Know location of predators, father warns

NILES -- A father of two is encouraging city council and residents to become more aware of registered sexual predators in their neighborhoods.
Tony Perrone, of North Carnegie Avenue, told city council Wednesday that he has become aware by using the Ohio Attorney General's office Web site that there are seven predators within a mile of his home. There are 29 citywide. He called on lawmakers to become more aware of them by using the site.
Although the information is "very vague," additional information can be obtained from the Trumbull County sheriff's office.
"I didn't think there were any in Niles," Councilman Scarnecchia, D-at large, said.
Police Chief Bruce Simeone said his department receives a monthly list of all sexual offenders in the city.
He said it's illegal to identify them by putting a sign in their front yards.
Council President Robert Marino, principal of Niles Middle School, said he recently learned that a predator has moved in across the street from his home. A parent, Marino said he has made changes in his household because of the predator.

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