MiniPage Teacher's Guide
MiniPage activities meet many state and national educational standards. This week's standards: Students read and understand a variety of texts. (Language Arts: Reading) Students use the structure of text to construct meaning. (Language Arts: Reading)
1. Create a "Newsy News" collage by cutting out your favorite parts of the newspaper and pasting them on a large piece of paper.
2. Interview three family members or friends. Ask them to tell you two different kinds of information they use from the newspaper -- such as the weather, TV schedules or local news. Was the same kind of information mentioned by several people?
3. Find a chart or table in the newspaper. Paste it on a piece of paper. Now write several sentences that describe the kind of information you can get from the chart or table.
4. Look in the newspaper to find (a) a TV show you would like to see, (b) a toy or game you would like to have, (c) a story about your community, and (d) tomorrow's weather.
5. Design a newspaper page that will provide information about you, your family and your friends. Use a large piece of blank paper to create your page. Give your newspaper a name. Now write stories that are true and factual. Make large, dark headlines for the stories you think are most important. Draw pictures to go with your stories. Include a map, chart or table on your page. Share your page with your family and friends.

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