"Veronica Mars" (9 p.m., UPN): One of the best, but most-overlooked dramas of last season was

"Veronica Mars" (9 p.m., UPN): One of the best, but most-overlooked dramas of last season was "Veronica Mars," which returns with a new murder for its teen sleuth (Kristen Bell) to solve. Generating big ratings might be tough again (it airs against "Lost"), but the show is bringing in some reinforcements, including Steve Guttenberg and Charisma Carpenter.
"Get Up, Stand Up" (9 p.m., PBS): For a century, musicians have gathered in the name of human rights to fight war, hunger, corruption, oppression, AIDS and other pressing problems. Activists from Joe Hill to Bob Geldof have spoken up by singing out. On the heels of this summer's worldwide Live 8 concert event organized by Geldof, "Get Up, Stand Up" serves as a reminder of the role music has played in a hundred years' worth of political protest. The two-hour documentary traces the birth of protest songs to the American union movement and explores the impact of pop culture on politicizing the baby boomer generation during the Vietnam era. It also delves into the history of politics and protest in black music. Host and narrator is Chuck D.
"Best of the Beatles" (11 p.m., PBS): Before Ringo, there was Pete -- Pete Best, drummer for the Beatles. He's a cult figure of sorts, and it's no surprise that he has some strong feelings about how, for him, it all turned out "horribly wrong."
"E-Ring" (9 p.m., NBC): This new drama series is set in the Pentagon, where staunch defenders of national security clash with their civilian bosses. Benjamin Bratt and Dennis Hopper star.

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