Marr Road bridge gets 5-ton limit

Supervisors are considering sharing new equipment with a township.
PULASKI, Pa. -- A private engineering company has placed a weight limit on a small township bridge.
Supervisor Sam Varano said Monday night that Bill Humphrey of Taylor Engineering placed a 5-ton weight limit on the bridge on Marr Road near Pine Glen Road.
Varano said Humphrey is studying the bridge and will report to the supervisors. Humphrey told supervisors that because of the bridge's overall condition, a weight limit was needed.
The supervisors also agreed to apply for a low-interest loan to pay for the recently purchased road paver.
They are considering sharing the paver with Wilmington Township.
Former Supervisor Dan Abramson told the supervisors he did not think it was a good idea to share with Wilmington Township. "I know from past experience this township [Pulaski] has done most of the maintenance on shared equipment," Abramson said.
Pulaski shares three other pieces of equipment with Wilmington.
Supervisor Chairman Lewis Grell commented that a written agreement would be created if Wilmington decides to share the paver.
Pay rates
In other business, supervisors approved a pay increase for full-time road employee David DeJohn. His rate was set a $13.40 per hour. Gary Fitzgerald was reappointed as a part-time employee on an as-needed basis for summer roadwork. Supervisors set also set his pay rate at $13.40 per hour.
Supervisors approved hiring Melvin Kauffman and Bob Stoughton to mow township cemeteries, ball fields and building grounds at a rate of $9.65 per hour each.

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