10th-Just Oui (Grismore)7.404.802.80
Pentium Chip (Deaton)4.002.80
Bailjait (Irvine)2.60
Exacta (7-2) Paid $42.80. Trifecta (7-2-1) Paid $114.20. Superfecta (7-2-1-5) Paid $440.80.
11th-Lucca's Revenge4.003.002.20
Cinderella's Arn (Kash Jr)6.804.00
Collegiate Chip (Grismore)2.80
Exacta (1-7) Paid $37.40. Trifecta (1-7-5) Paid $102.60. Pick Three (1/7/1 3 OF 3) Paid $142.80. Pick Four (3/1/7/14 OF 4) Paid $262.80.
12th-Slick Yankee5.003.003.00
Colour Safe (Grismore)5.804.60
Jug Fever (Peterson)10.00
Exacta (5-9) Paid $29.20. Trifecta (5-9-2) Paid $351.20
13th-Divine Favor2.602.102.10
Eastwood Atom N (Headworth)3.203.40
Pirinea (Wyers)3.20
Exacta (3-9) Paid $7.60. Trifecta (3-9-1) Paid $25.60.
14th-Surf Sam (Peterson)4.403.402.60
V-Annas Spark (Grismore)8.402.80
D-Dar (Hershberger)3.00
Exacta (2-7) Paid $46.00. Trifecta (2-7-1) Paid $233.60. Superfecta (2-7-1-3) Paid $1,728.80. Daily Double (3-2) Paid $7.60. Pick Three (5/3/2 3 OF 3) Paid $21.40.
Attendance: 2,171. Handle: $1,556,188
1st--Purse $10,100, Maiden Claiming $5,000, 3 yo's & amp; up, F & amp; M (fillies and mares), Five And A Half Furlongs.
Belorussia, R. Ganpath, 121; Lady of Spain, D. Parker, 121; Stormy Expression, R. Stokes, III, 121; Gold Dusk, B. Marcial, 112; Smooth Gal, B. Marcial, 121; Carter's Lady, L. Rivera, 121; A Drizzle of Honey, D. Williams, 121; Sanctify, J. Barria, 121; Ms. Tiger Beat, A. Ramgeet, 121; Dawn's Justice, A. Hernandez, 121; Audible Whisper, D. Whitney, 121; Just a Patton, J. Magrell, 121; Sucha Blonde, R. Stokes, III, 121; She's So Cold, L. Quinones, 121.
2nd--Purse $10,400, Claiming $5,000, 3 yo's & amp; up, Five Furlongs.
Shadow Ridge, T. Nguyen, 115; Faronthemountain, O. Pereira, 109; Boy Scout Alan, A. Marcial, 115; Red River, L. Rivera, 121; Major Asset, D. Brinkley, 115; Irish Luck Is Me, J. Davila, 115; Market Money Honey, D. Parker, 115; Crux, B. Marcial, 115; Jaguar Jet, O. Pereira, 115; Bootsmadeforrunnin, R. Stokes, III, 106; Shogun Empire (GB), J. Perez, Jr., 115; Bank's Peak, D. Whitney, 115.
3rd--Purse $10,800, Claiming $5,000, 3 yo's & amp; up, Five And A Half Furlongs.
Colt Python, J. Davila, 115; Complete Coverage, B. Wilson, 115; Chasing the Fox, R. Stokes, III, 115; Lucky Pops, R. Stokes, III, 115; Sir Warrickonbasil, O. Pereira, 118; Winning Run, A. Kondor, 105; Choctaw Bid, B. Marcial, 115; Lunar Perigee, D. McFadden, 115; Hollor Back, R. Stokes, III, 115; Methuen, D. Parker, 118; Daring Habit, S. Spieth, 118; Youthful Comment, L. Quinones, 115; Cat Gun, J. Barria, 115; Regal Siphon, D. Williams, 115.
4th--Purse $11,200, Claiming $5,000, 3 yo's & amp; up, F & amp; M (fillies and mares), Six Furlongs.
Cheer's Echo, T. Nguyen, 121; Power Serge, R. Stokes, III, 121; Chamoix, J. Davila, 121; Baby Angel, D. Parker, 121; Believe a Countess, L. Rivera, 121; Mostly Devious, S. Spieth, 121; Devine Faith, O. Pereira, 121; Deposited, M. Andrews, 121; Tour's Energy, A. Marcial, 121; A Delightful Day, J. Rivera, Jr., 121; Roxaedit, T. Nguyen, 121; Funny Way (ARG), J. Davila, 121; Military Mission, L. Quinones, 121.
