Marriage licenses
Peter Triveri, 44, of 522 Neoka, Campbell, and Christine Tisone, 46, of 563 Moore Drive, Campbell.
Gordon S. Bradshaw, 45, of 166 Rockdale Ave., Boardman, and Susan O'Dea Wittenauer, 48, of same.
Ali Omran, 44, of 7392 Eisenhower Drive, #3, Boardman, and Ann M. Kay, 38, of 3528 LaSalle Ave., Youngstown.
Todd A. Sotlar, 26, of 210 Melrose Ave., Boardman, and Angela A. Falzetta, 23, of 38664 Butcher Road, Leetonia.
James W. Flowers, 55, of 231 S. 15th St., Sebring, and Ellen Rowe, 56, of 616 W. Ohio Ave., Sebring.
Robert A. Parker, 26, of 109 Sexton St., Struthers, and Diane R. Barron, 26, of 17919 Glendale Drive, Lake Milton.
Divorces asked
Tonya L. Jones, 127 Maywood, Youngstown, vs. Randolph N. Jones Jr., 127 Maywood, Youngstown.
William Delorenzo, 21 Canterbury Court, Canfield, vs. Jennifer L. Delorenzo, 21 Canterbury Court, Canfield.
Daniel Echols, 4583 Deer Creek Court Apt. 11, Youngstown, vs. Roberta S. Echols, 1411 Maplecrest, Youngstown.
Denise Gandee, 22890 Lexington Road, Alliance, vs. Thomas E. Gandee, 124 South St., Alliance.
New complaints
First National Bank of Pennsylvania successor in interest to The Metropolitan Savings Bank vs. Edward J. Ochman et al, foreclosure.
Laura Stafford vs. Progressive Casualty Insurance Co., money.
American Tax Funding LLC vs. Kathryn J. Duke et al, foreclosure.
American Tax Funding LLC vs. Curtis McMullen et al, foreclosure.
Certified Developers & amp; Management Ltd. vs. William Pinter dba Pinter's Homemade Food and Ice Cream, money.
American Tax Funding LLC vs. Lillian W. Ferguson et al, foreclosure.
American Tax Funding LLC vs. Jerry J. Scott et al, foreclosure.
Nancy I. Kirk vs. J. R. Mikolich M.D. Inc. et al, worker' compensation.
David Kermec vs. Giant Eagle et al, workers' compensation.
American Tax Funding LLC vs. Samuel Booker et al, foreclosure.
Tracey K. Ashley vs. Philip Gargoline et al, money.
American Tax Funding LLC vs. Zainub Atooli et al, foreclosure.
Sherree Weber et al vs. Jeremiah W. Mount et al, money.
MBNA American Bank vs. Michelle Pittman, money.
NCO Portfolio Management Inc. successor in interest to Credittrust Inc. vs. Alexis Rivera, money.
First Horizon Home Loan Corp. et al vs. Albert R. Gifford et al, foreclosure.
Navy Federal Credit Union vs. Lee A. Whinery et al, foreclosure.
ABN AMRO Mortgage Group Inc. vs. David Cole et al, foreclosure.
Theresa Chapman vs. Albert Miles et al, money.
American Tax Funding LLC vs. Janice M. Perry et al, foreclosure.
American Tax Funding LLC vs. Robert E. Mowery et al, foreclosure.
American Tax Funding LLC vs. Ella Mae Scott et al, foreclosure.
American Tax Funding LLC vs. Lawrence A. Sokol et al, foreclosure.
American Tax Funding LLC vs. Jerome Franklin et al, foreclosure.
American Tax Funding LLC vs. Duane Weatherspoon et al, foreclosure.
American Tax Funding LLC vs. Ali H. Alhamid et all, foreclosure.
American Tax Funding LLC vs. Calvin L. Knox et al, foreclosure.
American Tax Funding LLC vs. Alfreda Jones et al, foreclosure.
American Tax Funding LLC vs. Linda J. Roe et al, foreclosure.
American Tax Funding LLC vs. Lewis A. Agnone et al, foreclosure.
Matthew Oles Sr. et al vs. Patricia Oles, money.
State of Ohio Dept. of Taxation vs. Gold Flow Inc., money.
