org. Numerous studies show that home-school students have more positive self concepts than public school children (thus excelling in social situations as children and adults), home-schoolers have lower problem behavior and have a higher rate of employment after graduation (according to NHERI, they had a 100 percent employment rate at the time of the study).
Home-schoolers should be able to play in public school sports. I have chosen to provide my child with a Christian education. This is my choice. I have that right. Extracurricular activities are not a part of the core curriculum. In fact, in many schools you have to "pay to play. & quot; Why are the public schools so afraid of home-schoolers being a part of these activities? Money. Right now every tax dollar I give the school is 100 percent profit (for lack of a better word). They provide my child with no service whatsoever. By the way, to address a faulty analogy raised in the Feb. 26 letter, the school nurse and lockers do not represent extracurricular activities.
As for dividing a community, how better than separating a group of people from the school, when in all actuality by allowing the home-schooled to be a part of the school in some fashion you bring the community together. If my child were participating in that school somehow, my wife and I would be more apt to vote for new levies and renewals. I am not the only home-school family in this school district. How many votes is that?
If you would like to take the premise that I have knowingly removed my child from the public school and thus removed him from the extracurricular activities of that school, this should work both ways. Since the school system and families with children in the public school system have knowingly denied my child permission to play sports in this school, the school district should forfeit my tax dollars to his schooling. Only the families with children in the school should provide the funds to run the school district. You can't have it both ways.
Berlin Center
Nurses were missing part of story on TMH patient's care
It was exciting to see Trumbull Memorial Hospital featured on last Tuesday's front page. I work as a registered nurse in the Coronary Care Unit where the patient on the LVAD was receiving care. While I appreciate the expertise and skills of the doctors, one critical role was not mentioned. The article failed to acknowledge the nurses who took care of the patient and kept him stable until his transfer to Allegheny General for further intervention.
Frequently, the job of the R. N. is overlooked. Let's not forget they have a crucial role in the care of the patient, especially at night, when communication with the surgeon is via telephone. Not only are we expected to give excellent care, but to recognize problems in their infancy before they lead to a critical situation, or even death. Successful patient outcomes are a team effort.
Recently, Forum Health has been mentioned in the paper for its financial difficulties. Even with the ongoing changes, I am still proud to call myself a Trumbull nurse, and look forward to the opportunities, challenging patients and new technology that will come in the future.
North Jackson