5th--Purse $11,900, Claiming $5,000, 3 yo's & amp; up, One Mile Seventy Yards.
Everwhat, T. Nguyen, 118; Rattle On Son, O. Pereira, 115; The Judge Jose, J. Barria, 118; Foxboat, D. Parker, 115; Skylar's Daddy, A. Ramgeet, 115; Fire in the Soul, G. Suarez, 115; Michener, R. Stokes, III, 115; Old Duke Puffer, C. Murphy, 115; Trident House, D. Whitney, 115; Play for Saratoga, D. Williams, 115; Ben's Hammer, B. Wilson, 115.
6th--Purse $24,200, Maiden special weight, 3 yo's & amp; up, F & amp; M (fillies and mares), One Mile.
High Country Miss, A. Marcial, 121; Melissa's Star, L. Quinones, 121; She's a Bidder, B. Marcial, 121; Quick Pik, D. Parker, 121; Royal Story, A. Ramgeet, 121; Acting Blonde, C. Murphy, 111; Dearly Explosive, J. Rivera, Jr., 121; Luckily, M. Andrews, 121; James Hall, D. Whitney, 111.
7th--Purse $31,500, Allowance, 3 yo's & amp; up, One Mile.
Come On Chas, T. Nguyen, 118; Elder Statesman, R. Ganpath, 115; American Thunder, R. Stokes, III, 115; South Christian, A. Ramgeet, 115; Moneyatrisk, C. Murphy, 115; Gold Adventure, D. Parker, 115; Devilofarush, D. Whitney, 108; Nestasko, B. Marcial, 121.
8th--Purse $46,200, Allowance, 3 yo's & amp; up, Six Furlongs.
Raving Rocket, T. Nguyen, 115; Standard Bearer, A. Ramgeet, 115; Uncle Walter, C. Murphy, 115; Kiss the Groom, D. Parker, 118; Doc Robbins, A. Ramgeet, 115; Saintly Look, R. Stokes, III, 115; Yucatan, S. Spieth, 118; Artemus Sunrise, D. Whitney, 115; Revolver Six, J. Barria, 115; Beat the Traffic, O. Pereira, 115.
9th--Purse $10,900, Claiming $5,000, 3 yo's & amp; up, Five And A Half Furlongs.
Catch the Storm, R. Stokes, III, 121; Running Count, R. Stokes, III, 121; Miners Sin, O. Pereira, 121; Brookes Trick, L. Quinones, 121; Sunshine Bear, D. McFadden, 121; Just for Love, A. Marcial, 121; Judith's Jester, L. Hannigan, 121; Lil' Joe, D. Parker, 121; Silver Jet, J. Rivera, Jr., 121; Polish Promise, D. Whitney, 121; Randolph Attheloop, S. Glenn, 121; Montana Moon, J. Barria, 121; Frazee's Folly, O. Pereira, 121; The Eden (ARG), B. Marcial, 121.