State of Ohio vs. Bureau of Workers' Compensation vs. Chuck Boyles, money.
State of Ohio Public Utilities Commission vs. Major Movers Inc., money.
Beneficial Ohio Inc. vs. Mark P. Rusnak et al, money.
Bridgeport Gas Inc. vs. Jim Jones, enforcement of cognovit note.
Youlanda Jenkins vs. Community Dialysis Center Inc., money.
Dora McMillan vs. Ohio Presbyterian Retirement Community et al, workers' compensation.
Patricia A. Terlesky et al vs. Mallory K. James, money.
Real estate
Angelison Trust to Dreama A. McCree, Youngstown, $54,900.
Neos Homes LLC to Mark Avery et al, Youngstown, $59,900.
Richard Hyre to Paul J. MacDougle et al, Austintown Twp., $84,960.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 7
Robert Essad and Judy Essad, 52 E. Western Reserve Road, #1; both: retired; liabilities, $207,340.; assets, $147,800.
Mary Lou Hoon, 5990 Lincoln Ave., Struthers; secretary, Pfau, Pfau & amp; Marando; liabilities, $21,975; assets, $1,917.
Angela Pandolph, 19 Halls Heights, Youngstown; student/part-time, YSU employee; liabilities, $72,598; assets, $57,810.
Jeffrey and Staccie Zilavy, 127 Southwoods, Youngstown; he: civil engineer, PBS & amp;J; she: customer service, Glass Masters; liabilities, $286,420; assets, $181,147.
Linda D. Glover, 128 Tremble Ave., Campbell; word processing specialist, YSU; liabilities, $100,725; assets, $16,276.00
Michael M. Fiorentine, 334 Center St., Struthers; tech., St. Elizabeth's; liabilities, $104,171; assets, $47,850.
Crystal Wells, 20 Creed Circle, Campbell; line worker,GM; liabilities, $217,627; assets, $34,970.
Gloria Moxley, 2528 Fifth Ave., Youngstown; toll collector, Ohio Turnpike Commission; liabilities, $143,045; assets, $177,900.
Rhonda J. Mahone, 4180 Kirk Road, Youngstown; unemployed; liabilities, $22,224; assets, $1,290.
David Q. and Jennifer L. Rhodes, 909 Edenridge Drive, Youngstown; he: bill collector, Alltel; she: LPN, Park Vista; liabilities, $147,085; assets, $92,040.
Anthony W. Berardi and Pamela J. Berardi, 289 Paris Ave., Youngstown; he: sales, Oprs.; she: unemployed; liabilities, $159,590; assets, $108,350.
Michael A. and LaDonna McRae, 9907 Lyden Blvd., Youngstown; he: custodian, YSU; liabilities, $100,725; assets, $23,155.
Carl A.Mikkelsen dba Mikkelsen Pump & amp; Plumbing Co.; liabilities, $76,026; assets, $5,200.
Danita E. Logan, 204 Argyle, Boardman; Sr. Human Resources Co Ord-Ryan Staffing; liabilities, $39,195; assets, $2,405.
Chester Eland Stella L. Brown, 381 E. Florida Ave., Youngstown; he: painter, self-employed; she: cashier, Wal-Mart; liabilities, $114,668; assets, $44,750.
Patrick York Sr., 4521 Deercreek Court, Apt. 11, Youngstown; retired; liabilities, $11,676; assets, $1,427.
Timothy Leetch, 3214 Starwick Court, Canfield; sales rep., Kehe; liabilities, $36,390; assets, $4,460.
Darlene Smith, 2247 Cordova, Youngstown; cook, Seafood Palace; liabilities, $22,388; assets, $1,967.
William Craven Jr. and Joy C. Craven, 5935 Glenridge Road, Youngstown; he: military, US Army; she: leasing manager, GMS Management; liabilities, $144,351; assets, $105,678.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 13
Matthew L. Luc Jr. and Marsha M. Luc, 4854 Milligan Road, Lowellville; he: hub driver, Autozone; she: unemployed; liabilities, $152,733; assets, $1148,500.
Ross E. Thorpe, and June R. Thorpe, 7145 Locust Ave., Youngstown; both: unemployed; liabilities, $30,326; assets, $850.

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