1st--TROT, NW200PSCD, $2,000, 1 MI
Lookslikea Rose,E Deaton; Turn Over,A Merriman; Macs Legacy,B Sturgeon; Belle's Dana,T Van Rhoden; Spring Glide,T Boring; Keep On Guessing,M Headworth; Rose Run Fritz,W Bell; Photo Crown,G Grismore; Lf Gulf Made,R Fisher Jr
2nd--PACE, NW200PSCD, $2,000, 1 MI
Armed Yankee,G Grismore; Vantastic Shark,W Schwartz; The French-Man,E Deaton; Black Magic Bret,D Rideout; Brault's Choice,M Peterson; Bookmyer,R Stahl; Limit Bid,A Merriman; Bubba's New Nykes,M Headworth; Perfect Door,T Jones
3rd--PACE, 3000CLCD, $2,200, 1 MI
N The Other,R Stahl; Sundays With Kevin,B Hunter Sr; Cr Tabasco,E Deaton; Loop T Loop,A Merriman; Bratwurst Days,R Allen; Shy Roller,M Headworth; Stylish Sox,T Jones; Sand Slade,T Boring; Armbro Bohemian,G Grismore
4th--PACE, NW400PSCD, $4,000, 1 MI
Armbro Vicinity,R Fisher Jr; Sand Bouncer,T Loy; Sweetest Bunny,B Sturgeon; Laag Ness Monster,G Grismore; Perfect Western,A Merriman; V'annas J C,R Stahl; Never,T Boring; Sold American,T Van Rhoden; Cg's Joey,E Deaton
5th--TROT, NW400PSCD, $4,000, 1 MI
Jason Challenger,G Grismore; Dees Bomber,E Deaton; Ima Cricket Also,J Conger; Creamy Score,M Robinson; Dr Bower,D Reynolds; Northern Catch,M Peterson; O Lucy Lucy,T Loy; Penny Lane,J Wengerd; Corleones Capo,D Mc Kirgan
6th--PACE, NW450PSCD, $4,500, 1 MI
Pure Class,T Jones; Jd's Playmate,E Deaton; Coastal Wind,T Boring; Hawaii Five-O,R Fisher Jr; Sam's Clever Boy,G Grismore; Lesdale Kid N,R Stahl; Western Empire,A Merriman; Sky Strikes,M Peterson; Defense Line,L Merriman
7th--PACE, 8000CL, $4,600, 1 MI
Petala,R Stahl; Racketeer Man A,M Peterson; Terrific Bambino,A Merriman; Parking Lights,E Deaton; Magical Wiz,G Grismore; C G Dancer,T Boring; Moovin N Groovin,T Jones; Dashing Killean,R Fisher Jr; S W Forevers Boy,M Headworth
8th--TROT, NW400PSCD, $4,000, 1 MI
Rose Run Freddie,T Jones; Night Shade,J Conger; Who's The Duck,S Schillaci; Fessup Fred,J Glessner; Cut The Bull,R Stahl; Ask For Gold,M Headworth; Pine Hill Jewel,A Merriman; Rose Corsage,G Grismore
9th--PACE, 10000CL, $5,600, 1 MI
Classy Man,W Schwartz; Western Sam,E Deaton; Ohoka Dale N,G Grismore; Swilken Bridge,M Headworth; Money Sign,R Fisher Jr; Rocket To A Star,A Merriman; Bikini Kinda Guy,R Stahl; Troubled Flight N,T Boring; Oozie's Bad Boy,T Jones
10th--PACE, 12500CL, $6,500, 1 MI
Armbro Versailles,W Schwartz; Dart Trick,G Grismore; Art Dot Com,R Stahl; Brooklets Renegade,M Peterson; Katmandu Kandu,T Loy; Seboomook Direct,R Fisher Jr; My Fella,T Jones; See'ya Later Dad,A Merriman; Pointshaver,E Deaton
11th--PACE, 15-20000CL, $7,500, 1 MI
Red Bullet,T Boring; Peace For Lee,R Stahl; Seton Hall,E Deaton; Electric's A Flyin,A Merriman; King Cole,G Grismore; Go Again,S Schillaci; Outer Money N,J Conger; Electric Wizard,M Peterson; Key Western,R Fisher Jr
12th--PACE, INV HC, $11,000, 1 MI
Ytwok-Bug,E Deaton; Sundance Hall,R Fisher Jr; Look Both Ways,M Headworth; Liltycantbedenied,T Jones; Myron,G Grismore; Sharky Osborne,T Boring; Laughing Is An Art,A Merriman; Cam's Fast Gun,S Schillaci
13th--PACE, 10000CL, $5,600, 1 MI
Yankee Ace,W Schwartz; Phantom Power,R Fisher Jr; Knockout Sahbra,T Jones; Chicken Grow Teeth,A Merriman; Dyson's A Raider,E Deaton; Half Full,G Grismore; Ice Cream Stand,R Angus; Besmo,S Schillaci; Farbe,T Boring
14th--PACE, 8000CL, $4,600, 1 MI
Out of Us Kash,R Fisher Jr; Pocket Vance N,T Jones; Breeze On By N,E Deaton; Red Cloud Rising N,R Stahl; Polo Joe,M Peterson; Carolina Austin,M Headworth; Western Genius,G Grismore; He's Inebriated,A Merriman; Adelia's Artist,W Schwartz

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